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  • Please let me know if anyone is selling duromine.
    [email protected]


    • Originally posted by Optijack View Post

      Regarding to safety and the correct way to use, I have done a write-up in another forum. However, I dont know if i can paste the link here. Ill Copy and past it here for those who wants to know How it works.

      Mod Please help me to delete it if it's against the regulation to copy others forum link here.

      AUTHENTIC?? OR NOT....
      Duromine ONLY exist in BOX. Ask anyone who gotten Duromine before. It should done properly in the box with License seals.

      See below Pictures for reference.

      INOVA DOES NOT DO LOOSE PILLS. I have stress lots of time that loose pills are "Re-engineered.

      I see alot of people still asking how does Duromine Works. Please refer below.

      We have been dealing with Duromine for more then 5 years. Advising and coaching clinics how to use it as instructed by manufacturer.

      Direct instructions from Inova, ONLY prescribe 30mg to patients because 15mg is made to ADD-ON to 30mg after some time (5-6months). Reason is because, your body will get used and adapt to the medication overtime. like all other medications. So normally we prescribe 3-5months of 30MG and then if the weight-loss objective is still not met, we add on 15MG to the 30MG. It is never recommended to take 15mg directly because you will find that 15mg does not make any much significant results.

      Firstly we have to set an objective. How much do you want to lose? Are you using it for weight control? (Like some of my actress clients.) And if it does, how many KG do you intend to loose say in 3 months. Have an objective. DUROMINE is not meant for Long term consumption.

      Duromine is like Phentermine sole purpose is to increase your metabolism by increasing your heart beat. Studies have shown that for the past >10years, this medication does not affect your liver much. It goes straight to your blood stream and leaving only ~20% for your liver to metabolize it. And this medication leaves your body with >80% in unchanged states.

      So what does it do? Simple. Just take it that the medication is trying to make your body in constant "exercising" mode. It will first increase your heart beat as this is the only way to effectively and the right way to increase you metabolism. With increased heartbeat and metabolism, it cause your body to burn your fluid in your body. Thus, thirst sets in. you will feel that you are always thirsty. This is perfectly normal and it's not a side effect (Which alot of people in the forum said.).. So really consume alot of water. Generally with increased heartbeat, you will have alittle bit of anxiety effect(some people dont). so all theres are expected effects of the medications and it's infact, what the drugs is supposed to do. Other then that, there's not much concern already. This medication once consume goes fast directly to blood, so it doesnt react or complicates with other medication. So dont worry on that.

      BUT, if you have heart problem, DO NOT CONSUME.

      Like i mentioned earlier, ALL Duromines should comes directly with BOX and License seals. DO NOT PURCHASE loose pills. As much as i know for the past 5 years, INOVA does not do loose pills. It's been "Re-Engineered" and sold in the market.

      As i have told and explained to most people. Duromine is NOT a genes modifier. It doesnt modify your metabolism. What it does is you AID you on losing weight. I stress very much on the word "AID". It's supposed to help you to try and cut your diets and control your diets. If you put total reliance on it, you could lose weight if you are on it. But once you are out of it, your own habits will come back. It's supposed to HELP you, not total reliance and also not a Genes modifier.

      Please do contact me at [email protected] if you need ANY advise on how to consume and where to get. There's a few clinics doing it. Just email me and i'll provide it to you. However, take note that clinics ONLY PRESCRIBED it to BMI above 26-28 and above. It depends on the doctors mood thou.

      19/07/2013 :: We have constant supply of stocks. Email me to enquire. <b><span style="font-size:12px"></span></b>

      Online Pharmacist for Duromine
      More INFO on Duromines email me :: [email protected]

      I received alot of PMs asking me about authentic Duromines. Please refer to the above article i posted earlier on.

      Please email me [email protected] if you want to know where to get from and also more info and queries you want to know about duromine.
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      • Please call us toll-free at 1-877-243-7172 to speak to a customer care specialist.

        We would be pleased to assist you with your ordering needs.


        • Hi all,

          I am letting go my Duromine 30mg pills left for 27 days, it is obtained from a clinic, so it is 100% authentic.
          Expiry: Feb 2016
          Kindly email me @ [email protected]
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          • Hi all,

            do contact if you need duromine pills at 91084015.


            • I would caution all those trading in duromine to be careful. This is a HSA licensed product and requires a prescription. Some forummers have been nabbed by HSA before and referred to the police for investigations before.


              • Hi I'm interested in purchasing 30g duromine. If anyone has in stocks please do let me know! 82280021.


                • This is my second day on duromine. I got my medicine from my family doctor. My BMI was 23.3 when I visited the doctor, & according to Singapore's BMI, the doctor said I'm slightly overweight, hence there wasn't any problems getting the prescription.

                  I don't have much side effects except for dry mouth & insomnia (no trouble falling asleep but woke up at least 4x in the middle of the night).

                  I ate 2 slices of rock melon for lunch yesterday & ate really little for dinner yesterday. I didn't have appetite to eat at all, I guess it's due to the medicine. My weight dropped by 1.1kg last night as compared to the weight I took at the doct's two days ago. This morning when I weighed myself, my weight has dropped by another 0.5kg.

                  But there's one thing I need help in clarifying.

                  Has anyone of you here, after taking duromine, has flabby stomaches, boobs & thighs? My body didn't used to be this flabby. I'm not sure if it's becos of the weight loss...I've not gone to the toilet other than peeing, so I'm kinda unsure where has all the fats gone too. My boobs has shrunk a little as well, & those fatty parts of my body has become saggy & flabby. Is this normal??? I have never lost weight before (cuz this is the fattest I am as of now), so I don't know if being saggy & flabby was normal. If yes, how can I firm them up?


                  • Originally posted by ReneeFooShiTing View Post
                    I would caution all those trading in duromine to be careful. This is a HSA licensed product and requires a prescription. Some forummers have been nabbed by HSA before and referred to the police for investigations before.
                    Yes! Please take note that RE-SELLING purchased duromine is a criminal offence.
                    If you need to know where to get duromine from clinic, please email me. Dont risk by re-selling un-finished duromine.

                    If you have any queries pertaining to Originality of duromine or usage, email me. ill be glad to answer your queries.


                    • Hi all!!

                      I'm certified overweight and I'm planning to try on duromine because I have been feeling very depressed over my weight problems but my parents don't allow. So I'm asking if there's anyone getting duromine too? Wanna visit the clinic and get together,please PM me if you want T___T? Because I feel paiseh getting alone /____\


                      • I would like to share good products Bios Slim from USA. It's safe & listed in pharmacy desk reference.


                        • You dont need to starve to lose weight. Just choose healthier options that are less fattening, lower in calories, fats and sugar. Remember calories in < calories out if you are looking to lose weight.

                          Here are some of my personal tips on losing weight as well as healthier food options
                          Hope they are useful!


                          • Hi i'm looking for DUROMINE 30MG. Whatsapp me or text me 9 2 9 6 0 7 3 7


                            • Hi,

                              I am letting go 2 boxes of 30mg Duromine containing 30 capsules each. They were prescribed by a doctor and carries valid license codes. PM me if you'd like them.


                              • Im interested, but unable to pm you. Able to provide me with your email/number? Thanks