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Tailor for wedding gowns?

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  • Tailor for wedding gowns?

    Looking for a good gown tailor/seamstress...must have experience with wedding gowns...

    anybody knows any? wedding in may....HELP!!!!

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    First Off ..... CONGRATULATIONS!

    I don't know any seamstresses per se but how about taking up on one of those wedding packages? This way, everything is taken care off....

    My gown was from Tan Yoong. I love it! tan Yoong is a genius with cut & fit. Expensive though. Expect to pay above 3K for the gown alone (non -package)


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      Second Tan Yoong. Mine's from there too. He is simply fabulous and could transform anybody into a princess for a day! If yours is in May and if u are interested better talk to Tan Yoong now. He prefers at least 6 mths advanced though if u are desperate enough he might take u in.

      Any budget? I heard that Ted Collection at Bugis Junction is good too and cheaper than Tan Yoong of course. They do wedding gowns and evening wears. If u like embroideries then go for Ted Wu. Another genius though I dun find his service as personalised as Tan Yoong.


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        was thinking of tan yoong too but i already have a design in mind so was just looking for a good tailor/seamstress to copy it...

        i figured if i didn't need a special designer style then i dun need to approach a designer which tan yoong is rite?

        anybody who works near bugis heard about ted collection before?


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          Two of my colleagues have their gown done at Ted Collection at Bugis and they are quite pleased with the gowns. If u have already got the design in mind, I think it is easier. Heard the workmanship is not bad.


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            If you happen to have past few issues of Her World brides or Female in 2002...there's one model-bride had her lacy wedding gown done at one of the shop located at Centrepoint i think.

            2nd on the Ted Collection...They also make nice cheongsam too!


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              Centrept has tailor shop meh?? Is it Zen bridal? That one is not too good leh....the workmanship is not as good as Ted's. Yah Ted is very good with cheong sum..


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                Are you referring to X-zen?

                X-zen is now located at Tan Quee Lan Street. Yup, nothing nice from there.

                oh, i meant the model had her wedding gown done by one of the tailors. Can't remember the name of the shop off hand.


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                  Originally posted by "meow123"

                  Yah Ted is very good with cheong sum..
                  Originally posted by "dolphin"

                  2nd on the Ted Collection...They also make nice cheongsam too!
                  did i hear Cheong Sam?? i've been wanting to tailor make one for myself...dunno for what but i just think it's very nice how much do they charge??


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                    Pauline, u will look great in Cheong Sam..u have a great body for it. I asked previously and it ranges from $600 plus at least to more than $1k depending on the embroideries and design.....pretty ex huh? But I heard they are really good. The prices may have changed though... ...Shanghai Tang is great too but that one is a lot more ex...the cheapest place to do Cheong Sam is in China!!


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                      What about Doreen Chee from La Galleria :D She is very good with Cheongsums and wedding gowns.She has a shop along Tanjong Pagar but her prices are not cheap.


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                        Oh yes have heard of Doreen Chee but I hv not tried before. None of my friends use her though I had heard raves abt her from some articles. How much does she charge??


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                          Hi meow

                          A simple dress would cost about $400 and above.


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                            Depending on how simple the dress is, $400 is not bad exorbitant as I thought (am comparing with Frederick, Tan Yoong etc)..So have u decided on the tailor?


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                              $400 is for a simple rom dress.Wedding gowns shld be a few thousands.