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  • Chew Sin Huey

    Before (during 2005 Project Superstar)

    After (Latest image)

    She, Chew Sin Huey (Shi Xin Hui) from 2005 Project SuperStar.
    I guess everyone should have read/ heard her latest sexy MV.
    If not, please view,
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    I think I remember her,she was always called the fat girl yes? she's average-looking but that pic is not very flattering.
    and the MV looks cheap. Great voice tho.


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      Everyone commented that she looked fat, and she try ways to go on diet...

      But i love her song... but too over....


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        lmao! read the (guys) comments on the youtube link.


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          i think the MV will put her in a negative light and i have to say, the MV looks cheapo and kinda slutty.. my bf said it look like porn..


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            Chew Sin Huey's debut album release tomorrow.

            She hopes people have forgotten her 'horrible image'

            She admitted that friends who saw the clip were rendered speechless. They told her she looked nothing like in real life. 'They teased me, saying, don't worry, can bluff people,' she said in Mandarin.

            She readily admits she is not photogenic and that her looks are 'not trendy'.

            But she's refused to diet because she's a food-lover, even though she's dropped her weight from 52kg to 45kg - mostly through exercise.

            Sin Huey also said she has resisted advice from stylists and makeup artists to get plastic surgery or even botox injections.

            'My looks come from my parents - they still prefer that I look like them,' she said.

            But does she want to be seen as a sex symbol in the first place?

            'Of course. But I must hit the gym first,' she said.

            'Let's just say if a magazine asks me to shoot in a swimsuit, I'll reject, because I cannot wear a bikini. I don't even wear bikinis in private.

            'Give me one more year, let me get more toned, then shoot!'


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              Its a girl with a powerful voice but trashes it with self ruining image


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                haha let's listen to her song and not watch her MTV then

                i like her voice


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                  i think she could have gone for a classy image that is subtly sexy instead. a sophisticated, elegant image could have looked better. the japanese schoolgirl look cheapens her style; she doesn't suit it. she is a good singer with lots of potential..just that she has to rework her packaging and image.


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                    her voice is good!! even better than kelly poon.. but this mtv does not suit her image... i think its a wrong move. still prefer her clean cut look. more appealing to me.. but she indeed lost a lot of weight .her face looks shaper now...


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                      I think she can do well if she imaged herslef like Fish Leong. She looks v sweet as TV host


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                        oh dear, why did they choose to market her in this way, I agreed that she should be marketed like Fish Leong etc. She has a nice voice!!


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                          heard her song once on 933, before i even know it was sung by her, i totally hate it.. it's too "shan liang san jie mei" style, like those taiwanese "ge tai" style IMO. although i never like her, but still feel her voice is pretty good, but this album is way off my tolerance level, a little irritating. quite a doesnt suit her


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                            That 'after' picture is not flattering at all... her teeth looks so weird!


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                              basically I think all the people responsible for her debut album and whatever image she should carry commercially all fail big time!!
                              I guess these people cannot make or "produce" her to have too much similarity to the winner, Kelly. Therefore "experimenting" her with a different image.

                              I don't even like the title of the song!!
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