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Alter old jeans into demin skirts ?

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  • Alter old jeans into demin skirts ?

    Does anyone know where i can alter my old jeans into demin skirts ?

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    you can try Dr John at Lucky Plaza..he charges $20 each.. HTH..


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      try haut at meridien


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        Has anyone of you tried altering yr jeans into skirts ? Will it turn out nice ? Are there any of such tailors in Far East Plaza ?


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          my gf tried to alter hers at Marine Parade's market..

          there is one at FEP..its called Clancyl..its on the 2nd floor near to 77th Street IIRC..however IMO it is more expensive to do it in can check the thread on tailors to alter clothes for more recommendation..
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            Dishonest seamstress and tailor

            Hi everyone, i want to share with you a bad experience i had with this alteration shop located behind Converse at Far East Plaza on the 3rd level. It is sharing the shop space with a shop that sells 'Victorian style clothes'. I had a pair of Mango pants and bermudas altered by the couple there. My bermudas was supposed to be sized down but was still too loose despite giving her the right proportions and the seamstress said if i want to size it down again, i should pay. Even insisted I lost weight. She asked me to shift the pants buckle inwards and i will be able to wear!

            She forgot to alter my Mango pants and i had to come back another day. When I went back to collect, I could see ripples running down the inner legs. There was also an iron print on one part of the inner leg. She then said she will mend the ripples. I went back yesterday and she merely ran another thread over the pants. My pants were ruined. When I wanted a refund, she said there was nothing wrong from what she see and no refund, she already did alterations and didnt even charge me the second time. She even chase us out of the shop and claim she didnt alter the inner leg finally. There were clearly 2 strings of stitches and she could still deny it. We could not argue with her because we didnt have any the receipt, the receipt was given to her when I collect the pants the first time round. And anyway she wrote in such illegible Chinese handwriting that you cannot argue with her even if she is wrong.

            I have given her so much business and this is how they treated me when things go wrong. I am so disheartened How evil can people be!

            Please BEWARE when sending your clothings to this Shop. Better approach other shops cos you WILL NOT get a refund or compensation like me if _ _ _'_ ALTERATION spoils your clothes . My pants cost $55!


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              Poor Girl: thats a bad experience!!! cheer up and don't be so mad yeah?

              i know of a tailor which lives near my house, she is quite cheap! i think about $15 only.. to change from pants to skirts....


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                halo girls!



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                  anyone here with a successful DIY project and care to show off your success?
                  looking for ways to do mine