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  • Jewellery-making!


    Hi..I am a necklaces lover..
    I like to own unique kinds of necklace.
    I am keen in learning the techinques to make various kinds of necklace.
    But then i have no idea where or how should i learn it from.
    I did ask one the shop assistant
    she told me to learn from book but i find it is damm hard.
    Do anyone know which places or shop do teach ?

    Thanks alot ya!
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    Crystal jewellery anyone?

    hi ladies! anyone who is also into making crystal jewellery? i love using Swarovski crystal beads for most of my work.

    here's a necklace i made for a friend's wedding

    Aquamarine Crystal necklace
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      That's really beautiful, you made that yourself? wow~
      I used to made bracelets using beads and crystals in my younger days


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        its a lovely necklace


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          Me Me! But I don't make it myself. I'll choose my crystals and and the SA will make it into the design that i requested. I've since made 3 bracelets!

          Aveline, that was indeed a very good piece, very exquisite. How much did you pay for it? ANd did you make it yourself or did you get the help of the SA?


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            Gosh, that is a really gorgeous necklace How did you learn to make it? It looks so complex. I'm into making bead & ribbon & earrings at the mo but im pretty much a newbie


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              thanx gals! yupz, i made that myself coz my friend was hunting for a necklace to go with her gown for tea ceremony but the ones we saw were too expensive and not in the colour she wanted so i told her i'll make one. we kinda came up with this design together. i learn most of what i know thru reading books on jewellery making, there are lots of them in kinokuniya some of them have terrible designs but they teach the basic techniques to start. in all, practice makes perfect, esp bending those wires

              Peace: i spend less than $30 for all the raw materials, the crystal beads, wire, jump rings etc. i think a similar piece in the shops cound be selling for more than $100

              BluberriMuffin: it's not as difficult as it looks actually, lots of time and patience


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                That's really something, aveline! You should make more and sell them to earn some shopping money.


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                  Great piece of work

                  This has definitely inspired me to go hunting for some books and materials and trying it out during my leave


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                    My friend is asking where to buy raw material to do earring/necklace.... where do u gals buy yours?


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                      I've seen shops selling crystals and beads in Chinatown area - Pearl centre (where there are a lot of tour agencies and money changers) and People's park complex.
                      I have also gotten some beads from this accessories and beads shop at Heerem before.



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                        i usually buy my materials from a shop in People's Park Centre on the 2 level, name is Mix N Match IIRC. i go there so often that the shop owner recognises me there's also a Golden Dragon store on the same level that sells similar stuff. please don't buy from the shop in Heeren, their cyrstal beads are super over priced! alternatively, u can get materials along Arab St, there are a few shops run by Indians( Arabians?) that sells at a low price.


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                          hi Aveline, i bet u took a long time making that necklace

                          I used to make them too, but it's really time consuming for me! especially for necklaces/bracelets like the one u made (where u turn the wire etc), maybe i'm slow? really, lots and lota of patience is needed.

                          It's more a hobby now, used to be xrazy over, i'm stuck with loads of crystals, wires and stuff. And my fingers would hurt everytime i proceed on necklaces with wirework, but the satisfaction of completing them..


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                            I'm looking for something like this but this is a candle holder from swarovski. I need it as a deco. Anyone has any idea where i can find it?


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                              Have you gone into Swarovski to check? They have heaps of crystal ornaments that are not on the website.