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    Yayy!!! Going to London in June (cheap airfare) and I'm really excited about it! can't even think about studying for my exams now...too busy dreaming of all the makeup I can find there...

    anyway, does anyone know where are the best places to go (for shopping of course) ? Or the must buys?

    I've tried looking on the net for the best places to shop but they always give me the same old department stores, so who else to turn to but my fellow cosycotters?
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    try boots!
    but generally on the whole cosmetics is not cheap in london.

    for clothing try oxford circus that stretch, miss selfridge, kookai, morgan.


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      oxford!! huge street that took my siblings and me 3 days to finish trudging through. but be prepared to spend and walk lots.

      however, the shops do tend to repeat themselves after awhile..


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        Originally posted by ataraxia

        however, the shops do tend to repeat themselves after awhile..
        in a way it's good because if you can't find your size you can always just walk further down to a similar shop to try and find your size


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          like Karen said, Boots stuff!!!
          Body Shop is also cheaper over there.


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            You can also get T LeClerc powders there...should be cheaper. Available at David Jones the last time I heard.

            And if you are teddy bear fan...there is also the English Teddy Bear Co. !

            Both shops are at oxford circus too.


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              thanks girls! I read about them too...And there's a Sephora there too right? That's my first stop! Hope the cosmetics aren't more expensive there or i'll be soooo disappointed!
              If the stuff is the same price as US and it is worth buying, I can always help some of you fulfil your lemmings! Like Dandelion or something...

              Anyway, how about shops that aren't so well-known? Like those that sell one-off pieces?


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                I heard sephora in london is quite bad...was told about this from a londoner....and it is in the extreme north of london...will take a while by subway to reach there.

                Selfridges and Harrods has benefit. price I think about same as in US.


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                  Must buy clothes from H&M. Lots of cheap but nice nice clothes!!!

                  Also, must buy clothes from Topshop. They have trendier stuff there for sure.


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                    Stuff more expensive in London

                    Noooo, Benefit is more expensive there. Let me dig out my spendlist and tell you how much I paid for Benefit items when I was in London two years back.

                    Benefit Moonbeam - 15 pounds
                    Benefit Dr. Feelgood - 19 pounds
                    Benefit Creaseless Creme eyeshadows - 11.50 pounds

                    I can't say offhand what the US prices are, you can check at the Benefit website. You can find Benefit at the large Boots store too.

                    Once nice drugstore brand is Rimmel, I believe you can find it in many drugstores. Cheap and not bad. I like their powder blushers (many raves in the US beauty sites) and their lipgloss (called Vinyl Lip) is quite good too.

                    On the whole, I think London is a super expensive city as I lived there for about 8 years before. Even for Body Shop, you might as well shop in S'pore during sales! :roll:

                    Try visiting one of those flea markets like Petticoat Lane or Nottinghill market, usually open on weekends. They have interesting buys (cloths, trinkets etc) and quite unique. I'd say don't bother buying dept store items since many of them are available in S'pore and the prices are such that even if they are not in S'pore, it costs the same if you were to mail order in US and ship it back.

                    Have fun there! I believe the weather's going to be good


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                      Must visits in London??

                      hihi, i may be going to London with my parents. Any idea which places we definitely must visit besides the big ben and buckingham palace? I need to set up an itinerary that is suitable for me and them.
                      The things there should be quite expensive right? so i don't think it will be a shopping trip....


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                        Hi diamondusk,

                        Have you gotta the London Guide from the British Tourist Authority ? It's free and there are lotsa information about What to do and Where to go. Very very useful for first timer.

                        From what I recall:
                        • St Paul's Cathedral when Charles and Di tied the knot here in 1981.
                        • Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard (I miss this when I was there)
                        • Tower of London and London Bridge
                        • Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
                        • British Museum
                        • National Gallery @ Trafalgar Square
                        • Hyde Park
                        • BA London Eye is a must try
                        • Harrods

                        I went to this Saachi Gallery which I think is pretty fun and interesting. Or you can visit for more information.


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                          dear ladies, what about the transport there? heard that there's the tour bus where the tickets are for unlimited rides? and what is this London Pass - is it useful?

                          and for hotel accomodations, i guess it must be pretty expensive even for a 2 or 3-star hotel?

                          thanks for the info


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                            The tour bus: I believe you're tallking about the London Sightseeing Bus. I think it's about 12GBP for a day pass. This bus goes to the main tourist sights and you can hop on and off as and when you wish. When I was there last month, it comes with a free boat ride ticket too.

                            Public transport day pass: You can get them from any metro station. If you travel after 9.30am in the morning, you can get the non-peak ticket which are i think GBP4.10 (Zone 1-2; Peak tickets are GBP5.10). It's for unlimited rides on the Metro and trains and buses within Zone 1-2. For these, it's not necessary to buy in advance in S'pore. I bought a 4-day pass in S'pore and found that I could save a few bucks + more flexible if I had bought my travel passes in London instead. A single trip ticket will cost you GBP1.60 (Zone 1) and GBP2 (Zone 1-2)

                            I stayed with a friend so saved a bomb on hotels!


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                              The London Sightseeing Bus is great because it's so convenient. But if you're going to take it, make sure you plan your day so that you make full use of the stops.

                              The transport here is ridiculously expensive. The tube often breaks down, so remember to check the condition of the lines before buying your ticket! if you're more adventurous, you might want to try taking the buses instead, which can be quite convenient. it's 1GBP for a single trip and 2GBP for an all-day pass.

                              If you're going to sights within Central London (Covent Garden, Leicester Sq, Trafalgar Sq, Oxford St, Soho...) , you can actually walk from each to the other v v easily. Trust me, because I live right smack in the middle of all of them and I walk all the time!

                              Just bring a good pair of walking shoes and lots of warm clothes. It's getting v v chilly here!

                              hotel accommodations are expensive. :/ my mom stayed in a crappy 3-star hotel just 10 min from my place, and it cost 100GBP a day. but it depends on the location largely.