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  • call back card for handphone

    hope i have not posted this thread at the wrong place!

    i have been using the 15150 call back card from telecom and it helps to save my bill alot! ( for users with free incoming only) so i thought i could introduce it to all cotters

    it works as follows:
    1) you make a call to the person
    2)the line automatically gets cut off
    3) you receive a call back - (as good as a incoming call) so you are not charged
    4)and you chat

    calls are charged per 3min block + a service card per card-(for outgoing)

    i hope i am not making things confused

    i like to find out if there are any other types of such cards, 15150 use to be readily avaliable at axs machine but not anymore.

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    i've heard about this before...

    who call back to you when the line gets cut off? doesn't that make your friend's bill increase?


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      you get a call back from the "server" or system or something like that and i think the other party also gets a call so both of you enjoy free incoming.

      i think it's too much of a hassle though.


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        yup duckie is right..both parties enjoy free incoming..since the sever will make a call to your freind


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          Where to get the card? and whats the cost of it..? I heard of this from my cousin and that it's really cost saving


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            the card is avaliable @ 7-11 stores..i think it is 135min for $5..


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              Are they still available?
              That's like 3.7cents a min that they are charging..
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                big fan of jajah

                another option is to use VOIP services like jajah - works on mobile phones & landlines (you don't get charged a single cent by your phone operator).

                i've been using jajah to call overseas friends and it's really cheap. for some countries (incl. singapore & USA), if both parties are registered users, the call is even free! no catch... just check it out.

                only restriction is you'd have to first "activate" the phonecall via internet (then you can leave the desk), so it's still not possible to just pick up and call if you're out-&-about.

                - view rates here (priced in USD)


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                  Do note that Jajah limits use to 1 hr a day, 5 hrs a week and 1000 mins a month.


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                    thanks baobei for the reminder note.
                    that limit on jajah is on free calls only. after that, you just pay the low rates (starting from USD 0.025/ min). i feel that's fair. they can't be offering non-stop free calls for all imo, 1 hour x 5 days a week of free international calls (within zone 1) is decent.


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                      I just started using them like few days ago, they do deduct a connection fee of 3cents each call you make.
                      I'm not sure about how to top up the balance credit.

                      I tried another program which ask me to download some .exe file for verification before payment, so i totally stopped using that.
                      Its weird.


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                        sorry to digress.... maybe mods can help to start a thread under "jajah" and move these posts over.

                        baobei: all registered users are given US$3.00 worth of credit when you sign up. so you don't have to pay anything until you have started using your credits. once you've started making "chargeable" calls, you can then top up your credit (ie. payback or topup more credits) using regular credit card. the calls are only free (within zone 1) if both parties are registered and "active" users - meaning users who have made at least one chargeable call within the past few weeks.

                        - FAQ on billing & payment here
                        - FAQ on how the free calls work


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                          I was only give US0.63 cents of credit, unfortunately.

                          Phone calls are supposedly free between registered users in zone 1 & zone 2, but I was still deducted for the 0.03 cents. Can't figure out why but neither can I complain


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                            baobei: the phonecalls are only free between zone 1 (mobile/ landlines) and zone 2 (landlines only). and both yourself and the other party must be registered and "active". that means both of you must have used jajah at least once (trial call not counted) within recent 2 weeks in order for the call to be free. i have tried that, it's free as for your credit, i have no idea why you started with only US$0.63. it was stated that all gets US$3 credit upfront - i got that too (but that's not free dollars, you have to pay back the credit when it's used up).

                            btw, jajah is under upgrading right now. so looks like it's gonna be down for a short while.


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                              crazygirl: all requirements were met when the call was made, but I seriously can't complain about it.

                              Aw I was about to use jajah to make some calls... darn!