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    My company just issued a new dresscode for office staff. My company is stationed in those ulu area, not even business center or among some business building.

    We are not allow to even wear jean or anything that is related to jean material even on Friday.

    When Japan minister request all his whole nation to be more relax , and they start from removing their jacket, wearing only shirt and tie now, we are putting on more rules to ourself.

    When US company start to practise rest and relax, jean and t-shirt is fine even from Mon - Fri as long as you put on your business wear when you meet your clients / important event, and over here we are trying to revamp to make us look more "professional" or pretend to look more culture.

    I think it is okay to have certain minimum requirement on dresscode, but over demanding is just too much. Now I have to spend all my money to revamp my working cloths just because of some stupid request.
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    Do you know Wanda - the reason I didn't switch my job partly because of dress code. As my company is really too flexible on dress code. So we can even wear shorts to work. Where can I find such a wonderful company to allow me to dress according to my mood


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      ShoppingQueenie, same here...we can wear shorts and slippers to work...of course on weekends least it's better than nothing.


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        To us - we work only Mon to Fri. So usually we wear shorts on Fri.


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          Wear shorts to envy you gals. I work in Orchard and was allow to wear jeans on Friday. On weekend, we're allow to wear shorts, but so far never notice anyone wearing that, the office temperature is too cold.


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              My company is located in Shenton way and it's gov sector, thus office wear is a must.

              But I hope they do allow us to dress down on Fri.
              Up till now, they still forbid us to wear jean or casual outfits on Fri.

              I do agree with you. As a teacher or lecturer, the clothings they wore project alot on their image.
              I have this lecturer, even on Sun, he wears shirt and pant for class. Very neat person.
              Its reflect well on his image....


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                My company doesn't specify a dresscode...most of the time is casual...the only formal wear worn is when there is a meeting...if not most of the people here are all in jeans and shirts...even the Chairman himself is quite relax in his attire...just long sleeve shirt and ties or jacket...


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                  I just find it a joke that in some places, the no-jeans code means as good as PLEASE-wear-jeans code. Some girls wear skimpy Monday to Fridays -> look Boss, no jeans! What's the point?


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                    My workplace is real strict with dresscode and requires us to cover up so business suits is quite the norm but I do find it boring as do most of my colleagues So there are a lot of us who are in cardis and just shirts but Friday is business casual (no jeans) so its usually the days where the folks get more creative.

                    I do envy those who can dress down and wear jeans to work as I do find the dresscode a bit stifling