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Accessories for tube/corset tops

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  • Accessories for tube/corset tops

    Hi girls, any idea which kind of accessories (necklaces & earrings) are suitable for tube tops or corset/bustier tops? I'm thinking of pearl choker with white bustier top. Will this match or look weird. Any comments?

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    IMO bigger pearls more impact.

    or choose pearl colour as per your other stuff? don't pick black, Urban says pairing black & white is boring for now


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      bigger pearls ah?? Actually its for my ROM dress. Mine is a tube/corset-type white gown and i'm about the type of accessories that will go with it. Should I get white pearl choker or pinkish ones? Earrings too?? I'm afraid to look too old-ish. don't wanna look so retro on my ROM day Advice pls


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        since it's gonna be an important day, better don't make mistake. got consult bridal magazines for more foolproof suggestion/ideas? one think for sure, u sure no pick black ones

        your shoes colour? light pink-hue pearls are nice too.


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          vernis: thanks!!

          my dress looks something like this:

          I have gone through loads of bridal mags but the models usually do not wear any accessories during the photoshoot!! The only accessories I've seen in the mags are expensive jewellery I'm looking for something less expensive

          oh ya... shoes.... haven't buy yet. Am thinking of white open-toe heels which I can re-use for the Actual Day. hehheh..


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            hee... u can also use same heels for your photo shoot

            think u better shop around more so as not to miss any good finds. it can be quite abstract getting suggestion here, go pay visits to retailers to *yanjiu & experiment

            * find out


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              What kind of necklace also must depend on the face shape and body shape. I think can get costume jewellery also, not that expensive


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                Congratulations, Jenice! I do feel pearls are fine. It's timeless and classic so I can understand you worry about looking oldish. IMO, less is more. Your accessories shouldn't steal the attention away from your face.


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                  something white, classic and simple. pearl is a good choice or white crystal .


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                    Thanks dears for all your well wishes and suggestions I have to make a trip down to the retailers to look around.Hopefully I can find something suitable!! BTW, I have seen some costume jewellery counters in Robinsons and their accessories look Not very expensive too


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                      Bought a plain tube dress for a function but not too sure how to accessorize it.

                      Would wearing peals make the exposed area above the chest look fleshy?

                      Was considering a V-line kind of necklace that will end just above the top of the tube to make that area look slimmer.

                      Could someone help


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                        Wow, ITangel, your dress looks nice!

                        Have you considered those pearls suspended on the transparent or metal nylon string? Those in a cluster. I have it on transparent nylon string, looks young, fresh and very nice on the skin.

                        Not sure if a choker style would look stiff or overly 'heavy'. Hard to tell because it depends on the choker. E.g. those from Denni and Kenji may look very tai tai going to play mahjong. But the more trendy designs from Liz Clairborne or Monet may be okay, except that I'm not sure if they have nice pearl designs now.

                        Are you going for real pearls or simulated/fakes? I would think seed or cultured (freshwater) pearls, being real, are value for money and not so costly, if you don't mind the irregular shape. Get the pearls which are bigger and more round. The oval ones somehow don't fall nicely and can make you look old!

                        How about this? Try to get those with more suspended strands, e.g. 5 or more, rather than just 3 as shown, for a more dramatic effect. It would also look more similar to the crystal/diamond necklace shown with the dress in your picture. Also depends on your neck (length and thickness), you'll have to try on to see how it looks. Happy hunting!


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                          lladyrain, I think ITangel got married quite some time back since her last post here was 2 years back..


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                            A pearl choker would be nice. Your dress is really elegant! Is it for a special occasion?


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                              you could take a look at this website.
                              They have great accessories. I bgt one of the designs and it went really well with a siple black tube dress.
                              If you quote that u know a previous buyer, you can get a 50% discount.