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  • I went to Ewha's women uni shopping street around 2-5pm and it was really bustling with activity! Loads of stuffs for girls and a few cafes to drop by.

    For dongdaemun, it was not that crowded when i was there around 1am. I was walking around doota and saw mostly locals and not much of tourists.

    All in all, I'd recommend Ewha and do visit Hongdae too!


    • I have been to Ewha and i find that one may take a little while getting used to this place. You'll need to familiarize yourself as there are many backstreets and narrow alleyways lined with outdoor stalls and racks of clothing. But it’s all worth the effort. With all the students, prices are kept relatively low as shopkeepers realize many are on shoestring budgets. Aesthetically, my tour guide told me that the area got a face lift in 2005. Streets were newly paved and trees were planted to give it a more European feel. Ladies who love accessories will burn a big hole in your wallet for sure.


      • anyone keen to buddy up for trip to korea - seoul + jeju around april ? hoping to catch the cherry blossoms.
        hoping to find kaki to share the room cost and also someone to explore the shopping streets / eat with.


        • For those who love Hello Kitty, you cannot miss visiting the Hello Kitty cafes in Seoul, where there is not just one but two HK cafes.

          I visited both and if you're keen to visit them, you can get the directions from my blog

          Hello Kitty cafes in Seoul PLUS a Giveaway | A Juggling Mom


          • Arbgy y

            Hi I'm also planning to go to Jeju for about 3 days. Can anyone who has gone there pleasssse help me?

            I'm keen on going to the more nature places like Halla San, gardens, beach, and Teddy Bear Museum. I don't cycle and drive. What should I do? Hire a guide? Go for a group tour? I'm getting my planet tickets myself. So are there any guides/ agencies there that coordinates such stuff or would I be able to get around myself? I know Seoul quite well but not Jeju.

            Where should I stay? I'm not looking to stay at a guesthouse, but a motel. Maybe about 50,000KRW budget.



            • You can find all kinds of teddy bear here ranging from really old teddy bear to the world most expensive teddy bear!!! A place that you really can't miss, and do standby your camera as you can take so many cute photos in that museum alone. The Louis Vuitton and Daniel Swarovski' teddy bears are really an eye opener. This is a really good place for teddy bear lovers or even children.


              • Originally posted by ribenalim View Post
                I love going Jeju, the best part about sightseeing in Jeju is that all the major sights are within a very small range and it does not take much time to travel from one exotic sight to another. I was able to visit all the places in one day. The teddy bear museum is a must go place where you can find the biggest and smallest teddy bear in the world.
                Wow! I also like to go Jeju!


                • Anyone keen to go Seoul in mid-May? looking for female travellers as companion....


                  • im planning on a Free and Easy tour to Seoul, any recommendations for good and clean hotels that are not too expensive? And where do u girls party in Seoul? thanks


                    • Korea 9 Day Trip

                      Hi, I just returned from Seoul two weeks back.. Myeong-dong was the place we only went for skincare purchases and all other time spent shopping in Ewha's area and Dongdaemun Migliore. Though it was a 9 days trip, it wasn't enough for me to shop in just these two places.. I managed to get at least 5 dresses at SGD12 each n shoes and boots at the same price! Weather was pretty cold n it snowed one day yet they r selling spring wear already (which is pretty suitable for s'pore weather). We went singing at Luxury ktv in hong dae. Didn't manage to try clubbing but we passed by Club Cocoon at Hong Dae. Pretty like Powerhouse with young crowd, even on a Monday night! We stayed at Seoul Tower Ville (a guest house with no security and pretty high up a hill). It was cheap at ard SGD42 per pax per night. Though we were two ladies, it was pretty safe to return at night (though there are a few dark alleys we had to pass by).. Better to stay near Dongdaemun cuz it has many subway lines there.. u can take a train to ewha/hongik uni/gyeongbokgung/apgujeong (where many plastic surgeons are)/myeongdong from there... very convenient rather than myeongdong..

                      I love shopping, eating, sightseeing over there.. I'll surely be returning soon... ;


                      • Seoul and Jeju

                        I just returned from Seoul and Jeju on a free and easy trip too and we found it relatively easy to get around Jeju without knowing any Korean. We got our hotel conceirge to write down the names of the attractions and some description in Korean and we would show that to the cab drivers. The cab drivers in Jeju are super friendly and they will call and ask for directions if they are unsure of the route to take. Jeju is a really beautiful place and due to time constraint, we only visited a few attractions but the Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) is a must-go. At the base of Seongsan is where the Haenyeo divers are performing so you get to visit 2 attractions at one place. If you already know where you want to go, it is best to hire a taxi driver and show him the destination on a map. Otherwise, you can join their day tours and I have seen recommendations for Yeha Tours. We hired a taxi driver for 100,000 won and he drove us around from 10am to 7pm.

                        We had no time to visit the Jeju Jungmun area where the waterfalls are but would love to visit again! In Seoul and especially Myeongdong, you can find plenty of sales people speaking Mandarin and Japanese. If all else fails, just gesture! haha that's what we did and it works! Have fun in Korea!


                        • Travelling SK in Autumn

                          anyone keen to travel with me during autumn around mid-sep or oct??
                          pm me..


                          • Hi,

                            I'm going korea on 7th may, wondering what I should be wearing. I was planning to wear t-shirt and jacket but when I was looking at the weather forecast, the temperature can go as low as 11 deg so i'm not sure if it's sufficient.

                            Btw, is it colder in Jeju or Seoul? or there's not much difference?


                            • Has anyone gone with UOB Travel before for the Korea Tours? Saw this itinerary ...looking for reviews for this agency.


                              • Originally posted by ctew View Post
                                Has anyone gone with UOB Travel before for the Korea Tours? Saw this itinerary ...looking for reviews for this agency.
                                u can check on but need google translate