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  • genie_jean, there's lots of good scenery in SML if you avoid touristy places. The top of Ci En Pagoda is also a good place to see an aerial view of SML. Do get a guide as there's a lot if stories abt each place.

    For Citin, there's no safe. Best is to book direct from their website.


    • finally done up my itinery.. i hope it somehow link..

      Day 1 3/3 Wednesday
      6.30pm - Reach Taoyuan airport
      8.oopm – Check in @ Future star hotel
      Dinner – XMD
      Club - Luxy / Babe 18 / Lava

      Day 2 4/3 Thursday
      11am - Breakfast - yong he dou jiang
      Orangebear – Kunyang mrt, exit 4
      Lunch - "Hu Xu Zhang" lu rou fan
      Dinner- Raohe St. Night Market

      Day 3 5/3 Friday
      900 - Breakfast - JSP 甲尚宝小吃店
      1000 - Travel to Xin Beitou for Hot Spring
      Lunch – Dan shui lao jie
      1630 - Fisherman’s Wharf
      Miramar Ferris Wheel
      Dinner - Shilin Night Market

      Day 4 6/3 Saturday
      Head to Taichung at 9am via HSR from Taipei to Taichung.
      1. Theme Park
      2. Sun Moon Lake
      3. Feng chia Night Market + Shopping Area
      4. Meet frd for dinner (Hotpot)

      Day 5 7/3 Sunday

      (cut n paste)
      0905 Reach Miaoli railway
      0930 Take 1077 苗卓線 to DaHu (新竹客運) (0900, 0930, 1000, 1020)
      1000 or 1020 Reach Da hu (strawberry + winery + lunch? , allocate 1.5hours) - Take Hsinchu bus新竹客運 to Dahu Farm & Winery大湖地區農會農村休閒酒莊 at苗栗縣大湖鄉富興村9鄰八寮灣2-7號 (037-997075~79) 930am-530pm - After Strawberry Museum + Winery, then go pick strawberries at Xing Fu Guo Zi
      1200 Leave Dahu to take bus back to MiaoLi station to change cab/bus at Miaoli station to Lavender Cottage (1120, 1200, 1240, 1320)
      1315 Reach Lavender Cottage (lavender field + shop + café + pictures, allocate about 1-1.5h)
      1430 Leave Lavender Cottage
      1500 Tze Chiang(1020 Kaohsiung to keelung) departing from Miaoli at 1500)(next 1606)
      1636 Reach Taipei railway
      1500 XMD?? after that, Tung Hua Night Market / Shi Da Night Market? or other activities?

      Day 6 8/3 Monday
      Breakfast – 85deg cafe
      11am – KTV
      Lunch - To Jiufen lao jie
      Dinner - Keelung Miaokong Night Market

      Day 7 9/3 Tuesday
      Ding Tai Feng
      Shin Kong food court
      City Hall: 101, eslite, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, New York New York Taipei Underground Shopping Mall

      Day 8 10/3 Wednesday
      Long ShanMiao
      Yang Ming Shan
      Shida NM

      Day 9 11/3 Thursday
      Lunch – Swing cafe
      4pm – Leave for airport


      • shan,

        I think you will run into problems on Day 5. Don't think you can do Theme Park, SML and Fengjia on the same day. I don't know where is your theme park. But to and fro SML from Taichung is 3.5 hours.

        Have fun there!


        • Hi Fleurs

          May I know which guide u get in Taichung and how much he charge...** thinking to staying in taichung or stay near minshu at SML?

          May I know which are the places to visit in taichung other than SML?

          Thank you


          • Hi All

            Thinking to visit SHi fen when going to Jiufen, Yehliu, and kee lung...may i know how to go n ***** possible within a day .

            May i know the usual route for going to Yehliu, JIufen, Jinguashi ...? tio go jiufen first or yehliu



            • ahjo77, it's Yeliu-Jinguashi-Jiufen-Keelung NM. Don't think you can fit in Shifen unless you get a cabbie tour.

              For me I didn't tour around Taichung coz I was enjoying myself in Love Motel & Fengjia NM. I headed to SML the next day. I stayed in Laurel Villa in SML. It was lovely. Lost my cabbie's contact so I can't help.


              • any idea is The Face Shop products cheaper than S'pore??


                • hi,

                  planning to go taiwan during june holiday, first time going to taipei...going with 2 children..

                  other than shopping and night market? what is worth doing ?

                  anybody try homestay (min su) before?

                  anyone been to Yilan?

                  pls help....Thanks


                  • can any advise how much is the train ticket to cost from taipei main station to Hua Lian?
                    i couldnt find any price in the website...:-(


                    • Originally posted by Jayminine
                      koyume :: Oh, you book the hotel via the website? so did u pay for just one night or paid all at one shot of how long u planning to stay there?

                      xue_0203 :: Thanks for the suggestion but my friend prefer to stay near Taipei Main station.

                      fleurs :: THanks! I tried emailing them and they replied saying that I just need to pay for 1 night as deposit. Have you booked with this hotel before? Is it safe to book through them via email?
                      you may want to try this Miyi Hotel. is opp taiwan mainstation.
                      i've booked mine ! :-)


                      • Originally posted by weishan87 View Post
                        I have booked with Mr Lu to travel in hua lien on 6th mar. NT6000. Will cover Taroko Gorge, Cing Jing farm and He huan Mountain and Sun moon lake. Anyone interested to share can kindly contact me
                        hi, i will be going in Mid March, you travel by train to meet mr lu in Hua Lian ?


                        • can advise the below plcs is it okie to visit on wkdays?

                          - jiu fen
                          - xin beitou hotspring
                          - wu fen pu
                          - shilin nite mkt



                          • Hi,

                            Just to confirm again, from Taipei Main Station to Jiufen, how long does it takes?
                            For the bus journey from Jiu fen back to Taipei, will it take long?
                            Need to ensure there is enough time to come back as we afraid will miss the flight.


                            • hi, does anyone knows what a prepaid SIM card called in taiwan?


                              • Hi Fleurs

                                Thank you

                                Btw how to we get from TPE to Yeliu-Jinguashi-Jiufen-Keelung NM?
                                What time does the NM open was thining if wanan spend a nite in jiufen or keelung?