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  • Originally posted by rhea84di View Post
    hey i just joined FF passport for $108 per mth, for 1 year, waived joining fee and admin fee.
    Anyone wants to go gym with me pm me k~!

    tts a really good price! is there some promotion right now?


    • really ah~! so i should take up the offer? i haven't sign yet but offer ends today


      • is it for a specific outlet? where did u see it?


        • Hi All,

          Does anyone know which Yoga classes in FF is suitable for first timers or beginners? What about BodySteps, BodyVive, MTV Moves, anyone tried? How was it?


          • Originally posted by stupy View Post
            Hi All,

            Does anyone know which Yoga classes in FF is suitable for first timers or beginners? What about BodySteps, BodyVive, MTV Moves, anyone tried? How was it?
            Try to go for intro class first... I went to MTV before.. totally can't catch up.. The rest did not go yet...


            • Hi cotters, just got informed that i'll be posted overseas for work for a couple of months.

              So i got to let go of my current FF membership.
              It's platinum so can be used at All clubs for gym & classes.
              From Aug till Nov 09 at $150 (inclu GST) each month

              If you need any further info, pls feel free to PM me. Thanks!


              • Hi rhea84di!

                Where is that promotion of yours? Is it a special corporate rate? That's an amazing cheap!!

                I just went to check FF out today at Capital Tower. My corporate rate gives me the following:

                Waive off $300 joining fee
                Admin fee $88
                Monthly passport pass (to all clubs worldwide and in SG) $133 (exc GST)
                Home pass (to 1 single club only in SG) $123 exc GST

                My bosses and colleague all pay this price, I checked. It's the standard and FF don't really drive prices down like Cali because they don't play the price war game.

                Apparently Barclays employees get a better deal cos they have more volume. The monthly subscription for all access is $120+ including GST. Oh well.....

                Am currently with CaliFitness paying monthly subscription of $65, so I'm really thinking hard. Is it worth the extra $80 a month for the pool access and gym clothes when I have my own workout gear?

                Anyone can chip in your 2 cents worth? How are the yoga and dance classes like? I'm not really a beginner anymore, so would prefer the classes to have some serious techniques. I'm really attracted by the pool and shower facility mostly.


                • hi tiramisu, that offer was given to me by fusionopolis. consultant name is johan.

                  but then in the end i didn't take up the offer, because i didn't think i could commit for 1y and i still need to take my postgrad exams which cost alot of money.

                  but he did say that it's the cheapest it can ever fall into.

                  i'm currently trying 1 month body first @ fusionopolis, i think the gym is v nice, quiet, and i love the les mills classes.


                  • Tranfer of Membership

                    ****** wanna let go/ transfer fitness first membership?
                    willing to take pm me...thanks


                    • tiramisu: I have been a member in FF since Jan 2007 and I personally like FF a lot for their facilities and equipment. I have tried amore before but I didn't feel comfortable. why not you go for a trial in ff in a few different outlets? some FF outlet is smaller and older than the rest. My favourite is still George Street. Hope this helps you!


                      • Thanks a lot rhea84di and Connexion!!

                        I tried out FF using a 5 day pass and have to say that while dance classes are way slower than CaliFitness and the level very basic, the yoga classes are not too bad. Am still trying to get used to the equipment at FF. Most of them operate a little differently from what I was used to, even though they are for the same muscle group.

                        After some thought, I signed up for a one year's package!! (this is in hopes of me gymming more and shopping less, therefore translating into overall savings)

                        You're right about the One George Street Pool! I super super love it Could watch the National Day Parade from there last Sat!!


                        • anyone treid watchin the parade from ogs? alot pple crowd there? i think club wil b closed at 6pm tt day...


                          • Fitness First ORQ transfer

                            Hi, am looking for a transfer package, preferably around 3 months or so. Please PM me if you want to transfer.


                            • hi all,
                              i'm new to FF. Barely have time to check the facilities out cos i rush there after work and then zip off after a short workout to fetch my son. I got the 1 yr package for $146.60 after GST plus a $98 admin fee, only 2 sessions 30min with the personal trainers. That's with all the help i got from this forum mainly, so thanks to those who kindly posted their rates.

                              overall, been there once so far only but i like the environment. though not the most spacious but the crowd size is not too overwhelming too. At least equipment looks alright, environment is conducive and encouraging so i guess i made a good choice.

                              I have yet to meet the personal trainer yet, but dun have time to fully explore the facilities. Can anyone care to share what the dvds are for?! I find it so weird to see DVDs in a gym! haha.. but the idea is kind of cool..


                              • Hi, anyone have used the 5 days trial pass and decided not to sign up? I understand that they will let you have their free attire; under circumstance where I choose not to sign up, would I need to pay for the attire?