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An appropriate outfit - What say you?

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  • An appropriate outfit - What say you?

    Hi beautifuls!

    This thread is your view on what would be appropriate to wear to certain events. From head to toe. Or to get advice from fashion-forward cotters if you need to attend a function or outing but can't think of what to wear or how to accessorise!

    I need some advice on outfits to these ocassions/places:

    1) To the beach. I don't wanna wear a bikini because I'm rather plump. Yet, I don't wanna look out of place and not feminine in a tee and board shorts!

    2) To a horse racing event! :wow:

    3) How to wear gauchos w/o looking "aunty".

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    1) How about a tankini instead? You can match the tankini top with board shorts. If you wear only the tankini top and bottom , you can always use a light material sarong for bottom cover up if you prefer. I personally also like to wear the sarong this way:

    2) Whenever I think of horse racing events, I think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman lol. What kind of horse racing event is it?

    3) Found 2 gauchos-wearing guide here:


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      race-horse events > look in tatler's! = ) casual but sleek dresses and a hat will make it to the race-horse events. u can go to, key in 'race dress' and u'll see some dresses that fit the event.

      davis > your daughter is so sweet and big already!


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        1) Beach: i go for a spaghetti top with short cotton skirt (ard mid thigh so i can hitch it up if i wanna catch a bit o' tan) and hat. bright colors are always good...go with the sun sand sea mood and doesn't absorb heat..