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Recommendations: Studio for Convocation/graduation photograph sessions

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  • Recommendations: Studio for Convocation/graduation photograph sessions

    Hi all cotters,

    Anyone here has any good recommendations on which studio to go for my convocation photograph session with my whole family? Any idea around how much will such photograph session costs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    tried and tested these two :-
    1) Raffles photography
    used to be located at marina square..
    not sure if its still there..

    2) Gloria

    i would say that they are quite good
    price wise, its definitely higher than the neighbourhood ones..
    and it depends on the package that u take up..

    tried a small one under the HDB block kind..
    the quality of the photos were quite bad..
    another one i head bad reviews is li ming @ clementi...


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      Recommendations: Studio for Convocation/graduation photograph sessions

      hi fellow cotters.... i've searched through this thread and found no similar threads.... if hope it's in the correct place

      For those graduated, where did you have your convocation studio shoot taken? Any raves or rants?


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        well i'm taking mine this month and i did some research because i find Serangoon Broadway too expensive for my budget, hope it helps
        Pricing seems reasonable
        402 orchard road #02-07/10
        delfi orchard Singapore 238876
        Tel (65) 6836 6898 fax (65) 6733 8393
        Portrait Gallery
        484 River Valley Road, Singapore 248369
        Ph : 6235 7757 ; Fax : 6235 6339
        Email : [email protected]
        Werkz Photography
        180 albert street
        albert court mall
        Singapore 189971
        Tel: +65 6324 2202
        Fax: +65 6324 3345
        Email: [email protected]
        Operating hrs
        Tues - Sun 1000hrs to 2000hrs
        Gloria Photo Studio
        12A North Canal Road
        Singapore 048826


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          i took it twice (family portrait) in Serangoon Broadway. heard several bad comments abt it from friends but for me was pretty ok. they even allow my dog to take with us!!


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            hi whitefrost,

            can pm me the name of the neighbourhood's studio which u mentioned?TIA!


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              i took mine at werkz gallery when they were in amoy street
              the uncle is very patient and professional


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                I took mine with portrait gallery. They are good and not pushy!

                They take nice photo not your typical 2 rows kind of pic (parents in front and the grads old fashion)


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                  is makeup & hair included in the prices for the entire family? or do you have to DIY?


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                    werkz did not do any hair and makeup for me.
                    i had to go prepared.
                    they only provide the rental of gown and coat for my dad


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                      Oh man, didn't realised that there's so many options I had booked my slot with Serangoon Broadway thinking that it's the photographer by default .. i've since grad 2yrs from my masters but was waiting for my bro to finish his before taking THE convo shot. Actually, both my bro and me are dreading to do this, but I reckon that my mom would really want that.. so..


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                        efai, thanks. such a disappointment. was hoping they would do hair & mu..

                        does serangoon broadway or other studios do hair & makeup for such shots?


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                          Serangoon broadway does makeup but not hair

                          But I think you can do a better job yourself. The lady just slapped on some foundation, blush, light e/s, eye liner for me. She finished in 15min.


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                            how much did you pay and what did it include?


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                              I paid $780 for the family portrait (35R iirc). 6 shots (3R) which I get to keep, out of which I choose the one I like to be the 35R portrait.
                              I also did a personal photo - $180 for 24R. Also choose 1 out of 6 and I get to keep all the 3R.