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Trends We Love and Hate!

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  • Trends We Love and Hate!

    It's only too easy to snob trends,
    So lets see which 'real life' street trends we love (at the moment.. )

    For me:
    -Everything Vintage

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    Which look/s don't you favour then, boozo_bajou?

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    What's Your Style?


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      Wasn't aware that theres a thread for this

      for the guidance


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        Hey, don't stop posting here! Welcome to CC, btw!

        I tell you what I really can't stand: those clothes on the girls in slimming ads.


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          Actually, i was hoping for cotters to start posting their views here.
          Being skinny and thin now is slowly becoming a trend and lifestyle.
          Famous figures such as Kate Moss, Mary Kate Olsen helps promote anorexia and locally Olinda Cho and Irene Ang helps in promoting slimming centres.
          How mis-leading are these to our future generation.


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            I feel it'll never really go away.. I seroiusly don't know who to 'fault' for perpertuating that emaciated look. Looking back now, I can't imagine and can't remember why during my school days I've once taken diet pills even when I was so active I couldn't have put on one gram at all, and I was never even chubby. I suppose it's whether individuals allow themselves to subscribe to this trend. I'm still quite skinny but not because I strive to be. I put on weight easily so I do have to watch what I eat and esp since I don't exercise. To set the record straight, I don't think skinny's beautiful - not always. To me I guess it's about proportions and not hurting your body the wrong way, either way.


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              i totally agree that being skinny doesn't equal to beautiful. too skinny also means that you have to forgo a lot of beautiful clothes.....and too skinny looks least in my opinion.

              my cousin whom i never saw for a year said i put on some weight today when i saw him. and i m happy..because i have been trying to shed off the........your daughter's too skinny should eat more image.


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                Pop culture plays a big role in our daily lives. (sad to say but its true)
                Exposure to the various medias like TV, radio, magazines, movies, music and blah...
                Flipping through magazines and we could see skinny/slim women cladded in skimppy clothings.
                Little did most consumers know that various softwares like Photoshop are used to enhance the visuals to attract more consumers.
                Popular culture tends to be superficial


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                  yea, being skinny is nt gd! i really hate to b skinny. have this petite frame...n sometimes i really wish that i am fatter and not have such a small frame.
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                    love: people who have their own personal and signature style a la tracey phillips of zouk

                    dislike: boleros. eeks. and people who don't match clothes with their personality. the end result is a pastiche of trend-setting fashion which looks all wrong on them


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                      Love:Vintage, glam (I love gold!), Spring fashion (the clothes and the hues all grow oh-so-sweeter), Big, chunky necklaces, metallic bags, cute shoes/flats, birkenstocks.

                      Dislike: Tights ( I think they are ugly), flimsy minis (at least get something in a good material so it doesn't fly off your butt...) and people who go for things just because it happens to be the "in" thing, in other words fashion victims.


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                        I'm loving the current victorian, vintage look nowadays. And the usual smart casual looks.

                        I hate the ah beng, ah lian style that's forever on-going!

                        Bring back the retro look for fun!


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                          exposing granny undies and the ever thick rainforest under the arms. LOL