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  • Hmm I wouldn't recommend you Duromine..
    I recently went for a weight management and body shaping workshop conducted by a doctor. He said slimming pills can really affect the liver and once you stop taking the pills, your weight will rebound back more that what you lost. So there'll be an unhealthy yo-yo effect. If you're looking into losing weight, then maybe you should see other safer alternatives instead of choosing the fastest method.

    My dad signed up for a weight management and body shaping programme under the doctor i mentioned. After three weeks only, he has lost 4kg of weight and out of that, 2kg were fats. His blood pressure also returned to normal and even his friend commented on his tummy that disappeared. It's quite affordable as compared to taking "cheap" slimming pills or teas, etc over a long period of time. The programme was for 3 months only. If you compare to pills/teas/duromine, which you probably need to take "as long as you want to lose weight", I think the programme that my dad is in is definitely way safer and affordable and guaranteed to see results.

    I can refer you to the doctor if you're interested. Just email me at [email protected]


    • hiiii I'm keen text me at 9 2 9 6 0 7 3 7


      • I never tried Duromine but Reductil is what makes me lose a considerable amount of weight.
        I combine Reductil with daily exercises and only healthy food and I managed to lose 6kg the first month


        • hi, possible to provide your number or email to contact you?


          • hii

            you can contact me on [email protected]


            • anyone has duromine to let go?
              need it asap at a reasonable price!

              do email me at [email protected]

              thank you!


              • why don't you try reductil appetite suppressant?

                one of my cousin is on duromine for 2 week or so and she has terrible side effects...

                take care


                • anyone have duromine 30mg to let go? sms me. 9 2 9 6 0 7 3 7


                  • I went to the medical professionals an he explained it was due to the aniexty attack which does make sense id never felt that bad before. When im having heart palpation to try an chill out stressing the worse thing to do. Does anyone experience from heart palpations and have any guidance on how to relax? Thanks

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                    • while on duromine back in 2011 I was very very nervous

                      being on reductil now I don't experience any of the side effects


                      • I am on duromine (30mg) since 14th nov 2013 and within 2 days, my weight dropped from 67kg to 65kg. Felt full (even thou I didn't eat much) after taking it. As for the side effects, I just felt a little light headed after I took the 1st pill and not anymore from the 2nd pill onwards. Thirsty, despite I drank lots of water. I still can go gym after I took my 1st pill and can run 4km on the treadmill. I don't experience any insomnia so far, could sleep very well at night even when I took the pill at around 1pm plus and I don't experience any headaches.

                        I decided to take it for 2 months and will stop after that. Don't want to get addicted to it. My GP told me that if you really want to lose weight, the most 3 important things is to exercise regularly, the foods you intake everyday must not be more than 1500kcal and also, drink lots of water!

                        Oh btw, I don't really have constipation after taking the pill. I think maybe because I drank prune juice every morning. So if you ladies experience any constipation while on the duromine,you can try drinking prune juice, help lots!
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                        • anyone willing to let go of duromine 30mg at a reasonable price? drop me a text at 97104259


                          • Originally posted by Optijack View Post
                            Originally Posted by Optijack

                            Regarding to safety and the correct way to use, I have done a write-up in another forum. However, I dont know if i can paste the link here. Ill Copy and past it here for those who wants to know How it works.

                            READ IT HERE.
                            Mod Please help me to delete it if it's against the regulation to copy others forum link here.

                            AUTHENTIC?? OR NOT....
                            Duromine ONLY exist in BOX. Ask anyone who gotten Duromine before. It should done properly in the box with License seals.

                            See below Pictures for reference.

                            INOVA DOES NOT DO LOOSE PILLS. I have stress lots of time that loose pills are "Re-engineered.

                            I see alot of people still asking how does Duromine Works. Please refer below.

                            WHO ARE WE TO ADVISE:
                            We have been dealing with Duromine for more then 5 years. Advising and coaching clinics how to use it as instructed by manufacturer.

                            WHAT DOSAGE?
                            Direct instructions from Inova, ONLY prescribe 30mg to patients because 15mg is made to ADD-ON to 30mg after some time (5-6months). Reason is because, your body will get used and adapt to the medication overtime. like all other medications. So normally we prescribe 3-5months of 30MG and then if the weight-loss objective is still not met, we add on 15MG to the 30MG. It is never recommended to take 15mg directly because you will find that 15mg does not make any much significant results.

                            HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT:
                            Firstly we have to set an objective. How much do you want to lose? Are you using it for weight control? (Like some of my actress clients.) And if it does, how many KG do you intend to loose say in 3 months. Have an objective. DUROMINE is not meant for Long term consumption.

                            HOW DOES DUROMINE WORKS? :
                            Duromine is like Phentermine sole purpose is to increase your metabolism by increasing your heart beat. Studies have shown that for the past >10years, this medication does not affect your liver much. It goes straight to your blood stream and leaving only ~20% for your liver to metabolize it. And this medication leaves your body with >80% in unchanged states.

                            So what does it do? Simple. Just take it that the medication is trying to make your body in constant "exercising" mode. It will first increase your heart beat as this is the only way to effectively and the right way to increase you metabolism. With increased heartbeat and metabolism, it cause your body to burn your fluid in your body. Thus, thirst sets in. you will feel that you are always thirsty. This is perfectly normal and it's not a side effect (Which alot of people in the forum said.).. So really consume alot of water. Generally with increased heartbeat, you will have alittle bit of anxiety effect(some people dont). so all theres are expected effects of the medications and it's infact, what the drugs is supposed to do. Other then that, there's not much concern already. This medication once consume goes fast directly to blood, so it doesnt react or complicates with other medication. So dont worry on that.

                            BUT, if you have heart problem, DO NOT CONSUME.

                            HOW TO SEE IF IT's AUTHENTIC ? :
                            Like i mentioned earlier, ALL Duromines should comes directly with BOX and License seals. DO NOT PURCHASE loose pills. As much as i know for the past 5 years, INOVA does not do loose pills. It's been "Re-Engineered" and sold in the market.

                            WHY DO I GAIN BACK MY WEIGHTS?
                            As i have told and explained to most people. Duromine is NOT a genes modifier. It doesnt modify your metabolism. What it does is you AID you on losing weight. I stress very much on the word "AID". It's supposed to help you to try and cut your diets and control your diets. If you put total reliance on it, you could lose weight if you are on it. But once you are out of it, your own habits will come back. It's supposed to HELP you, not total reliance and also not a Genes modifier.

                            Please do contact me at [email protected] if you need ANY advise on how to consume and where to get. There's a few clinics doing it. Just email me and i'll provide it to you. However, take note that clinics ONLY PRESCRIBED it to BMI above 26-28 and above. It depends on the doctors mood thou.

                            19/07/2013 :: We have constant supply of stocks. Email me to enquire. [email protected]

                            Online Pharmacist for Duromine
                            More INFO on Duromines email me :: [email protected]

                            I received alot of PMs asking me about authentic Duromines. Please refer to the above article i posted earlier on.

                            Please email me [email protected] if you want to know where to get from and also more info and queries you want to know about duromine.
                            I received lotsa enquiry on where to get Duromine original. Apologies for delayed reply as I don't often visit this post. I would like clarify that I am not selling it. I am a medical researcher on Phentermine groups of medication. I can advise you where to get or which clinics if you want. Just email me at [email protected]


                            • I'm using Reductil 10mg and really like it's effects on my appetite.
                              I buy it on and can recommend this pharmacy to anyone. They ship Reductil from UK with a tracking number. I got my order in 7 days to my doorsteps.
                              The pills are really effective and worthy trying


                              • Hi looking for duromine please email me at [email protected]