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  • karen, i just got my sony T1! am loving it right now but trying to figure out how to use it i'm not sure if the ixus has this function but you're able to change the MP for the T1. a 128MB memory card can only store 50+ pictures @ 5MP but you can store more if you adjust it to 3.2MP (which i'd prefer).

    according to bf, the ixus was the most popular camera in the shop but he preferred the lighter T1 sony has an offer now too! i'm supposed to go down to the shop to collect a free 128MB memory card + neck strap + 2 carrying cases. offer's up till 15 Aug though!


    • wow u lucky gal, i love T1 too. it's so small and handy.
      What colour did u get ?
      i am eyeing P100 , W1 or F88!!!
      i love sony's though it's said to be too much of a consumer sorta item.
      Reckon i m getting f88 for myself as a birthday pressie *haha*


      • yep, it was an early bday present from the boy he got black cause silver was OOS! (but i think silver's prettier ) & yes totally agree on the small & handy part! i can see myself carrying this almost everywhere cause it's pretty light!


        • Originally posted by mel171103kev
          I want small, light, simple digi still images camera, but hubby thinks it's good to have video...
          do check out Sony DSC-U40 & DSC-U50 (both are on the website, i'm too lazy to search for links )

          BUT they are really simple and no fuss. no zoom but very small (think handphone size ) , light, compact & handy. also, they're only 2.0MP (most people would recommend a 3.0MP if you intend to print/develop the pictures). and since its so small, the LCD is tiny! (IMO, this is good cause everybody looks good on the LCD screen! you only start to notice the flaws when you load it onto the computer ) LCD of those 2 are only 1" as compared to the T1's 2.5"

          otherwise, to help narrow down the search, think of what you need & want (minimum MP, video? zoom?). sony memory sticks & accessories are more expensive too :roll: (if you have a PDA, i think its possible to share memory cards with the camera, so check out what memory card it uses)

          hth! there are tons of infomation about digital cameras, how to choose one & reviews out there on the net too!


          • Thanks for the recs! Finally got it today, a Minolta Dimage x50... not very small but hubby wouldn't let me go smaller (cos we have another digital cam of not very high resolution, he felt we should get a higher resolution). Haven't tested it out yet...


            • nikon coolpix 3700

              i just got the nikon coolpix 3700 from alan photo at sim lin square today. it was 490 dollars after tax, significantly cheaper than the price offered at the courts roadshow ($549) that was at tampines last week. haven't played around much with it yet, but i like it lots already

              specs of the camera: 3x optical zoom, 3.2 megapixels. it's pretty much a simple point and shoot camera, not many manual features but if you're just a casual photographer then this should be more than enough. the camera came with 128 mb memory card, travel bag, a rather flimsy looking tripod, some software thinggy and a leather carrying case.

              my brother got the nikon coolpix 4100, which is essentially the same as the 3700 except that it's 4 megapixels and it has a plastic, not a metal body. it was the same price as mine though, and the guy knocked off the 5% gst for the 4100.

              i was also considering the canon ixus IIs, but the guy at Alan photo said that the nikon 3700 is better cos it has more stability and image quality is about the same for both cameras. also, the canon ixus IIs only has a 2x optical zoom.


              • I'm really interested in the Nikon Coolpix 3700 too! Do review after you've played around with it!


                • I haven't finished reading the Minolta Dimage x50 manual (I'm very slow and procrastinative about such things).
                  But in nutshell, I think I've figured how to zoom, snap, still images under portrait/ sports etc modes, video with sound. Very light but that means more likely to get shaky pics (especially when handled by strangers/ passerbys) unless you opt for certain modes only (ie. fast speed with flash).
                  Haven't gotten round to B&W/ sepia etc, flourescent/ tungsten etc modes, single/continuous advance/multi frame, sound without video.
                  Features: 5megapix, 12x (optical 2.8x, digital 4.3x). On Lithium Battery though (smaller but more expensive).
                  Size (this was important to me): slightly less than 8.5cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm
                  Price: We bought at Best Denki, not the best place for bargains... but I was in a hurry and tired.


                  • 2 more I'm eyeing are the HP Photosmart R707 (cheap too! Though not great on the Macro-ing) and Fujifilm's upcoming model Coolpix F450.


                    • duckie, where did u happen to buy the camera
                      i m getting the T1! it;'s so awesome!!


                      • I'm wondering if there's a vast difference between a digicam with a 2x optical zoom and one with 3x optical zoom. It's a tough fight between the Canon Ixus IIs & Nikon Coolpix 3700. The Canon looks much better, though only comes with 2x optical zoom... While the Nikon comes with a 3x one.


                        • there isnt much difference between a 2X and 3X zoom cameras. the only difference is that you have to step 2 more steps to the front if you wanna achieve the 3X zoom effect using your 2X zoom camera.

                          However, having more optical zoom is surely more desirable because that 2 steps may just come in handy when you need to take that distant object.


                          • hey flowerfairy, sorry for the late review!!!

                            ok, overall i do like my nikon coolpix 3700 - but it isn't perfect. i haven't gotten any pictures printed yet, but from what i can see of the photos on my laptop, they're somehow not crystal-clear. i'm not sure if this is because of the megapixels but 3.2 mp should be more than adequate so it's strange!

                            a problem with all digital cameras (or so my friend tells me) is that they can't focus properly when there's low lighting, and the nikon coolpix is no exception. for example, the photos i took of the fireworks on national day were very blurry, and i tried using different modes (with flash, w/o flash, on the 'fireworks' mode etc) so i think my friend may be right. you won't find this problem with a good film camera.

                            other than that, i'm pretty satisfied with my camera. but you should definitely ask the person at the shop you are buying from for a comparison between the two models you want, and which one he/she would recommend. hope this helps!


                            • Thanks Meijing & Conquistador for your replies!

                              Conquistador, I had a Nikon Coolpix 2500 and I did find it didn't take perfect picture in places with low lighting as well, no matter which mode I used. If this is the case with all digicams, then it should be no fault of the Nikon I guess.

                              Meijing, hmmm I guess the zooming function of the digicam won't be much of a diff for me afterall since I realise I don't use much zoom with my cams!


                              • Originally posted by conquistador

                                a problem with all digital cameras (or so my friend tells me) is that they can't focus properly when there's low lighting, and the nikon coolpix is no exception. for example, the photos i took of the fireworks on national day were very blurry, and i tried using different modes (with flash, w/o flash, on the 'fireworks' mode etc) so i think my friend may be right. you won't find this problem with a good film camera.
                                Hey girls just an opinion when it comes to cameras and blur pictures hee. I like photography and natural lighting is a wonder

                                All cameras film cams, SLRS, digis are prone to 'blurnes' in pictures under low light conditions and it isn't really due to focusing probs (also true!!), primarily for normal users it's due to handshake and instability when a camera snaps a pic (like when it 'blinks')

                                under great bright light or with flash, the shutter speed is much faster, for example 1/125 of a second

                                In low-er light (in orange light in restaurants that sorta thing)conditions, cameras will want to compensate for the lack of light by allowing it's shutter to remain open longer before closing. It may be 1 second or less, but this causes more shake in the camera unless you have an even grip thruout and it will be blur.

                                To solve this, there are a few things, hold camera firmly and support your hand, use a tripod, use flash, move into better light and with support, or get cameras with optical image stabilizers like the panasonic lumix for example..

                                there are a many 3-4megapix cams that do have image stabilizers, just check. Newer ranges more likely. Also note that those teensy pretty digi cams that fit in your palm while small and pretty will also be more prone to shake. I like the later models of canon cameras, panasonic and fuji's(very rich colour reproduction)