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What Bag are you carrying / Lemming badly for?

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  • What Bag are you carrying / Lemming badly for?

    Hi Girls,

    I'm into bags recently and have always wondered how you girls match your bags with your clothes. I see my friends having bags in tons of designs and colours and even with prints, yet they are able to carry them off well.

    Sad to say, I've tried but ended up looking like a twisted rainbow. I can't seem to be able to match my handbags / totes to my clothes. Hence, my bags are usually either black or brown.

    Do share what bags you have and tell us about what clothes / colours you match them with?
    Why not also share what bags you're lemming for this season?

    (Pictures are very much appreciated)

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    Hi Kelly!

    Glad to see a thread like yours I'm a self confessed bag hoarder! I used to have problems co- ordinating my bags and shoes to my clothes...but now, (after a lot of experimenting), i realised it never works when you try too hard! I simply stick to a colour scheme and throw one contrasting colour in to make it work. My favourite combination now is the dark brown and pink or mint colours...


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      Now I've got a very bad lemming for this bag. Heard that it's going to be discontinued soon, which leaves me with less than a month to decide whether or not to get it. It's awfully expensive. Sigh...

      Do you girls think it's worth it to just plunge 1.1K on this bag, considering that it's cloth material?
      Dark Blue or Pink?

      Picture courtesy of Karmadearie
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        It defintely a must buy.. if not because of the chery josephine was already OOS, i wouldn't bought this too.

        Currently, lemming for:


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          Kelly : I vote for the red one. The contrast of colours is more stark and makes the bag stand out. Plus, I think it's a pretty colour. I nearly bought the same bag too, but since SO felt it wasn't worth the price for a fabric bag, I bought the monogram canvas series in the end. However, since it's going to be discontinued soon, I feel it's a good buy, because it might become a collector's item.


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            Shopping Addict, Creepcake,

            Thanks for your input. I too feel that the pink one is nice. But I'm really worried that I might stain it or get it dirty, so wondering whether I should take dark blue. This bag is supposed to last me for some time.


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              Lemming for a Goyard tote.
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                i think the pink is nicer, cos the mini monogram shows better and the colour is sweeter.

                i have a light blue josephin.. bought in paris in may, and was told it'll be discontinued. but the sales asst in Sg said they didn't hear abt that.

                anyways, if you happen to have friends going to europe, paris in particular, u can get them to buy it for you. Cos after conversion and tax refund of 12%, it's approximately 30% cheaper, thereabts.

                have the same problem with colours; always buying safe colours like black. but recently added some white and khaki bags! no pics to post yet though. will do so in future.


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                  I want a Louis Vuitton Antigua!!~


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                    wanted a LV suhali range bag.. but recently ppl are telling me i spend way too much money on bags...


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                      lemming for bags from Gucci's 85th anniversary

                      currently carrying the gucci D ring hobo


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                        saw a tote that is white in colour with light blue straps with a knot
                        at the end of the strap....does anyone knows where to find it?


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                          Usually I'll be carrying my Gucci tote bag but I like to rotate it with my LVs as well.


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                            lemming for this
                            chloe paddington

                            carrying this
                            lv jasmine


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                              lemming for a LV speedy after all these years. prices had gone up and so has my lemmings. argh.