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Shops you walked past but never stepped in...

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  • Shops you walked past but never stepped in...

    Not sure if this is an interesting topic, but hey, this is my FIRST post so ladies, please support me ok!

    There are a few fashion stores which I've always walked past but never had the chance or mood to step in... maybe we can all share and who knows, there could be surprising finds!

    - Space @ Bugis (firstly, weird name and clothes look too decent for me. Their mannequins are also too prim and proper, makes me feel like a haven for girl-next-door shoppers)

    - Fond Hugs @ Wisma (feels very resort-y, clothes might be too casual for my liking? And I dig stylish windows, theirs just don't appeal)

    - The Station @ Wisma (looks rather classy from the outside and their windows are always nicely dressed up. Clothes feel a tad evening-y and SA a bit auntie ley, not to mention it's always near empty whenever I walk past)

    Anyone who has been there or bought something from them, please feel free to shoutout...

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    space and the station for me too!

    newurbanmale and ozoc too..:p


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      got a dress from the station. they have a counter at tangs. Not sure if the same though

      Some shops i never stepped in before:
      Potpourri - is it at wisma? Their stuffs doesn't appeal to me


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        Shops that I've never stepped into because of no appeal:
        Space & The Station for me as well! Fond Hugs, Osmose.

        Shops that I've never stepped into because no money to buy...
        Tiffany, Dior (as in the shop, not those counters at departmental stores), Miss Sixty, A|X, Countryroad

        But find that sometimes it's good to be adventurous and step into shops we don't frequent. The other day I was with a friend and we decided to go to Bods/Bodynits and B.U.M. equipment - shops we've NEVER stepped into. And the clothes are all very nice!!! Esp Bods/Bodynits. But pricing-wise not very friendly.


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          Hmmmmm... walked past The Station again this afternoon and recalled my post. Did somebody just tell me to venture untreaded grounds? And so I did... guess what, came out of the shop with $150 bucks lesser!

          Like I mentioned, I dig stylish windows and theirs kinda rock! Browsed throught the few racks and found some interesting pieces to try. Cutting and material are pretty decent, moreover it's a local label (I support local brands) so finally bought an off-white cropped cardigan and an embellished chiffon LBD.

          Ok no more shopping for the next few days... oops was that what I said a few days ago?? Hmmm...


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            all branded stores.. except for bcbg, LV and burberry...
            no money dun dare to step in.. ****..


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              Interesting thread! Now that you girls mentioned....yea, I've never stepped into OZOC, Miss Sixty, LV, Lanvin, and those high-end luxury boutiques, except for Prada and Gucci.


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                For me, it will be boutique shops like Asylum & White Room at Ann Siang Hill and Haji Lane. I will usually walk by and peep in, but never once did I step in. Honestly I would love to go in and have a look because their stuff looks chic. But also expensive?


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                  I have never go in the shop ..HERMES..Aigner..Miss sixty....Salvatore Ferragamo...Rolex ...


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                    personally, i try to enter any shop. you never know what's in there if you never try?


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                      actually The Station has quite nice dresses... sometimes they give huge discounts as well.

                      i never step into branded stores , cannot afford as of yet... i'll just admire the pictures online will do.


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                        All the high end boutiques, Miss Sixty, A/X, Prada...cos no $$, never dare to step in though very tempted at times!


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                          I find that i tend not to step into high end brand boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc as i can't afford them @ this age. I've stepped into these boutiques before, but only once in a while to accompany my gfs to pick out something they liked. Other than that, i always believe in @ least stepping into the shop to check out what they carry. If what they're carrying's really not suitable for me, then i'll strike them off my "list".

                          So far, i haven't checked out Osmose cos i never ever noticed working wear much when i was still studying.. Now that i've just started working, i've started to notice that they've got pretty funky workwear.. Might just go check them out next month when i'm not so broke!


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                            More of the untreaded grounds...

                            - Diane Caroll @ Wisma (a bit too upperty and dressy for me)
                            - most superbrands like Hermes, Bottega Venetta, Club 21 @ Four Seasons (walked past but didn't dare step in), Karen Millen, Lanvin etc...


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                              Hermes and Bvlgari. There's no body inside!!!