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  • American Apparel

    the stuff from the AA website look sooooo tantalizing.

    has anyone tried their stuff b4?

    i'm in love with the melange ringer, jersey raglan tee and the fine jersey tee.

    they are all very plain but i dig them so much = )

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    Whats the website sweetie?


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      metta, this one?

      The white wet t-shirt girl looks very kinky to me.


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        yes vel, that's the site. thanks = )

        the owner of the company is known to hook up with the young, nubile n svelte ladies working for him.. to engage in lascivious activities!


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          American Brands in BKK

          *** came back from BKK and my fren recommend me of a supplier there. She sold US brand clothes which include Old Navy, American Eagle and other brands. She also hold very big size clothes, jeans, pants and skirt. She even came to our hotel with the clothes and let us choose. And of course can bargain and it's a really good deal! It's wonderful!!


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            wow! recommend to us the seller!


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              I'm interested in a few american apparel tees, apparently they're sooo comfy and have a great fit, excellent for school!

              Anyone wanna get anything?


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                Hi Ladies

                Anyone knows whether we can pay through singapore debit card? Thank You


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                  ^^Hopefully this reply isn't too late. yep i think you can since the debit card has a visa number yeah? It works for most purchases. Are you getting anything?


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                    i wanna get some AA stuff too..waiting for people to organise a spree or something.. :
                    there's an ebay seller who deals with AA stuff too..and they are cheaper than the AA website i suppose


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                      is that ebay seller tuffy mcpuggles? definitely much cheaper to order from there, however they don't have the certain items like the newer styles and the 15 ways to wear it dress.

                      certain AA items like the 2x1 ribbed racerback dresses and tank tops can be found at newurbanmale. i also heard that urban junkie at fep stocks AA stuff.

                      anyway is it true that the Fine Jersey Leisure Dress (polo dress) shrinks in the wash? i'm not sure if i should get it one size larger in case it shrinks as recommended by some buyers, or have faith in the size chart.


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                        I wanna get AA stuff as well.. Anyone can advise if the sizing is smaller? I would like to buy the 15 way dress and the 2 tone color block dress as well as other stuff.


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                          AA cotton stuff tend to shrink in the wash because it's made of 100% cotton.

                          yeah, some ebay sellers sell AA stuff for cheap! = ) hoooray for them!

                          and yes, u can use a local debit card to order with AA.


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                            Thanks so much sephirias!


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                              Hi Ladies,

                              Thanks for your replies