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  • Photo Handbag

    Does anybody here know where can i find Photo Handbag?
    A handbag that can print you favour Photo.


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    You can try:

    - Minou at Far East Square or
    - Anya Bags Counter


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      ShoppingQueenie thank you.

      Is Anya Bags Counter also at the Far East Square? Do you know the prices?i am planing to print some granchild photo on the bag ,a christmas present for my mother in law.

      Thank you


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        Nope. Anya bag counter is at Orchard Paragon.


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          It's very close to Xmas. I don't think you can have a bag ready for Xmas.


          Koji bags used to be available within the bag department @ Isetan Scotts. Not sure if it's still around today.


          Anya Hindmarch's Be a Bag is what Sam meant.

          Hope those links help.


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              Bags printed with pictures

              where can I find them?


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                I think I seen it at paragon. Forgot the name of the shop but it is at the new extension area.

                Customise bags with printed pictures.


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                  Anya Hindmarch right?

                  Koji used to have nice and cheaper alternatives, where are they now?? anyway there is an existing thread on AH iirc.

                  Found them :




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                    Min.. can check out Gina Alexander .


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                      this is a great thread...cos i am thinking of doing one as well....with my dog...


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                        any1 know of any cheaper source?


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                          photo bag it

                          came across a promo counter at takashimaya bags section last weekend. managed to speak with the SA and picked up a brochure. the counter was only there last sat/ sun offering a 15% introductory price.

                          think the discount is no longer applicable but check it out anyway:

                          more samples here...

                          the bags look kinda "anya hindmarch" but the interior is made of canvas, not suede. pricing is much lower than AH too - S$248 for smaller landscape or portrait ones/ S$268 for bigger diaperbag-sizes. SA said production time takes up to 4 weeks. imo, the image quality appeared quite good, printed on satin on both sides, with customisable colours for the canvas and handles. a cheaper alternative to AH "be a bag". i kinda like the "buckle bags" with buckled handles and straps at the sides too.

                          if you're interested to find out more, email: [email protected] or call: +65-9766-7935 (adale lim).
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                            photo bag

                            I have been loking for a customised photo bag with a reasonable price. Any idea if the shop you mention has a shop?


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                              hi ex6124: don't think they have a shop, but it is stated on their website that they do have some sample pieces at the following locations:

                              "You may also want to visit Mothers Work - a one stop total shop for expectant mothers to their babies' first years to view some sample bags and place your order. They are at:
                              1 Kim Seng Promenada,
                              #01-29A Great World City, S(237994)
                              Tel: 67385886

                              163 Tanglin Road,
                              #03-11C Tanglin Mall, S(247933)
                              Tel: 67382161"

                              maybe you can drop by to check them out. HTHs!