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    Hey gals..just wanna know whether you have the habit of drinking tonics to keep your complexion nicer and to look more radiant ?

    If so, can list down what are the stuff that you all take/drink and for what kind of purpose?

    Just curisous, because recently my mum keep saying i look very dull/tired, i know is due to the lack of sleep and stuff..lost weight i bought a box of chicken essence yesterday.. :roll:

    Thanks in advance for any inputs..

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    I don't usually drink/eat tonics but I do try to eat more fruits and vege. Oh yes, I do take "Bai Fong" Pills for the woman's menstruation recuperation.

    I don't have major problems with my skin (I think it's due to genetics) except occasional rough scaling due to allergy.

    I find that whenever I have enough sleep, my skin always look translucent and poreless. I think beauty sleep is very important too.

    I have a friend who like to eat Yam paste (dessert). She said her mother told her yam paste is very good for skin. Her skin is like porcelain...envy!!

    MY mum told me anything that has natural gelatin in is good for skin. eg, Grass Jelly, Bird Nest, PIG's SKIN (Yike!!!). I know pig's skin is hard to believe but I have several aunts that love to eat braised Pig's legs and although they are like 50+ already, their skin is still VERY SMOOTH & puffy. Most mature ladies has saggy skin already but they don't.. but like I said, it could be genetic also.


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      Same as fornight. I take "Bai Fong" Pills too. Last time I used to take Evening Primose Oil too.

      Other than that I dun take other pills. Cos er... don't like the idea of swallowing pills when I am not sick. Hee Hee


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        i used to take bai feng wan too but i don't like the feeling of swallowing a whole lot of pills.... :puke:

        i tried taking youmeishu (the tonic wine) but it is too strong for me... i will breakout in rashes if i take too strong alcohol. :roll:

        but what my mom did is to put the wine in the soup she prepares. so it will not be that strong.


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          I'm curious about the Yomeishu as only concern is will it be too heaty that it will make me breakout?

          Anymore inputs?


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            I think I took Bai Feng Yuan few times, don't quite like it

            Tonics I've taken before

            Ginseng, double boiled with chicken, and gou zi ji ( not sure of its english name) for general 'qi', keeps me alert, extra boost when you work 12 hours a day for 3 months

            Gou Zi Ji: suppose to be good for eyes, eye sight etc.

            Dang Gui: to improve blood production & circulation.

            Bird Nest: Good for throat! Finds it really soothe my throat when I feel an up coming sore throat. Never really saw the benefits of good complexion though.

            In general, I like Chinese tonics. These few (Ginseng, Dang Gui) has a unique fragrance, which some might think it stinks bad.


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              gou qi zi are the little dried red berries commonly used in soups right? if i'm not wrong, it's called wolfberries in english.


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                Originally posted by vixette
                gou qi zi are the little dried red berries commonly used in soups right? if i'm not wrong, it's called wolfberries in english.
                you're absolutely right vix

                Chinese wolfberries are full of powerful antioxidant nutrients.

                Apparently, wolfberries contain 6 times more amino acids than bee pollen
                has trace minerals and vitamin B1, B6 and E.
                contains more beta carotene than carrots
                500 times more vitamin C than oranges!!!

                just don't ask me how many wolfberries we got to eat a day

                just do a google on this if you're interested girls, lots of info. on this


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                  My mom loves forcing us drink tonics... she will add herbs into her dinner soup. Not all are nice.

                  But... I absolutely love wolfberries in her soup!


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                    You can actually steam wolfberries and eat it just like that. Its sweet!!!


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                      Wah, are we suppose to swallow them wholesomely like that?

                      I always have them in soups only.


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                        baobei, you don't really have to swallow them like taking pills. just chew and swallow as normal, like snacking


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                          "six-herbs" or direct translate from mandarin "six-flavors" soup, mainly for women. drink this after "period" helps to boast the body, works just like "BaiFongWan" pills. cook with chicken or pork. next, the "10-herbs" or "Shi2 Quan2 Dai4 Bu3" soup, for boasting body... kinda heaty. some might suffer nose bleed if consume too much. think you can get them in pre-pack form. another is chicken soup... not sure what to put in... gotta check with mum.

                          ginseng with chrysanthemum. boil water, then throw in dry chrysanthemum. let it boil for a minute, add sugar. then throw in some ginseng. then again, boil it for a while, cover with lids and let it brew. good for cooling down. ladies shouldn't drink this when "period" is near.


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                            Originally posted by candeecake
                            "six-herbs" or direct translate from mandarin "six-flavors" soup
                            I like to drink Six Flavours soup...i have no idea that this is for women. My dad drinks it too! All I know this is the soup that does something to our complexion; my mum swears that her freckles had gone after drinking it for a long period of time. I really wonder how true this is. :huh:

                            For hair, drink "He(2) Shou(3) Wu(1)" soup. Your hair will look more shiny and beautiful. I drank this lots during my secondary school days. I love this soup!

                            i need to start learning how to brew soup. I like soup that is brewed on the conventional kind of stove(using charcoal and starter). My mum does that. And I really really like to drink the soup she makes. I don't really know how to cook dishes except Maggi mee.
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                              REALLY!!! i didn't know it's for complexion...hmm... must ask my mum to cook more often!!

                              "He(2) Shou(3) Wu(1)" soup... i highly recommend it!!! i nvr drink it myself, coz my mum nvr cook it. my aunt cook it every month... both my aunt and uncle have beautiful dark hair, despite they are 65 and above.