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  • The Pill (& other methods)

    Any girls currently on pill (contraceptive).

    just to let you girls know that my pals stock up on birth control pills each time they visit bangkok coz its cheap

    i've just started on 1st slab of yasmine tablets today bought in bangkok for SGD$16 plus, Singapore is selling for SGD$21, iirc.

    any other brands worth mentioninig

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    I got my friend to get me Diane 35 from Bangkok before when I was on it. Extremely cheap at only around SG$8 per pack. Also you don't need a prescription for it. However I would recommand that anyone intending on starting the pill to get your doctor's advice first.


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      Oh yes that's very important, getting your doctors' advice before starting on the pill

      My gynae recommended either the yasmine or the patch but i'm pretty skeptical about using patches....


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        wow, babyflite, I didn't know Diane35 was so cheap in BKK! I paid about $30 for a pack from my gynae!

        But well, I guess I am stopping diane35 for now as my skin has cleared lots and the consequence was considerable weight gain.

        demigoddess, my friend ever tried the patch but it didnt suit her. i guess she was a little peeved by it when she was showering
        Not to mention the skin area might get a little itchy as the patch stays there for quite a number of days!


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          Yep it's really cheap in Bangkok, and can buy off the rack without prescription. It was $6 in BKK, in Singapore I pay $15!

          But I scared ah, didn't know whether to trust those sold in Bangkok...

          I use Mercilon, btw, it's had no side effects on me so far!


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            hi Daphz,

            I was also worried at first but my friends all got their regular supply from BKK and they can purchase up to 3 year supply

            I buy from more reputated pharmacy like Boots or Watsons but the smaller pharmacies, you are able to bargain for cheaper prices if u buy more from them.

            Tha's the beauty of Bangkok


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              stilafaux, if you are using the pill for your skin, there is a chance that once you go off the pill your skin will go back to the way it was before. I put on lots of weight on Diane as well, have switched to Yasmin a few months back and so far so good. I've even lost some weight since.


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                Thanks babyflite for the advice!

                I was wondering how was yasmin for you? any side effects from the pill?

                sigh, too bad I cant go to bangkok now. So caught up with school!


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                  That's great news babyflite,

                  i heard from my gynae that yasmine helps improve the complexion and also does not promote weight gain plus many many other benefits

                  Are they all true


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                    demigoddess1512: 3 years?! Man that's a LONG time! I only get 6 months at a time, and that I consider quite good, coz some docs here only willing to give 3!


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                      tell me about it, 3 years supply. i also freaked out when i heard it. and it not buyng for themselves but for their pals and all. so it could be up to a hundred packets.

                      they must have got a really good deal for that and the thing is when u purchase these in BKK, u dont need prescription from the doctors


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                        Both Diane and Yasmin are meant to help with your complexion. I don't have any problems with my skin though, so I didn't notice any difference and can't vouch for it. With the pill different people will react differently to different pills. What works for some might not work as well for others. So far I can definitely say that Yasmin works better for me, besides the weight part I'm also experiencing less bloating.


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                          tks babyflite.

                          i am experiencing abit of a moodswing today.
                          maybe its the pill or it could be just me


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                            Demi, what you can try doing is the time for eating the pill.
                            Try taking the pill before going to bed.
                            i feel it is a good idea to lessen those mood swings IMO.

                            A fellow cotter thought me that when i told her about the mood swings and indeed, my mood swings were not so bad after following it. Not to mention I would always remember to take it before I sleep ( I drink a glass of water before sleep so I can remember to take the pill )


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                              Tks mich for the advice will try it tomorrow night