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    Any recommendation of a good jap restaurant that serves sushi, sashimi, tepanyaki and everything else jap? I think some hotels has japanese buffets but i'm not sure which one has it. TIA

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    Dreamie are u looking specifically for buffets or some just any good authentic Japanese restuarant? Any budget? If not, I will say go for Kuriya at Shaw Centre. My other fave is Akashi at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Both serve really good sushimi.

    For Japanese buffet, Grand Plaza at Beach Rd used to serve the cheapest best value Japanese buffet but they don't seem to have that anymore. Try Hotel Otani. They do have Japanese buffet previously but not too sure whether they still have it.

    Keyaki at Pan Pac is really good too.


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      Thanks for the suggestions I like Kuriya too, though it's quite expensive, the seafood are quite unique and fresh. The buffet at hotel otani has a nice variety.

      I have wonder for ages about kobe beef Will check out the sunday brunch one of these days.


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        i love keyaki too but not the price.......

        if u are looking for ala carte Jap food, my fave restaurant is at the 2nd level of Cuppage Plaza. i can never remember the name, it's the largest one with the green signboard and lots of people in there. The food can't be far wrong from authentic Jap food since there are more Japs eating in there than locals.


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          akashi is one of my face restaurants too!

          i like the teppayaki at inagiku


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            How much would a meal for 2 cost at Kuriya at Shaw Centre (This is the one next to Isetan Scotts right) ?



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              How about the advert that goes like this "Dong Dong Dong, one two three........" for one japanese resturant? Forgotten its name now....


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                kuishin-bo? i went there when it first opened...the ramen was super salty 8O bf's katsu-don was soggy and not that great either

                wonder if the food has improved since then


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                  Yup angeldiane, thats the one
                  Been thinking if their buffet is good.


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                    hehee.. u gals know where all the good stuff are... I just go to Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei or Gengki Sushi for my Sashimi when i'm drooling for Jap food..

                    Find them not bad and not too expensive on my pockets too.... hiak hiak


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                      I like Keyaki. Their Kobe beef is superb....also halfway through, you can go to the pretty garden to walk walk a bit to work up appetite again


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                        I just loved the ramen in Ajisen.. Really really delicious!! *Drooling* :laugh:
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                          Originally posted by Summer27
                          I just loved the ramen in Ajisen.. Really really delicious!! *Drooling* :laugh:
                          If you are talking about affordable ramen, then Ajisen is definitely not my choice. I'm poor with descriptions but there's another restaurant at level 1 of Far East Plaza which is far better than Ajisen. Ramen is good and I love their agedashi tofu too

                          And sorry to say that I also don't like the layout of the outlet at Scotts. Don't know abt the other outlets. So crampy and when you stepped out, you smell just like the oily kitchen

                          Other than that, I hang out at Sushi Tei and Genki Shushi at Forum. Always a long queue at dinnertime.
                          And Sakae (spelling?) too.... there's always a snake queue at the Wheelock outlet.

                          Just my 2 cents


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                            The level one of Far East.. I don't really like their ramen.. Prefer Ajisen one.. Chris, next time if we want to eat jap food, let's go sakae sushi okie?
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                              Erm abt Ajisen Ramen.... i have this to say : " The soup is too salty " ... hiak hiak like wat Zhang Ziyi said in CC commercial.