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Any good dentist to recommend ?

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  • I decided to for tooth implant instead of bridging.
    Any cotters who been thru tooth implant can provide me more informations?
    I called a couple of dental n their prices varies, some quote S$3.5 (exclude X-ray & consultation costs) and surprisingly the hospital charges are even higher than the private practice.

    The most strange thing is about the Medisave. Different dental claim the amount differently, some said can used up to S$1.2K but the hospital mention up to $1000 only.

    I need help!


    • Hi, I always have phobia of seeing the dentist. Is there any good dentist to recommend? Anyone knows of any tooth filling technology that is painless i.e. without drilling etc?

      I heard of laser and color coordinated ceramics filling. Anyone knows about the cost?
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      • is it true that now all root canal therapy cannot claim medisave? i called up GPA, they say cannot claim. used to be able to, but now cannot!

        im choosing between GPA, Dr Leong (@ The Central) and Victoria Dentalcare. Any recommendations? i think i need a root canal therapy.


        • Any good dentist to recommend? I live in the west. Just want to do check up and cleaning!


          • anyone been to ktph dental to vist the dentist?

            the dentist there good or not?
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            • Hi gals, I wanna ask for your opinions here.

              Yesterday I went to Q&M because my molar tooth was in pain, so i was offer 2 choice. Either extraction or RCT, so I went ahead of extraction as I do not want any problem arise if I do RCT. So the female dentist went ahead and halfway she broke the molar tooth and left 2 of the roots inside.

              Question 1. Is it normal that the tooth broke when extraction??

              So she tried to suck out the root and take out. After 30mins, she still cant take it out, reason being the root is curved so during extraction she broke it. I had already spend 30mins xtraction the tooth and 30mins she trying to take out the roots.

              Finally she say she had to do surgery to take out the root... OMG.. its damn torturing!! imagine I had to bear 30mins extraction, 30mins she digging the root out and now she say do surgery!!!!!! I tried to bear so it started to drill and drill, and she tore my lips and now my lips was so painful when i scratch my mouth.

              I couldnt take it anymore so I ask to STOP the surgery as my mouth so dry and painful because she force my lips to open until tear
              I am still in pain now and the bleeding havent stop.

              Question 2: Is it normal that I still in pain and the bleeding wont stop on the day 2??

              Now I ask to stop the surgery, I still need to take out the root, but I dont wish to go back already.

              Question 3 : DOes any of you gals have a good and experienced Dentist on surgery to recommend??

              Thanks alot and I really have phobia of going to inexperienced dentist now already


              • I went to GPA dental today I'm really impressed by their equipment - they really have really cool gadgets esp their saltwater spray...

                Got to agree that their price is really a bit steep - I have spent around $900 for whole mouth x-ray and both left and right cheek x-ray and extraction of 2 tooth..but i dun feel the pain at all.

                Don't really feel heart-pain as I am able to claim under company insurance.

                Originally posted by Ellyn View Post
                Thanks Essential! I have booked GPA dental at Novena Sq this Fri. My only fear is pain :-( I hope it is really painless to me, thanks to you again as your words give me the courage to see the dentist. Will update when I'm done.


                • any good dentists to recommend in tampines/pasir ris?

                  yrs ago i used to visit my dentist at pasir ris blk pacific dental...the doctors are very nice and patient...but they moved out and only left with amk n jurong branch...too lazy to go there...
                  visited a dentist at tamp st21....not so good...while polishing my teeth, he scrapped my gums
                  now looking for alternative dentists...any recommendations?


                  • My bf just did his half yearly dental polishing and scaling at Atria Pan Dental. He said it's not painful at all. Only once when the doc overshot to his gum. But no blood... As for me, whichever dentist I went to, I bled

                    Next time I will try Atria pan Dental..... Hopefully I don't feel pain....


                    • I just bleed if i go for dental appt because of gum diseases.
                      I need help on recommending a good dentist in town,preferably bugis area for cleaning of teeth.

                      Any recommendation. recommending to foreigner not for me. Thanks


                      • Hi globetrekker,
                        May I know which dentist u went for at GPA team and which branch? Thanks,really wanna get my teeth fix and my pain tolerance is extremely low..


                        • booked a consult with Dr Chua Ai Lin ortho clinic at Paragon medical, hope she can help me with my teeth grinding problem, plus i want to wear braces as well so best to get my other prob fixed first


                          • I recommend Dr Philip Woo from 'The Dental Inn' at Punggol Plaza.

                            He is really gentle and after seeing him, I no longer have fears of going to dentists! His pricing is very reasonable as well! Did a good job in polishing and scaling, I paid around $50-$60. Have done a few fillings there too, only downside is super far from my house!


                            • Dentist

                              Atas princess, could you advise the name of this clinic and the name of the dentist whom you recommend?

                              Originally posted by atasprincess View Post
                              i used to go to this dentist located at the blocks opposite hougang plaza.

                              crazy booking i tell you but the dentist was really good. he even asked me to take a mirror and show me which spots that i should pay more attention when brushing my teeth.

                              a little embarassing but i think his service is really good. too bad i moved house already if not i'll go back there. ):


                              • hihi, i'm looking for a dentist to remove one of my wisdom tooth which is causing me much pain and infection.
                                it seems impacted. so probably need LA to numb the process of getting it out. but i'm scared of injection!!
                                i know of numbing gels, do most dentist have it?? i'm thinking of requesting for the numbing gel to be applied on the spot where injection is to be made.. so the injection will be less painful? ): lol anyone can advise on the place to goo extract my tooth? i stay in West side.