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    Does anyone know where to get Petit Bateau tops in S'pore? They used to be at Tangs & Club 21 but I haven't seen them recently.

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    I have seen some Petit Bateau tees at Club 21 Kids Boutique at Forum Galleria Mall.



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      Thanks Poopoo!

      I checked recently, but they don't carry it anymore!!! boo hoo....

      Does NO ONE know where to find them in SIN?!


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        Oh if you do know where to get Petit Bateau shirts, I would love to know too. I'm so crazy over their shirts. Kreampuff, ever considering ordering online?


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          Ello Kare2711,

          Sorry I missed your post altogether! Don't know how that happened?! I checked the prices on-line and they're absolutely ridiculous! AU$45-70 for a tank top or tee-shirt top! I remember that it was only $30 plus in Singapore...Maybe we should offer to be their distributor in Singapore ah?!


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            Actually the last time I bought Petit Bateau tees they were offering it in Isetan for 10 bucks in any design....I grabbed 3! haha...definitely a good sale as it was a bin bargain....


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              i bought some of the basic tanks here in sg and only opened them recently. the quality and material is so different from the ones i got in europe. dang. the ones here are filmsier and doesn't hold up to washing as well as the europe ones. i wonder why. i just hope it's because they're summer versions meaning the material is thinner. i think i'll get my PBs when i'm in europe


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                Kids21 at Forum Shopping Mall, level 2. Don't be deceived by the word Kids, the sizes runs up to size12, which is more than enough for a 162cm UK6 girl (that's me!)