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  • All about Mattress!

    Me, hubby and valerie are going to invest in a new mattress...
    Our mattress is getting old and squeezy because now that our baby is sleeping with us.

    Surfing the internet and through some hear-says, I gathered a few brand:
    -Four Stars
    -King Coil

    Rave or Rant? Better to do more research before investing in a "long-life" partner...
    Cozy Rookie
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    no one commenting on them?

    mine is a king koil mattress. extra firm. bought from Courts abt 5yrs back? mine is a divan set. so so far, the mattress didnt really depress that much. Thats because i'm hardworking. I turned my bed on a regular basis.

    Right now i'm looking at seally. Simmons is too over budget. Their lowest range already $1299 and its not that fanastic. the next jump is already $2000++. Whereas Seally ard $1.5k or more like $1.8k can get something not bad................

    I've checked out Four STars and hmn they said Seally springs are no good. U go seally they said pocketed springs are no good..........


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      Hi Bashful,

      I bought a mid-range sealy mattress for about $2K (incl headboard) and has been sleeping on it for a couple of months, it's really very comfortable. My SO & I were quite impressed with the patented spring technology haha ... if i'm not wrong, you can get the best deals at Home Decor shows at the Expo.


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        Actually, I think that buying mattress is very personal. Really depends on your experience when you lie down on the bed when you try on them. Some people like the mattress really hard, some like it soft and plushy (feels luxurious)... Then of course the consideration of budget. I've heard of mattresses that cost more than $10K!


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          Sealy(posturepedic) or Tempur mattress?

          Hey babes, hubby and I are looking for a good mattress. Could not decide whether to get Sealy or Tempur. Tried Simmons, but don't really like the feel of it.

          Anyone using any of the brands above and may I know which model did you get? Any good brand of mattress you had tried?

          Think this month should be the best month to get it as there are sales everywhere. Our budget is around $4 to $5k(max).


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            i bought a sealy ... the teddybear series, available at robinsons only... very soft and plush... tried tempur but not to my preference.. i have tried the 3 S, ie. sealy, serta and simmons.. still prefer sealy.. actually it really depends on your preference.. go robinsons, the various mattresses galleries and try...


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              Hey thanks! Will head down to Robinson this weekend...

              Anymore replies?


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                i just bought a sealy posteurpedic Royal Princess at the Living Showcase at Suntec, its until Sunday 24th June, you can check that out too


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                  Hi moomooland, are they having a promotion now? Where is living showcase, an exhibition or a shop's name?


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                    i am heading to robinson to get a sealy too b4 7% hits and during GSS!


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                      hi superbum, everywhere's having promotions for mattress.

                      living showcase is at suntec convention hall room 404? check out Home Store (that's the booth where they sell Sealy (dont shoot me if i got the room number wrong), today's the last day. better hurry down if you want to buy sealy mattress.

                      robinsons is also having a sealy promotion this week

                      preciousia: do update on your purchases


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                        Thanks for the info girls!

                        Hubby chose Sealy finally. He got an Infinity collection supreme Euro Plush matteress at $4219( usual $5899 ). The SA threw in a matteress protecter and 4 pillows. I would say is a good buy cos we had an additional discount from his mum's robinson credit card. The deduction is a 20% off, plus a $500 off and an additional 5% from the robinson card.


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                          Sealy is a good choice, you won't regret it. Its so plush and comfy, I end up sleeping late every morning .


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                            All about Mattress!

                            i'm thinking of getting a Queen size mattress... what's the average price of it?
                            I tried 1 from serta yesterday cost about 1.9k... but really soooooo comfortable!!
                            I guess it's consider cheap for such good mattress huh?


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                              Ikea sells a model of queen size mattress for less than $500.

                              I got a Simmons mattress at $1200.

                              Mattress price range from a few hundred to $20K. I guess you get what you pay for.