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  • Birkenstock

    Birkenstock Boutique
    163, Tanglin Rd
    #02-27, Tanglin Mall
    Singapore 247933
    Phone : (65-) 68352702

    Birkenstock Boutique (Wheelock Pl)
    501, Orchard Rd
    #03-08, Wheelock Place
    Singapore 238880
    Phone : (65-) 68873136

    Operating hours: 11 - 8.45pm daily

    Originally posted by Pronuptia
    Since the same questions keep popping up, and a 30-page thread is rather tedious to trawl through, I thought I'd throw a few FAQs together. Feel free to add on.

    Q: Where can I buy Birkies online?
    A: Footshopping, Baumhouse, Go Buy Europe aka Jestel KG, German Shoes Online

    Q: How much will I save by buying online?
    A: Usually about 30%.

    Q: How much will shipping cost?
    A: Footshopping and Baumhouse provide free airmail with orders of at least USD149 and USD170 respectively. Go Buy Europe offers free surface mail for any purchase. German Shoes Online offers free airmail with orders of at least 14 pairs.

    Q: How do I know what size to get?
    A: Only one way to be sure -- go try them on at the Birkie stores at Wheelock Place, Tanglin Mall or the Betula store at Forum.

    Q: How long does Footshopping take to ship my order?
    A: They usually take about 5 working days from the time you place your order till the time they ship it. Allow another 6 working days between date of shipping and date of delivery.
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    Re: birkenstocks

    US factory outlets!
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      Re: Re: birkenstocks

      Stella, maybe you want to try the Birkenstocks store at Tanglin? I have no idea if they're cheaper.

      I've always wanted a pair but they're so ex, and I can't bear to spend so much of them.
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        In Singapore, the Authentic Birks are only sold at Tanglin Mall...don't think there's any other place that sells the real goods...if not i know Phillipines sells it $10 cheaper than S'pore cos' my friend's mum bought it for her there but anyway Birks really last a lifetime so it's worth the $$ IMO


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          Re: Re: Re: birkenstocks

          yeah want a pair for travelling coz i tend to walk a lot n want something comfy for warmer weathers, i do not like sneakers so much...
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            Re: Re: Re: Re: birkenstocks

            Actually I'm different. I find walking in flats are difficult. I always require a little heel. I understand Birkenstocks are flat too? I know they have a few 'lifts' here and there but there are no lifts in the heels part.

            I hope I'm making sense
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              Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: birkenstocks

              yah they're flats but i don't think heels will sustain 5-6 hours of straight out walking for me
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                Try Teva for walking sandels?

                I had pair of Timberlands, similar to birkenstock material, it lasted me 2-3 yrs in NUS, walking everyday..

                The leather base will smell after prolong use, sweat and what nots.
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                  Yup, heard all sorts of raves about Birkenstocks, though I have yet to try for myself... know they used to have these adorable pink polka dotted ones... does anyone know if those are still being sold?


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                    Just found a seller over Ebay from Germany with a virtual shop of Birkenstocks.

                    If you're comfortable with shopping online may be a good idea to purchase from him. His feedback is 99.7% positive. His prices are cheaper than the Singapore Birkenstock shop. Shipping to Singapore is USD9.90.


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                      How much cheaper are his prices than the S'pore Birki shops? Can share the seller's name please? Was lemming a pair, since everyone says they're so comfy, and I have flat feet. But the price is really high here.


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                        So sorry... forgot to list the seller's name.

                        Its gress-versand-de

                        The Madrid model is going for S$90 here. He's selling it for USD34 plus the shipping the birkenstocks will be about S$13 cheaper. Don't know if that is enough of a difference to tempt you?

                        You may want to try asking the seller if he can combine items for the same shipping rate, that is if a few cotters want to get the sandals from him too.



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                          Originally posted by nymph
                          they used to have these adorable pink polka dotted ones...
                          i saw the purple polka dotted pair at the shop, but only the larger sizes are available though


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                            geez! what about a spree?? am I begining to sound like lele??

                            I loved birkies!! I have a pair and it lasted me for some 20 years since pregnancy till now!!

                            anyone keen and I will contact the seller for bulk purchase and see whats the offer like ya?

                            edited to add: the seller now has mostly big sizes left. very few 5,6,7
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                              I'd like a pair of these Arizonas, but not in that exact print:

                              Which ones do you have, Duckiee?