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Wine-tasting during pregnancy

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  • Wine-tasting during pregnancy

    Since it's best to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, how about wine-tasting? Wine-tasting does not actually ingest the wine, instead taste and spit out... is this to be avoided as well? And since we are on this topic, how about food cooked with chinese wine, etc? Means cannot eat too?

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    Wine tasting doesn't mean you drink the wine. A bit won't harm.


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      Here in France, docs say a glass of wine a day is ok. Well, I guess that is because wine is such a huge part of their culture.

      As for cooking, it is definitely fine as the alcohol is usually gone by the process of cooking especially if you cook at high temperature. Alcohol boils at about 70 degrees while water boils at 100 degrees. What is left in the food is usually just the essence of the wine without much of the alcohol.


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        I must confess...
        ...I drank wine when I was just expecting. When I found out I was pregnant couple of weeks later, I realised I was actually pregnant then. My son was born fine, no complication, whatsoever. He is turning 2 years old now.

        So I guess a little is fine. But once you know you are pregnant, just stop. A coffee a day is fine though.