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what he means by saying this?

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  • what he means by saying this?

    The story is like this..

    He say we wan to put some exhibits in my room till the event ended. I say "OK." provided he give me his number so thati know who to contact when the event end.

    Then he ask for me number.. i gave him my deskline number. then he said. "If i call you deskline and no one pick the line up means u r not there right? and the line will not be diverted to you hp.?"

    I said," yes, it will not be diverted to my hp."

    Then he said, " Now i got ur number, i will call and disturb you one."

    Later on, he gave me his hp number. and i also casually make a remark that now i also have his number and i will call and disturb him back.

    When the event had ended, he had pack away all his stuff and before he goes off, he said something to me ," remmeber to call and disturb me ok."
    i was surprised as i dun expect him to say this to me as i just casually make a remark to rebutt his ans and i dun expect him to remember it.........

    it is also not neccasry to contact him as the had taken all this stuff already.

    So what does that means by "remmeber to call and disturb me ok"?

    is it for real? or he's just flirting? does he means what he says?shd i contact him?

    or did i think too much?

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    if u are unsure or uncomfortable, then u can wait for him to contact u first


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      To me, it sound like a joking remark. Like what efai said, if you aren't sure of his motive, it's better to not make any move. If you want to make sure, you can alway find out from him personally.


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        don read into it too just a casual remark..ofcoz if he disturb u than keep us posted


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          to me it is onli a casual remark


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            well to me, there is a tinge of flirting in it
            but i wouldnt want to make the first move. if he's really interested in getting to know more of me, then as a guy he should call first! :p


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              Wait for him to call! If he's into you and if you don't want to take any 'risks', then wait. Anticipation can be so sweet...


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                Originally posted by bloomingmusk View Post
                To me, it sound like a joking remark. Like what efai said, if you aren't sure of his motive, it's better to not make any move. If you want to make sure, you can alway find out from him personally.

                how to find out abt him personally?

                I nv look forward to work so much... i wish i am at my desk and when the phone rings it is him! but i think it is v impossible....

                so.... i should wait for him to call now and not me to make the first move??


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                  What i meant is that, if you want to know the meaning behind when he told you the above mention remark in your first post, you can call and find out from him and ask if there is any special meaning to it. But since the majority here, including me, mention it maybe just a remark, maybe no hidden meaning, you should not bother at all until he contact you and you may take it on from there, remarking something like, 'You do remember to call and disturb huh?' Something like that and see what is his respond, the more you talk, if he shall call, the more clearer his intention will be


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                    I feel that it's some sort of mild flirting with you. Don't have to take it so seriously. Honestly if the guy is interested in you, he will call and disturb you first.


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                      It sounds like you're interested in him? And it seems you're holding on to his words and wishing it's the truth? I'm just guessing cos you didn't say anything about your impression of him. You're probably at that place in your life now when such things stir your youthful heart. It's very natural, but I sincerely hope you exercise some discernment and not let it get to you too much. The other party might also be at that place now. Maybe he was being playful, maybe he really meant it. Will you lose sleep over this? Do you even know whether you like him or not? Or you simply enjoy the flattery?

                      Btw, welcome to CozyCot and please intro yourself in CozyLounge when you can


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                        Sounds like he was very intent on getting your hp number. Or was he concerned about his stuff that he wanted you contactable around the clock? And yes, it also sounds like you're interested in him, since you pay so much attention to potentially casual and conversational remarks.

                        If it's a beginning of a light flirt, let it be light. Don't call him, "offering yourself" (i.e., exposing your interest), unless you have a very good, flooproof and boring (yeah, those will protect your feelings most, should he think that you're too intense) reason. Let him call. Sometimes, gentlemen should go first


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                            Yeah i think her second post initiate something of a 'you are having a crush on him' state of mind because of 'i nv look forward to work so much'. Play it cool girl. Office romance are better best kept underneath between you n him. If everyone came to know, it can be dangerous. Keep everything detached if he shall not bring it on to you.


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                              Hi girls,

                              I have been reading all ur comments all these while..

                              Guess what, in the end i called him, and make an excuse thathe had to come to my place again to sign a form becoz of the exhibits he had taken away..

                              He sound shocked and happy when he recieved my called.

                              I reminded him of the lunch meeting he promised to treat me so i got an excuses to hint him to contact me again..I told him thati will not be in office that often and he can call my hp. THEN he said he don;t have my hp num...! (p/s: thatis just a plot for him to ask me for my hp no...) true enough, he then asked me to sms him my no.

                              but i did not SMS him directly after we hanged up the phone... he called again, and asking me when i am going to sms him my number.. as he is looking at his phone now..

                              From then on, we exchanged quite a number of sms ...... till today.. and he did came to my place to sign the form.

                              i seriously hope tHAT there will be some progress coming out from it..