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Which hospital did you go for your pregnancy

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  • Which hospital did you go for your pregnancy

    Hi all mommies :

    Just want share my personal experience which i encounter when i was having my checkup at KK hospital. During the first few months, i went to the private suite for my checkup. It include routine test and scanning. Till i am about 7 months, the nurse there told us about their package. If we want to stay at class A1 or B1, we have to pay upfront of $1000+ and my gyne would come and deliver the baby. Both me and my hubby wanted to stay at class B2+, so they say we will have to switch to another clinic which is specialist clinic B

    Went there for my checkup yesterday, the service there was sooooo bad. The chair is so uncomfortable, making me feel pain in my butt, waited for close to 2hrs to see my gyne. When we went in, the doctor said that there will be NO SCANNING if we chose to come to this clinic. So my checkup is only to listen to baby heartbeat. I was so shocked !

    What type of service is this ? And my same gyne said that she will not come to deliver my baby as we chose to come here. We were so angry. Waited for so long and the checkup is so bad and stupid service. Damm pay $90+ !!!!!!

    Then we decided to change to another hospital which is east shore. The service is definately better than KK. The doctor will deliver my baby and she is more caring and helpful.

    Hope to get all your comments and pls do not chose KK HOSPITAL

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    B2+ is considered subsidised right? Not sure about the charges or inclusions but if you choose a subsidized class you can't choose your gynae. The doctor who is on duty when you are in labour will deliver you. Only in private hospitals or Gov hospital's non subsidized class can you choose your own gynae.

    I'm not sure but KKH may not be the cheapest in terms of normal delivery packages without complications (if you are comparing based on A class and private hospital). But it may be better in terms of hospital facilities. Plus there is always an anaesthetist on call unlike private where they will need to call the dr to come down.

    The fear is if there are complications, the bills in private hospital will balloon like crazy as everything is not subsidized. Then may need to transfer to KKH as you can then choose a subsidized class which may be more affordable should you or baby need to stay for a longer period of time. Have heard of huge bills chalked up by some people due to labour complications, as well as bills due to child having to stay for long period in NICU.

    Basically, if you want service and want to choose your own gynae, you have to pay for it. And also do not assume that private hospital means better care. I was at Mt E 2 years ago and I found the service appalling. My friend who delivered there last year thought so too!
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      Hi wanderlust,

      In what way(s) was Mt E bad?


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        i recently delivered at kk too. try to imagine all along my check ups were at specialist clinic B. and i've opted for an A class ward. there were only 2 - 3 scans for the whole duration of my pregnancy. waiting to see the doctor was 2 hours but seeing her is for like less than 10 minutes.

        the gynae will only deliver your baby if you opt for A class to B1 wards at kk hospital. even so, the gynae will be there the very last minute. meaning you've already start pushing. she/he will only appear when your baby's head is about to come out.

        i waited for 2 hours for my epidural. by then, i was already crying in pain. -.-! after delivery, the lactation nurse didn't show me how to breast feed. she even asked me the next day if i remembered her!


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          i had a bad experience at KK hospital too.... I went for my pregnancy check up there from 3rd month pregnant till 7mth pregnant.... i was ok with the service there till i want to check about the package.... nobody could advise me clearly how much i would need to fork out for c-section as my baby was in breech position. what i need just a rough figure. However, nobody could advise me. Neither the gynae nor the customer service.

          i was so frastrated and changed to Thomson Hospital during my 8mth pregnancy as the gynae there can advise me that i may need to fork out cash SGD 600 - 900 for c-section after deduction from CPF. I don;t think that i was demanding to ask for a rough figure about the c-section. I just want to have a mental preparation about the rough figure.

          I was having an emergency c-section due to my water burst on the second day my first visit the Thomson Gynae. I had a wonderful experience there and i will consider to have second there as well...


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            Originally posted by momopeach
            Hi wanderlust,

            In what way(s) was Mt E bad?
            Delivery suite was fine, except that my hubby didn't get the glam recliner cuz it was "out for servicing" or something like that.

            It was the wards that got me. The nurses didn't have a clue with regards to breastfeeding, and they kept pressurizing me to give my baby some glucose or formula as she kept crying. It was not till the next morning when I went for the lesson then I realize I latched on wrongly and it caused me so much pain. The lactation consultant is not bad but she is always busy (since the nurses were quite clueless about breastfeeding) They took really long to attend to me too. And the beds were quite old (compared to govt hospitals B class wards which are motorised) Just didn't feel like it was worth the money. Only reason why I was there is because of the gynae.

            My friend also delivered there last year and she was so upset with the staff there too cuz of the way they were handling her son (who was in NICU for a few days as he was a preemie)

            But that was 2yrs back. Maybe it has improved since then?


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              Thanks for all your reply. Actually my gyne at east shore mentioned that kk hospital service all along was very bad, but wandering why so many people still choose that hospital ? That day when i went home, i immediatly throw away all kk brochures, it make me so angry once i saw it.


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                IMHO, sometimes its not that people wants to go KKH. money is a factor and only KKH have subsidize if i'm not wrong. the others are private, more expensive which not many can afford.

                i rem there's this case that a couple go mt E for preg follow-up. then one day he cant afford the expenses and ask for subsidize. i forgotten if he transfer to KKH or what, but apparently, his request was rejected cos if he knew he cant afford, he should not have go to the pte clinic in the first place. this was in the news less than a yr back.


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                  i delivered my girl at Mt alvernia.
                  i heard alot of stories about KKH.
                  my cousin, delivered both her child at KKH, she told me the service there was so good and so on...
                  i went KKH once only and i realise their service really cannot make it.
                  those heck care heck care type.
                  like "oh-you-are-pregnant-and-so?" type.
                  not caring at all.


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                    I gave birth at ESH too! Really think it's a small and cozy hospital, and never regretted choosing it. Service there is By any chance is your gynae Dr Heng? She is popular at ESH.


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                      Hi fates:

                      The first time when i went to ESH, the staff at the 1st floor lobby is very friendly. Ya, my doc is Dr Heng. Vice nice,friendly,helpful. Feel very comfortable talking to her and she explain the things very clearly. The staff working outside is also very fast and good.

                      Highly recommeded !!!!!!!!!!


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                        My first baby was born in KKH. I also had bad experience there and will not go back there again.

                        My second baby was born in SGH, which is cheaper than KKH, and has much better service ! I had a single bed room there, and they even provided a nice bed for my hubby to stay overnight, free of charge ! The nurses are all genuinely nice and show a lot of concern. That time I paid only $450 in cash for 2 nights stay, super value ! But I guess the cost should be higher now.

                        I would highly recommend SGH to anyone giving birth.


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                          My delivery was at Raffles Hospital.Not bad.Nurses were attentive.Single bedder.
                          Service at ESH was also , as I had done some surgeries there before.
                          Package @ESH is much cheaper than anywhere else.
                          Raffles is $300 more than ESH.Got to view the preview fireworks for NDP last year!


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                            i went to KKH... the delivery suite ppl are typically very nice... the doc assigned to me is handsome and good... and the senior midwife are veryvery friendly.. but i heard those not so senior 1 is very fierce and un-caring.. so i'm consider quite lucky in 1 sense.

                            the bad part is when i go back for the follow-up check-up.. the clinic staffs are not so-nice.. i waited for about 3-4 hrs for personal check-up and the doctor can just leave the office to go on delivery assignment


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                              I used to see a senior consultant (one level higher than specialist) at KKH but switched to one private clinic at Mount E, and delivered at Mount Alvernia.

                              Typically, the waiting time at KKH was at least 2 to 3 hours (Mt E was 10 to 30mins). The Dr at KKH was so eager to see me out the door and wasnt sensitive to my needs .. I was trying to conceive at 28 and she say i am still young, then put me on diane35 to regulate my menses. I nearly fainted!

                              Scanning is done at a diff clinic, then have to wait to collect result. After that, queue another 2 hrs to see Dr. Total waste of time!! At Mount E clinic, my gynae does everything in that same consultation room and was patient, always ready to spend time answering any doubts i have ..

                              My sister-in-law had the same bad experience .. never will i step in there unless ultimately neccessary. Go somewhere else babes, they aint interested in our business.

                              Mount A is a gem.. right after delivery, the nurses even encouraged me to breast feed right away and taught me how to do it and the next day too .. i will certainly go back again if i am to be blessed with more babies