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old folk/ people @ the hawker asking for $$$

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  • old folk/ people @ the hawker asking for $$$

    Sunday i was having breakfast with my mom @ tekka hawker centre before we go n pray my grandpa @ uncle's house. Then came this ah old pek asking for $$$. I remembered seeing him last year . WHY i remembered him is cause i offered to buy him breakfast but he said he eaten. Just need some $$$ for other meal.So i gave him $5 and he was grumbling.. wow so little ar..... -_-"

    No one around there bother. When he came to our table, my mom said just gave him $2 lo. But i refused. Somemore i believed he will appeared there everyday.I told my mom, can't you see others are ignoring him? He was speaking in dialect so i told my mom, you tell him, if he want a meal, sure i will pay for a bowl/ plate of whatever. But sorry i won't give him $$$...
    Then he look so TL and walked off...

    I do feel gulity of not helping but help already still like taken for granted and said too little. I believed there are alots of old folk/ people doing that in the public in recently year. Would you still give them the $$$ everytime? Or just ignored?

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    I will ignore them, no matter how pity she/he is.

    It sounds cruel, but when you travel at other country e.g. Thailand, Malaysia, China etc, you may get yourself into trouble when showing off your kindness, e.g. pickpocket etc.


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      MaggieQue : yup i don't do that oversea. Its scary when you give to one and a whole group of them will follow and come. My friend did once and she got probia doing it again.


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        Ignore them completely, or offer food instead.
        Once, I gave $2 to a old couple in Tampines as the man claimed they had no money for public transport to go home. Few weeks later, I saw them taking MRT from Bedok.

        Some just like to take advantage of others' kindness and they might not be locals.


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          I do met such ppl. If they say no money for food, I can help to pay for their meal.
          But i dun like them asking for money.


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            ya the past, i also very stupid i will give them two dollars..but now i will only give money to those very pitiful old aunties or uncles selling least they are selling some thing and not asking like a beggar..i think those very very old selling tissue aunties are so poor thing..sometimes i see them then i will feel like crying..