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  • Poor customer Service

    finally - a thread for you to rant about all that BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE you get at the makeup counters, skincare counters, and snooty places where SAs think you are not worth their time because you are not dressed up, tries to use a gift voucher with no terms & conditions attached, look like a student, etc.

    tell tell!

    i for one, have decided that my money prefers to stay in the bank than at *certain places* where i get screened from top to toe for trying to get some perks even tho' i've spent lots of money there :evil:

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    First Rant:

    Ever since Julianna and jason left, that place had never been the same. The appearance of the horrible Dragon Lady (the lady boss' mum) has probably frightened off lots of customer. The SAs are taught by her to hard sell, to be pushy, and to take extra care of those tai tais (rich ladies who did not need to do a stitch of work)


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      Elizabeth Arden, True Colors and Escentials.

      Elizabeth Arden -impatient, rude SA.

      TC - Very pressurize, kept hard sell you the back lot stuff.

      Escentials - same as what meow has just mentioned.


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        Hahhaa.. yes yes.. the very famous TC.... very hard-sell and even to the extent of being rude! This is my personal opinion, but i think that if i wanna go shopping for items like cosmetics/skincare(which is sumthing i considered as a luxury for me), i would consider customer service as part of the package.... if i received lousy and/or bad treatment, den i would feel that the $ i paid is not worth it.. no matter how good the product itself might be... hehe. .this is wat i think

        I used to be very impressed with Escentials service...very nice, never hard-sell and forever patient with customers. However, the $50 voucher event in Dec yes... indeed makes me feel dat they have to conduct investigations as to whether i'm a imposer trying to cheat there with the voucher.... very scrutinising and uhuh... " i'm shoppin! Dun make me feel like i'm trying to cheat your products for free!" :wink:


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          i went to TC to look around and there was only this young blonde/brown haired lady..she was very nice...took out 2 palettes for my cousin and i to see and she didn't pressure us at all..she only asked if she could help us then when we said we were just looking around she smiled and went back to her paperwork

          we asked her to show us the NARS palettes and she took them out and waited for us to examine them..when we said we'll think about it she just put them back with no complaint

          she was very polite and didn't pressure us at all...first time seeing her though

          last time when i went there were 2 girls who just ignored me


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            to be fair, i've had a few hits and a few misses at TC even tho' i've been in there only a few times. only bought a LM primer and Chantecaille lipgloss from them, both them ok service. other times, i haven't been pressured all the time.


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              We're only talking about beauty counters with bad service? Or also other kinds of shops? I have a loooong blacklist...heehee....

              1. Escentials
              What more can I say about the voucher fiasco and their discriminatory discounts. Boooooo!!!!!

              They're also almost always out of stock of popular items. This fact, and the one listed above, seems to suggest to me that they don't understand their market at all!

              2. True Colours
              Where do you go if you want a Dragon Lady breathing fire down your neck? Hate the hard sell, pathetic selection of products, gross testers, snooty staff. Just passed by TC last night. 6 SAs all in black, with black faces, and not a soul in the shop. Ha!

              3. Chanel
              Certain counters. Oooh, what great actresses those SAs are! They're as servilely-boot licking as your puppy dog until you drop the bomb that you're just browsing, or you "need to think about a product". Watch their faces go from :D to :x !!


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                i agree with the chanel complaint!


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                  Anyone has any good ideas on how to successfully 'manipulate' snotty MAs into treating us nicely?


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                    give it to them right and proper in the face and hop over to the next counter and buy lots of stuff there! have done it before but these days i'm so stressed at work, i save my energy for better things but...

                    i'll just boycott the counter/brand/store...after all, so many comparable brands with comparable products at comparable prices, i don't bloody owe these people a living.

                    it's not like i'm buying gas masks to ward off a biological weapons attack, things like makeup, skincare, and perfumes are unneccessary luxury items

                    as you can tell, i've been dissed by bad customer service, especially by my treatment at escentials when trying to redeem the voucher in december that i will not step into that store again. the voucher is not the issue (after all, $50, please! it's nothing compared to what i've already spend there) but their severely inadequate service and attitude in handling the whole issue. i'm not a criminal and i will not be subjected to their shoddy treatment again and i will not put any money into that store. i will let my friends know likewise.

                    so what? i can buy by terry, nuxe, sjal, phytomer, zirh, etc. when i'm travelling, at NC Essentials or just switch brands. la mer and cle de peau has similar pricey products, so what if they're a little different, it's not like any of them are so fantastic that'll make you immortal!

                    i will not stand for shoddy customer service, especially at places like these where i'm buying luxury goods, and i will not put my hard earned money there again. i work for every cent i spend, and the sales reps there jolly well do so as well

                    rant of the morning over

                    Originally posted by debby
                    Anyone has any good ideas on how to successfully 'manipulate' snotty MAs into treating us nicely?


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                      Hmmm.... sorry but I am kind of confused. Probably I missed something along the way on the Escentials $50 voucher redemption thing. Thought I read that most gals here managed to get a $50 redemption easily without any minimum purchase and everyone was so happy. I was one of those few jokers who made a $150 purchase before getting the $50 off


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                        dimples the thread is probably buried now and u'll have to do a search - basically escentials changed their policies everyday and got lots of people confused. and when *i* was there, they screened me with dumb questions and made me feel like a criminal for using that voucher


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                          I dun really like the SA at Bjours. I was actually browsing thru to see if there are any nice cosmestic like mascara or blusher or concealer to wear for CNY. After i told the SA that i was just looking or browsing around, she immediately divert her attention to other onlookers liao. she din even bother to recommend what are the products available or anything like that. a bit piss off with her and walk away without even bother lookiing for what i want.

                          the other place where i got bad customer service is at a eatery at bugis. there is this thai eatery at the shophouse which is just opp Bugis Junction and beside Shaw Tower. the waitress was rather impatient in telling us what their specialties are. she din even bother to ask us if we want a drink! then came 2 ang mos and the same waitress tone become completely different when she talk to them and recommend this dish, that dish. wont go there eat again.
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                            Trying to be funny

                            Originally posted by debby
                            Anyone has any good ideas on how to successfully 'manipulate' snotty MAs into treating us nicely?
                            Here's a guideline to make sure you don't get berate at by SA, least to get better service. Please do not be offended by the following. Meant for fun

                            1. If we are browsing with no intent to buy realize it's close to closing time... and leave

                            2. A customer doesn't go psycho because the SA's not good at multi-tasking aka she/he can only serve one customer at one time.

                            3. We say "thank you" and we sincerely mean it. This may rarely occur, but it is nice to hear.

                            4. We always ask, 'Excuse me, are you busy?'

                            5. SAs are not mind-readers. Even though you may be a regular customer if the place has 400 regular customers then they can't be expected to remember you all.

                            6. Keep kids in check.

                            7. Have wads of cash. 'Cash is King' even with platinum credit cards

                            Bear in mind I'm a sucker for great customer service! I used to be in the retail line and I know how important it is to have great customer service.

                            I will never never never step into True Colours again.

                            Personally, if the SA is rude, I will just say loudly, 'How rude can you be?' or 'Soooo rude!'. Just for kick! It's the same when someone cuts your queue, ain't it?

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                              raebelasian, that's funny ;p

                              seriously though one day I shld really be b*tchy enough and comment on their rudeness in front of them..some people can be so yaya-papaya!