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Will u go for plastic surgery?

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  • Will u go for plastic surgery?

    As much as I would like to under go PS to alter my facial features. I will most probably not do so for the following reasons:
    1. I'm scared of taking unecessary risks (what if the surgery goes wrong??? then i'll end up
    worse than before)
    2. I know who my real friends are - at least they don't judge me by the way i look.
    3. no moolah $$$$$$$$
    4. At least i was born normal looking with 2 eyes, a straight nose and a straight mouth. I thank
    god for this.

    I will only undergo plastic surgery if I got burnt / disfigured badly and needed to look more normal. Thus, as much as I would like to undergo PS to be prettier, I will accept what I'm born with.

    It's either take it or leave it to people who want to befriend me. If u can't accept the way I look, that means you can't accept me. I won't bother going under the knife to change my physical appearance for others.
    Don't know
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    I will go under the knife if i have more money.

    Not so much as to alter my facial 'look' but more of tummy tuck so i can get rid of my flabby tummy. Still have not really decided whether to have kids or not. If yes, then i'll do it after giving birth, if not, then maybe as and when i have the 'dough'. Don't mind going for Lipo to get rid of my double going triple chin too.. haha..


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      i will go for PS if i have the $ too.... just would like to sharpen my chubby face.
      I think PS is quite common nowadays.

      I've friends going under the knife for double eyelids, remove eyebags.. they definitely looks better and they are more confident now ..
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        hmm... likewise, somehow we girls usu. tend to want to look more beautiful and glamorous than we are .... and while i do think about getting a little nip/tuck here and there ... i highly doubt i would go for it too ... i dont want a quest for beauty to turn into an obsession, plus like what geeko mentioned ... we are lucky that we are bornt normal - looking

        plus, many of my friends are against the whole idea of PS and i think i would be more affected if i go for it ... so final answer? haha.. a nope.


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          now bobian (no choice), my husband object. I think after 35/40 yrs old, I'll go for plastic surgery without asking his opinion.


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            absolutely. i do not believe in natural beauty, just look around you, most au naturel women walking around do not look good at all. so normal folks who seek to look better (beyond m/u grooming etc) the only way to do it is via PS. ** note i said "most" i am sure there are a handful who look great right out of the womb with nothing done and no makeup

            of course i can go on and on about loving yourself and what god gave you blah blah blah... but sorry i do not like what god gave me (sorry but i really don't. luckily god gave me a pretty nice bod so at least bust and whatever implants, lipo etc isn't on my list of to-dos) and i'd fix it if i can without freaky michael jackson results

            but i'd succumb to PS because i want to make myself feel good, i don't give a toss to what others think of my looks or if they are snarky about PS. chances are, most of them are ugly as hell anyway.
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              I would...
              I went under the knife once... the pain was unimaginable and excruciating.
              However... the results were great. Recovery period took 3 full months. I got compliments and my current SO didnt even noticed. Haha cos he is such a curious, nosy guy... but he didnt query till date.

              I really salute those in extreme make-over with multiple surgeries at one go. And slogging hard at the gym with bandages still on. KUDOS!

              If I have extra $$ and mentally prepared, gearing for higher pain threshold, I certainly will PS again. I just like to 'fine tune' myself along the way. In the mean time, I do yoga, pilates and gym consistently so that I can age gracefully. Haha.

              But honestly speaking, difficult to explain to nosy colleagues after PS, except to come clean and continuing answering endless curious questions from colleagues who knew. Oh... hard to take leave too.
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                No, undergo surgery for double eyelids, no need, coz I have triple eyelids, more than I can ask for!


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                  just waiting for someone to sponsor and I can go see Martin Huang


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                    Yes only if im gonna get it done by the BEST surgeon...
                    N yes, if i had the money.

                    Right now, i'll live with MU and falsies to beautify myself.

                    But I won't do something extreme like change my entire outlook.. maybe just larger eyes and sharper nose or something.


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                      I just want fuller lips I'll pay for those when I can afford them.


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                        it seems most gals would not mind changing 1 or 2 features through plastic surgery if it were cheap and pain free!! and maybe they r scared about people "bitching" about them too!

                        I would do it when i have enough money for sure! if i use makeup to make my eyes bigger, or lipgloss to make my lips fuller, its still the same idea that i'm not satisfied with my features and I want to improve them. PS is just a more advanced, permanent, and "scary" method.

                        If people say it's the inside that matters, i fully agree and i'll also tell u "i'm still the same person u like/love inside, so why u bother so much what i do to enhance my outside?"

                        imo, many people (not all) who put those who do PS down are too scared/have no money/jealous but secretly wouldn't mind doing it themselves. not everyone will end up looking like MJ thatz ridiculous!


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                          Minimal changes so I don't feel entirely different person and wouldn't feel that I "cheat" alot.


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                            Hee... I wanna go for PS to have a nicer nose but my Hubby objected... no choice l.o.r...


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                              No because i have accepted myself for who i am and comfortable with it too. i like myself to be natural