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  • My fiance purchased my engagement ring from Vivo Diamonds and it's stunning, if I do say so myself! I absolutely love it and kept getting compliments on it.

    I went to Vivo Diamonds with my then boyfriend several months before he made the purchase. We looked at settings and generally got an idea of what styles I liked. The salesperson was so incredibly helpful and let me try on nearly every setting in the store. Bless his heart!

    After that, I was not involved in the final decision-making/purchasing of the ring, but they guided my fiance through the rest of the process. He had nothing but great things to say about them. My fiance was pretty well educated about diamonds before going to them, and they were very receptive to that, showing him only stones that met his specific criteria. Together, they found the most amazing diamond.

    The ring turned out beautifully, the diamond is exquisite, and I truly couldn't be happier!


    • ashleymae: that's a pretty ring you have there and yes, the salesperson was very friendly. am really pleased with their services.


      • xiaomantou: Thanks. I somehow regretted choosing this though. This doesn't seem too matching with my solitaire engagement ring


        • We're Engaged!


          Its my first time to post after lurking in CC for a long time and finally registered today because I just wanted to share with everyone my happiness! Seriously, I am soo happy -it feels like my heart is about to burst and I haven't stopped smiling (I think I'm starting to look like an eejit here!). Last Sunday I went to church and I had to keep myself from bursting into tears because I was sooo happy. So many prayers answered!

          Anyway, he got down on both knees, asked me to marry him (he was very shy about it) and told me he bought a ring! He shows me the ring, very pretty and sparkly, but a bit loose so I got to bring it back to the jeweler to have it resized. Or perhaps put in a ring guard just as a temporary thing.

          As I said, the ring is a real stunner - a simple band, round cut diamond, 1.5 carats, D, VVS1, Excellent cut. Very nice. But I don't really need one, the HTB is more than enough blessing and gift and being his wife is an honor.


          • My HTB got my engagement ring from Love & Co. I realised they only sell solitaires and wedding bands there. And their service is sooo.. good.


            • My humble engagement ring & wedding band!


              • engagement ring & wedding band,really beautiful,Design, Design is very moral, and generous, really good, oh


                • I have an engagement ring,but i dont like it and i never wear it.Cuz he bought it when im working.Hope the wedding ring would be a beautiful one.


                  • cost?

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Any idea how much does this pair of ring cost?


                    • I've been engaged for 2 years & recently after a friend's recommendation,
                      had my engagement ring changed to a new setting in preparation for our wedding.

                      my ring before i had it reset.

                      Now. Collected from the jeweler, eclarity recently.

                      The service & quality was amazing~ & my friends totally loved it!
                      My fiance agreed that its money well-spent!
                      Though it may now be kinda difficult to match it with a matching wedding band
                      with my HTB cos it'll only look nice with a slimmer band. D:
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                      • I had a very bad experience with Love & Co Ion outlet.

                        When we entered the shop, a male sales staff was attending to us. All seats were occupied by other couples except for 2 seats at one counter. Hence we put down our bags on those seats. The male sales staff was trying to recommend some wedding bands to us hence we walked around the shop to have a better look at the various designs. While we were looking at the bands and talking to the male sales staff, one of the female sales staff suddenly spoke to me from behind. I turned around, saw her carrying our bags & she asked if that were our bags. I said yes, and she asked us to take our bags as another couple need the seats. I was very taken aback.

                        First, our bags were taken away from the seats without our permission.
                        Secondly, the sales lady (Ting) never even offer us another seat or ask us to wait etc.

                        We were being 'thrown out' from the shop in that sense.


                        • Hi ladies!

                          I've decided on the Tiffany Novo ring as my wedding band. But struggling between the colour to get, platinum? or gold? My fiance seems really keen on getting gold though. We're pretty old souls. lol
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                          • Ling Jewellery price range?

                            Originally posted by mochafrapppp View Post
                            hey girls!! i just had a great experience with Ling Jewellery yesterday and we've put our downpayment already! Got the Duet ring and my fiance's ring is the Saint Maurice italian gold band.

                            i LOVE their shade of gold - it's super flattering on Asian skin tones. service is also great; they're not pushy like those salespeople at Goldheart, Soo Kee etc. In fact, i took almost one year looking at other designs but i never could get the Duet out of my mind. if you have a budget, just let Nicole/Colleen know and they'll advice.

                            SUCH LOVELY GIRLS. super happy now. you can read more here if you wanna. :D

                            Cadence: The year-long Duet

                            hope you all have a great wedding band search experience too!

                            Hi mochafrapppp, can u PM me to let me know the rough range of prices? wanted to go down & check out their rings, but gotta know the indicative price range to see if within my budget..thx!


                            • Hi!

                              I recently was gifted a LH Destinee collection. My HB out of Love bought it for me, but i don't really like it and i seriously don't want that amount of money to be placed on a piece of jewellery (not much of a jewellery person). He bought it for $1.5k and i was wondering if any of you seeking to buy a Destinee ring could take the ring off me and use it to offset your purchase (LH only offers trade up). Willing to discount about $100-$200 for it. Do PM if you have any queries.

                              I seriously just want to give him back his money because it's really expensive and I don't want it. We have the cert and all, including a lifetime membership card which I will also throw in. He just bought the ring a few days ago. Anyways, there's a Jewelfest discount going on, so the Destinee collection has some discounts too, for those looking for engagement/wedding rings. Cheers!


                              • Originally posted by koreanlove View Post
                                My humble engagement ring & wedding band!

                                Hi very nice where is it from?