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  • Hi! Has anyone bought anything from

    Hi there,

    Am new to Singapore and a fellow expat friend told me this forum is a great way of meeting friends and getting tips and help. Hi everyone!

    Just need some comments here: i just came upon this local entertainment magazine called 8Days and saw this beautiful dragonfly necklace available on this website called I've seen the website and they do have so really exquisite and exclusive designs. Not too expensive too. Has anyone bought anything from there? I wonder how it works...

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    hiya, welcome to Cozycot.

    Have not purchased anything fr the website, in fact, first time chancing upon this. Thanks for introducing us this website.

    Just click on "Contact Me" on the website:-

    Contact details:

    ?For purchase orders and/or customisation enquiries, email [email protected]
    ?For media enquiries, email [email protected]
    Or call 9620-2490 from 10am to 8pm during weekdays or 10am to 3pm on Saturdays.

    Payment details:

    Payments can be made in the following ways:
    ?Internet Fund Transfer / ATM Bank Transfer Payment (for buyers in Singapore)
    ?PayPal (available for International buyers)

    Mailing list

    To join the mailing list on product updates, email: [email protected]

    U simply need to email the seller at [email protected] with the name of the item you are buying and correspond fr there. Have lotsa fun.


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      Thank you!

      Hi Caramel Girl,

      Thank you so much! It's really nice to know Singaporeans are so sweet and helpful. I've always thought so when i travelled here, though some of my friends who had already stayed here for a few years said some Singaporeans can be really rude. Haha! But so far, i haven't come across any.

      Thanks again for your help. The website really do have really lovely stuff. I've just ordered five! Can't wait for the jewellery to arrive now. I've just contacted the designer and she replied so quickly! Really nice lady too. I hope my experience with Singaporeans will continue to be this good.


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        Nice singaporeans are everywhere... Enjoy your stay! just curious, where are you from?


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          I'm from Sydney, Australia, my dear.


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            Hey mswhite,

            I've bought from Summer Fly before! In fact, it's a new online store. It was just up for less than 2 months, i think. I bought a necklace and a pair of earrings from the lovely designer. Have been spreading the words to my friends. Some of them find it too expensive but after receiving the items, i don't think so at all. Cos the designer's creations are really unique and one-of-a-kind. She uses beautiful stones and beads and i actually think the photos on her website don't do her enough justice! Her stuff are much nicer in person. So, you can wait and see!

            Oh, i love her packaging too. She wraps her stuff really nicely and carefully. I'm a sucker (pardon my French!) for beautiful packaging so she got me there.

            Oh btw, she told me she has a new collection up in Feb. You should keep a lookout then.

            By the way, welcome to Singapore! There'll always be rude people everywhere in the world but i believe in karma. When you're a nice lady yourself, i'm sure you will always only meet nice people.


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              Hi iloveshopping,

              Thanks for sharing! You've just made me even more excited now!

              Oh, is that considered expensive? Cos in Australia, if i am to buy anything that looks as beautiful as Summer Fly's creations, i will need to buy at least A$200 for a necklace! That's the one thing i just discovered about Singapore - variety for shopping is really good and cheap!!


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                welcome abroad mswhite!
                i hope u enjoy this cozycot forum as much as we do!
                are u living here permanently?


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                  If you are looking for similar necklaces but not as exquisite and doesn't mind average workmanship, you can always walk around Chinatown, Arab Street and some makeshift stalls. They sell necklaces like that too, I managed to find some nice ones there and they cost less than $20.
                  I just found out that Mini Toons are selling accessories like that too. I saw in the shop in Marina Square level 3.


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                    Nice stuff, I am going to make an order. But a little expensive, I hope the quality would be good.
                    Thanks ms white for posting about this site.


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                      Hi babybabe,

                      No i'm not gonna stay here permanently. My husband is posted to Singapore for a year. But we suspect the company will ask him to stay up to three years at least. I don't mind though. I'm liking Singapore so far but do miss Sydney.

                      Are cotters most Singaporeans?

                      Hi artichoke,

                      Thanks for your suggestion! I do have a few of those accessories but they don't feel the same, you know? Haha, you know how some women can be when it comes to them and their accessories!

                      Hi Sugarplum,

                      Oh, i'm glad my suggestion helps! Hope you'll enjoy her creations too!


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                        Yes i understand that, I always like an indulgence once in a while too, get something good and beautiful.

                        Most of us are lcoated in Singapore, you can find some that comes from all over the world too. It's a cozy community.