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Auschwitz, Poland

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  • Auschwitz, Poland

    Anyone been there or other parts of Poland?

    Would appreciate any info on the place eg: flights, accommodation, transport. Any info would be good. Thanks!

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    I visited Krawkov last year in Poland....i understand that it is the ony city that is not damaged during the war...beautiful place by somehow is a place where i see the most graveyards....and the concentration camp.....very rich in history very sad to know that what human is capable of doing to another....

    Places to visit....

    1. Salt mine (be prepared to walk >500 steps)
    2. Auzchwitz concentration camps (MUST GO!)
    3. St Mary's Church
    4. Wawel Hill

    Btw if you have cable...i think there is a new chinese channel 50 somthing or 40 something...can t remember...they have a programme that introduce Poland..TVB8.

    Not sure if you can read chinese...if you do check out this site

    have a good trip


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      that was immensely helpful!!

      pls let me know :
      -which airline you took
      - accommodation you booked
      - which local tour agency,
      - how much it all cost
      - approx how many days should i spend at Krakov?
      - did you go on a package tour?
      - is it safe & easy to get around alone?

      i usually travel alone but for this trip, i am looking for company coz i heard it is not safe there.

      i am going to Krakow for the very reasons you stated! sorry for asking so many questions and thanks a million!
      Cozy Rookie
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        Hi honeygal

        No problem!!!! When i went to those countries (poland, austria, east germany, slovakia, czech, hungary)...pple always give me the weird look why i go such places....anyway it was one of the most fruitful trip i had!

        I went with CTC travel. Dint go Free and Easy cos i m travelling alone and not sure if they speak english and of cos lazy to arrange for the accomodation.

        You can try those land tour offer by Contink, Cosmos...i feel they have better programme and you will meet more interesting pple.....

        I went to Oscar Schlinder's factory! And you should visit this PLACE! i dint get off from the bus but it was beautiful!

        it is near the famous castle and Schindler's factory!

        Maybe you can try Polish Airline...not sure if it travel to Singapore...or via any european airlines ba....

        Let me know *** info you need...and NO PROBLEM at all cos i m so glad that there are pple who value this piece of history in human mankind!



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          Oh the tour package for a single pax is around S$3.6K. Maybe you should spend about 3 days....cos the concentration camp will take you half a day if you really wanna go into each barracks (which i advise you to!). Most pple speaks english as compared to the other parts of eastern europe. Maybe if you think it is dangerous then consider signing up for the day trips. It will be good if you have someone to explain the history behind it (...oh forgot to tell you, the CHURCH IS BEAUTIFUL...St Mary)...i once travelled to western europe on free and easy...end up snapping pictures and not knowing what is going .... so if you could find day tours then it will be good cos you can have a balance of guided tour and your own time!


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            Hi Honeygal,

            Not sure why you think Poland is unsafe travelling alone? While I went there with my hubby, I met many others who were travelling on their own around the country. Maybe you can think about going F&E. The tourist infrastructure in Poland is excellent, the train and bus network superb. We went on our own and visited Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane and Gdansk. Would have loved to visit more places, but we only had two weeks and ran out of time! PM me I can send you a link to some of my pics.


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              Pinkin & Bean,

              Thanks v v much for the valuable input! Really appreciate it.

              It's good to know at least there are people here who have visited this place. I could find absolutely no one who has visited krakov, nor is interested to visit the place.

              I would actually love to spend more than 3 days at krakov! infact, i only plan to visit poland and no where else coz i want to spend quality time there, and really delve into the history there. i really hate those ultra-rushed touch and go type of trip.

              well. if you don't mind, i shall touch base with you girls via pm later. thanks again!.


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                This trip sounds darn interesting! Think if i go, mostly likely i will be travelling alone too.

                3.6k average sounds reasonable...are most meals included and is it unsafe to venture out at nite?


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                  i am looking for company for this free & easy trip (mostly to save on accomodation cost, and secondly for security reasons ). hope to book day trips there rather than go on group package tours from singapore. let me know if keen, thanks!


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                    honeygal, when are you planning to go to Poland?


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                      Hey! I just got back from Poland last week. Hehe...

                      I went free and easy and I didn't feel that it's dangerous at all. As for hostels, I can't quite remember the name because I stayed in different places on different nights because my friend and I drove so we didn't bother to plan for accomodation. We just stayed in any hostel that we came across. No complaints whatsoever, and I must say that Poland's hostels are real cheap!

                      Auschwitz and birkenau camp were depressing but definitely a must-go. Krakow was beautiful and I wish I had more time. I didn't go to Warsaw but according to someone I met and randomly chatted with, it wasn't as fantastic as krakow. So if you can only go to 1 city, make it krakow.

                      As for flights from singapore, I don't know much because I met up with my friend in germany and drove to poland from there. But if you're going there from another european city, ryanair does fly to krakow from london and there are trains from berlin to krakow as well.


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                        around 12 Oct 07, am flexible on timing.


                        yes i am planning to only go krakov.


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                          Hi hi

                          honeygal, i think it is ok to go free and easy *** ... quite same in Europe I must say. Oh mayb you should consider going duirng summer (like now til sept) cos the sun set really late at 10pm so you get the feeling that you got so much time to see so many things and of cos definitely safer to walk in "broad" daylight at 10pm....hehehe

                          Oh you must also try the ginger bread ... a bakery near the St mary's church!

                          Hmm this forum quite good ***...can find travelling kakis...i dont mind travelling alone but after i did it the last time i think it is better to go with a least got pple to chat with ... very scary if nobody talks to you for > 10 days...hahahhaha

                          hey Grace, did you go to St Mary's Church? Along the way there are many aspiring musicians! I like the guy who played the xylophone very cool!


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                            poopoo & guuchan

                            pls pm me if keen to go on free and easy with me. read from various travel forums and found out that the group tours to auschwitz tend to be very rushed. so it's best to go on our own, so gotta start planning now.

                            i have always travelled alone and found it terribly expensive to do so.