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1.7% Fare Increase for Bus, Trains from October

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  • 1.7% Fare Increase for Bus, Trains from October

    Public Transport Council has approved SMRT Corp and SBS Transit's proposal to increase bus and train fares by 1.7 percent. Here's the report from CNA

    From October, adult EZ-link fares for buses and trains will increase by 1 to 3 cents, which amounts to an overall fare hike of 1.7 percent.

    Senior citizen off-peak EZ-link fares will correspondingly increase by 1 cent.

    There are no increases in case fares for buses, single trip tickets for trains, child and student fares and monthly student and NS concession passes.

    In August, public transport operators SMRT Corp and SBS Transit applied to the Public Transport Council for these increases.

    The Council says that given the positive economic outlook, it assessed that there were no "extenuating circumstances" to vary or reject the proposal.

    It has approved a "tiered increase," depending on the distance travelled so that those who make short trips or transfers will pay less.

    The Council added that of all the bus and train trips, six in ten will see either no increase, or an increase of 1 cent.

    This also works out to be a quarter of all commuters who will not see any increase at all.

    The government has pledged to help needy families adjust to the increase.

    In a news release, the government said it has lined up the schemes that are available, including the Citizens' Consultative Committees ComCare Fund.

    This is part of the ComCare Fund launched last July to ensure that needy Singaporeans are not left behind.

    Since then, $1.95m have been disbursed, which helped about 12,500 cases.

    The two public transport operators have also contributed $1m for Public Transport Vouchers, which will also be available through the CCCs.

    Each voucher is worth $20 and can be used to buy or top up EZ-link cards, or to buy monthly concession passes.

    The National Trade Unions Congress (NTUC) has also come up with $1.6m in "NTUC Care and Share Vouchers" to help union members from low-income families to cope with increases in utilities and transport costs.

    Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan commended these organisations for stepping in to help needy families.

    He said through the Comcare Fund, the government will also do its part.

    OMG, not an increase AGAIN!?!?!?!

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    where can we get the vouchers? i think i need them...!!
    what do they mean by union member? arent they supposed to help sporean?

    i dont mind an increase in fare if their service EVER improve. but... i always have difficulties waiting for bus in the morning. there's only 1 bus to my industrial area and there's once i wait for like 15-20 mins for a bus to come, whereby the other bus have passed 3 times already.
    it's pack like sardine and have to squeeze til the others have to wait for the next bus.
    i hate the bus in my working area. if you miss the bus, you've to wait for 15-20 mins. probably i'm used to taking MRT.

    but for MRT. it's always so freaking pack in the evening for both direction in the north. cant they do something about it?

    train always break down, still want to increase fare. they're really thick skin!

    oh yah, OT. there's a thread for transport hike. mod could help to merge the thread?
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      ...see what happens when Pay And Pay wins the election? ...


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        Originally posted by geeko
        ...see what happens when Pay And Pay wins the election? ...


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          People are opposing the increase and do they 'hear' our rants ?..... Nooooooo... Y on earth should there be an increase when these so called public transport system are generating so much profits year after year...

          Yes... there's vouchers to help the needy... but do the people 'up there' realise that the super rich and super poor people are not really affected.. those affected are middle income earners who is 'neither here nor there'.....

          Wtf.. so much for 4 million smiles..


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            Sadly, the 4 million smiles are not for us. They are for the IMF delegates who will spend only 10 days in Singapore. Use taxpayers' money to impress them with new roads, to beautify Suntec City, activate ambulances for standby etc.

            The Pay-And-Pay government hears us, but they never listen and understand.


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              yeah they are for the IMF delegates, my co CEO is in town for the meeting.. and man was he bowled over by the efficiencies etc etc... our tax $$ goes to external people who doesn't care 2 hoots about this country LOL


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                How to smile when everything goes up except pay? Once its easy for these transport companies to increase their fare, they take advantage and just keep increasing. Is this gonna be a yearly thing from now on? I don't see any thing to justify the increase in fares.


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                  Speaking about bad service, this morning my bus was late for almost 20 minutes. Within that time, other bus services passed by 2 or 3 times. And guess how many bus 74 passed? 8!!! 8 times within 20 minutes! I seriously don't know how SBS make the schedule


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                    My sis had a horrible experience with SBS about 2 years back. Those taking bus 99 will know the frequency is really really bad. My sis was waiting for bus 99 at Clementi Interchange and the queue was very long (a common sight). A superbus was approaching in the direction of the waiting bay (another SBS driver I believe, in the same uniform was standing beside the bus 99 driver) and most people got ready to board. Suddenly, the superbus made a turn and approached the bus park instead. The passengers waiting for the bus had a rude shock when the 2nd driver in the bus laughed and clapped his hands in the air, cheering!! What the.. ! People have been waiting for the bus for so long and yet the drivers made fun of them!!


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                      Originally posted by rainingcats
                      The passengers waiting for the bus had a rude shock when the 2nd driver in the bus laughed and clapped his hands in the air, cheering!! What the.. ! People have been waiting for the bus for so long and yet the drivers made fun of them!!
                      What the!! That's really bad! I get really pissed waiting for buses too, especially when other buses already passed like more than 3 times. The 15-20min bus wait sometimes really get me into a bad mood. Not to mention when the bus arrives, it's so packed and sometimes you can't even get on.

                      And the 4 million smiles is a joke lol.


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                        set up committee and who gets $$ sitting in the committees again??


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                          this is what happened when companies go on board. they have to report to shareholders. talk about efficiency and everything. the same thing goes on............ DIRTY buses, dirty seats, dusty environment. why dont they get those buses for the IMF delegates?? i was at millenium walk the other day and i saw very clean and new buses serving them, bringing them back to hotels etc. poor singaporeans. those who paid get dirty buses and some with cockroaches too. i dont mind paying more but for goodness sake, improve the standard!!!


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                            Has anyone reported bad service before? Did they get back to you? My gripes would usually be about bad driving and once about (perceived) racism.

                            Does anyone have a SeasonPass with SBSTransit? Just wanna hear whether the package is good value for money. I am a bus person even if it's a 1.5-hr journey, haha.


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                              sorry, can anyone elobarate further what's this season pass is about?