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  • Originally posted by preciousia View Post
    your size shld be 34b
    shld drop a cup...
    i find their bras inconsistent in sizing, the same bra size in different designs fit me differently.
    have returned quite a number already. maybe i don't know how to order also.
    Hmm, well I've only bought a bra once so I can't say...but whenever I order an S size top, I have to exchange it for an XS since it's always so loose and super low-plunging! And I thought I was top-heavy (at least, people think so...*lol*)! I guess their sizes do run larger most of the time. Maybe we're just petite so we have to work our way around it, haha. But I guess 34B might fit. Guess with VS, it's just trial and error. Thanks so much!


    • you are welcome

      see their sizing chart here:

      depends on the design. but so far S size fits me well coz i like them looser. maybe u r very slim!!


      • I bought a Gel-Curve Bra recently and it's supposed to give a Level 3 lift. But I felt that it's not as good as it claims. It didn't work half as good as my maximiser bra from Triumph.

        I also bought a couple of monokinis from them but I am so disappointed because they are not padded!

        For the apparels, I feel that they are overpriced for the type of quality... I bought the 3 pairs of linen shorts for more than 20 bucks SGD each only to realise that they are sheer.

        I am so disappointed. )=


        • dietgal
          Agreed. I think triumph still rocks in terms of push up bra.
          Still better to to to try bra on physically. Even if i have to pay more.

          VS Bras have been quite disappointing to me, i returned quite a number of them.
          my only likes is their Ipex bra, super comfy. I like the one without wires

          Their swimwear usually don't come with padding as it's a different social norm there.
          Maybe in asia, we are more shy abt nipple showing thru. not them.

          VS clothing are generally pretty gd quality. Sometimes probably not worth the value you pay as they have very strong branding... so you are kindda paying for the brand.

          Can share pics of your linen shorts? Linen is usually see thru'. Maybe it's the fabric.


          • good news, victims from the K-sayuri scam for the Victoria's Secret bags, the scammer has been jailed for 3 months, thanks everyone for the cooperation and help! Read more about the news here.



            • wow jailed for only a miserly $1000. stupid woman yah.

              doesn't pay to cheat.
              hope none of the cotters here got burnt!

              before buying from blogshop, check their reputation. that's why i prefer ebay, the reputation is displayed there... easy to acess the seller's reliability.


              • preciousia i think cotters already got back their money. cos not all of the victims reported to the police.


                • hello! am a newbie in cozycot. was just looking around when i noticed the thread on bras! i love shopping for bras! haha... am a long term user of triumph until i discovered a strapless bra from wacoal. it rocks because it doesn't slip at all! can wear it and run around! haha

                  anyone has strapless bras to recommend too?


                  • i super love vs items.
                    But i was almost scammed into buy a fake VS black speedy.
                    I wanted to get a cheaper one because many have been raising the price.

                    So i saw that it costs 40 bucks , so cheap thrills tempted me into buying it. Untill i saw a quite reliable blogshop that also sells vs items. Showing the difference of the pictures and i realised the fake one looked exactly like the one the blogshop.

                    As it was my first time getting vs items , i wasnt really into the details. and untill i saw the post i was kept in the dark. So i backed out from the seller and untill she emailed me again and told me she wanted to blacklist me. So i told her to go ahead.

                    I learnt such an important lesson , never go for cheap thrills


                    • Originally posted by RainerEnya View Post
                      Hi, anyone knows which is a better option to choose.....
                      Ship VIA VPOST or direct from VS webby???
                      Im interested to order some items and my value of orders is above USD100.
                      But im not sure whether to use VPOST or VS direct shipping method.
                      Anyone who have experience can advise which is a faster and cheaper method of doing this??? And also, has anyone bought the pyjamas pant?
                      Is the size nicely fit or slightly bigger or smaller?
                      Thanks a lot ya
                      ship direct from VS. i tried both ways. prices dont differ much and it is much more convenient getting it direct from VS rather than through vpost.


                      • dollishchic wow.. how did the cotters get the money back? not everyone will report as the amounts are quite small.

                        AmplifyLove wow.. what audacity.. selling fake goods and wanna yaya somemore... grrr
                        omg didn't know there are VS fakes!

                        scribe yeah agree. direct is better


                        • I want the body mist!


                          • i'm curious to find out.
                            any cotters order from VS site and the clothes dont turn out as they look on the site?
                            basically, im refering to tops!



                            • Originally posted by gayle View Post
                              i'm curious to find out.
                              any cotters order from VS site and the clothes dont turn out as they look on the site?
                              basically, im refering to tops!

                              Hmmm, I read from another forum that it happened once or twice, but overall, VERY rarely. Their clothes are pretty accurate according to the pictures


                              • hihi my first post
                                haha.. haven't bought from VS before but saw this really pretty swim suit
                                anyone ordering soon?
                                can i tag along? i don't have any credit card or paypal