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    Hi gals
    i normally wear shirts to work, with a skirt or pants.
    Most of my shirts are bought from G2000. However they are usually not very fitting at the shoulders, some sleeves too long (i am quite petite), some material are quite 'elastic' that it sticks to my body and it's uncomfortable for me.

    Recently tried the shirts at Raoul lady's, but size 34 is small for me while 36 is big.

    Thinking of tailoring shirts that fits me from CYC or Alain Figaret.
    How are the prices there like?

    Anyone tailor made from CYC and Alain Figaret and care to share your experience? Are the outcomes worth their prices?
    I don't mind paying $100+ for a good fitting shirt since i wear them very often but i want my money to be well spent!

    Pls share your experiences, thanks!

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    Alain is far superior in quality and fabric cutting than CYC even though the latter is tailored made. For Alain , be prepared to spend at leat $200+ for a normal blouse, if you have only a $100 budget, then you might want to consider CYC or Rauol. I did not find the CYC shirts exceptional, even in workmanship, perhaps the only thing is a choice of various fabrics and colours, as Alain tends to be limited in collection and the number of pieces per size.
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      paid $139 for a Raoul shirt but found it not fitting at the sleeves. Raoul only alter length of the sleeve, but my problem is i find the sleeves too 'wide', very ugly, make me look like i have 'wings'. Anyone knows any good tailor to alter my shirt?

      went to CYC, their fabrics' choices are..... erm.. many but most of them either plain colour or look a little 'old', prefer the more sweet feminine designs at Raoul though. But i did tailor make one from CYC just to try, paid bout $165, haven't collected it yet.

      i'm really tempted to try alain as i still can't find shirts that fit me nicely yet with a nice, young design. How are the fabrics like in alain. i don't mind paying < 180, am i able to get a decent blouse from Alain if my budget is below 200?
      For Alain, will they alter your blouse according to your body or it's a size off the shelf ?