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  • paphio
    I was most angry at some of my acquaintances, while discussing the SARS situation with our American guest, expressed that our government's precautionary measure were rather over the top, and that life in Singapore is pretty much the same.

    This was just before we had news of a resurgence of suspected SARS cases.

    Life must go on but not out of complacency.

    And to add a little snippet to the first post, influenza vaccines are pretty much useless. So far, the genetic material in the coronaviruses makes vaccines impossible based on current technology, even before basic time required for drug development and testing safe consumption becomes an issue. They simply mutate too fast.

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  • esabelle

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  • meow123
    so sad

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  • atypical
    OMg! So sorry to hear that!

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  • riverie
    Got this in an email from my cousin. He picked this up in a forum. Not too sure if it's true, but I'll share it nevertheless.

    Hi, about the family of 8 saga, here are some facts you might like to know.

    For your info, it was not all 8 of them who wandered around that area as some newspapers mentioned. It is only 1 family member who went to the food centre and another went to the medical hall. It might be their fault for walking around while they might be Sars suspect. However, who in the world would expect this deadly virus to unfortunately fall on so many of them in the family?

    They thought they contracted fever was due to lack of sleep for the past few days and being under stress because of their mum's death who passed away suddenly during that same week. They have gone to the food centre as they had not had their breakfast since that morning. They also could not prepare any food as they were so busy preparing for their mum's funeral and attending to friends and relatives who came for the wake for the past few days. So that morning, one of the family member went to the nearby food centre to buy a drink and another to the medical hall. The ambulance also took so long to arrive. Moreover, there were 3 kids in this family during that time. Have we ever thought, maybe its the kids who need a drink?

    In fact, one thing you may like to know.. this family had chose to seek medical attention immediately when they realise so many of them had contracted fever and not even able to send their beloved mother for her last journey when her body was to be cremate on the same day that afternoon! Do you know how sad this could be? If they were to be present at the funeral, don't you think more people might be affected!

    I understand PM Goh wants to convey the importance of stopping the virus from spreading and to punish those people who did not obey the rules. I totally agree.

    The 72 year old man's wife, fell ill and seek medical treatment from a GP 2 days before she passed away. She was running a fever and a cold and chest pain. The GP gave her medication and the old lady was asked to go back and rest. On the second day, she was still feeling unwell, having chest pain like pricking needles and also fever, she went back to the same GP again. The GP did not send her to TTSH immediately and was again asked to go home and rest. The old lady passed away at home in the afternoon the next day.

    Having the symtoms so similar to Sars, why has not the GP called for an ambulance and sent the old lady to TTSH immediately, even on the 1st day when she was running a fever? The old lady might be alive today if she was given proper medical treatment and correct judgement earlier. She was only diagnosed to have died from SARs yesterday but her initial autopsy report said was heart failure. Since the initial diagnosed indicated she did not died from Sars, a 4 days wake was then arranged for her. If the authorities has suspected the old lady to have died from Sars instead of heart failure, a wake would not have then been arranged. Her body would have been sent for cremation immediately, 8 of the family members in this case, would not have contracted fever one by one during the wake or even during the time when the old lady was sick. They would not have then appeared at the food centre and would not have been criticised by the nation. But its too late, the virus has already spread in the family and maybe in the wake where many friends and relatives turned up..

    Up to date today, this family has 8 confirmed SARs case, the 72 year old man, his daughter, his son and his 4 grandchildren, aged 4, 8, 9 and 18month old. And don't know how many friends and relatives who have attended the wake, fearing the danger of contracting the fearful virus... This family would have been a happy family today if the GP has given proper attention to the old lady when she was down with fever on her first visit to the clinic?
    I felt devastated this family has come to this situation..
    I am giving them my moral support and praying for them everyday, hoping those who are still in the hospital to get well soon.

    Why? Because I am also part of this family!
    (Niece of the 72 year old man, my father's brother)

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  • stellatan
    that's too incredible for me to believe - they don't have to do it this way, the chinese govt is already iron-fisted enough on population control if u believe the forced abortions that some people say they do, now *this* i believe

    Originally posted by autumnheart
    another version i heard is that the virus is releasing on purpose by chinese govt to reduce its population.


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  • autumnheart
    another version i heard is that the virus is releasing on purpose by chinese govt to reduce its population.


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  • latte
    I read about similar article in a chinese newspaper too. Maybe true, not too sure 'cos I find it abit hard to believe man could just be infected by such disease from animals...hmmm

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  • stellatan
    i'm *this close* to totally believing this given the hush-hush coverup and shannigan in china

    Russian Scientist: SARS Virus Was Created In A Weapons Lab


    IRKUTSK, April 10, 2003.

    RIA Novosti correspondent Alexander Batalin

    The virus of atypical pneumonia (SARS) has been created artificially, possibly as a bacteriological weapon, believes Sergei Kolesnikov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

    He expressed this opinion at a news conference in Irkutsk (Siberia) on Thursday.

    According to him, the virus of atypical pneumonia is a synthesis of two viruses (of measles and infectious parotiditis or mumps), the natural compound of which is impossible. This can be done only in a laboratory, the academician is convinced. He also said that in creating bacteriological weapons a protective anti-viral vaccine is, as a rule, worked out at the same time. Therefore, the scientist believes, a medicine for atypical pneumonia may soon appear. He does not exclude that the spread of the virus could have begun accidentally, as a result of "an unsanctioned leakage" from a laboratory.

    Source: Russian Information Agency: Novosti

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  • Medusa
    I read this too.

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  • baobei
    Interesting article on SARs & others

    TIME Asia
    April 14, 2003 / Vol. 161 No. 14


    The Cycle of Death
    SARS is only the latest in a string of epidemics to emerge from


    As scientists race to unravel the mysteries of SARS, one issue high on
    their agenda will be the likelihood that the new virus is a
    transmission in which the virus has mutated from its animal carrier so
    that it can infect humans, who have no immunity from the alien invader.
    The most obvious examples of this are HIV and influenza, and the latter
    disease has disturbing parallels with SARS. The flu virus lives usually
    the stomachs of waterfowl, and the two are co-adapted?he birds don't
    sick. It is widely believed among virologists, however, that with the
    domestication of ducks in southern China 2,000-3,000 years ago, flu

    This region has always had high densities of people living in close
    proximity to large populations of pigs and chickens. It's not known in
    which order, but with this ready pool of targets near at hand, flu has
    transferred from ducks to all three species?nd once established, it can
    swap back and forth between its different new hosts with devastating
    effect. The virus survives and thrives by constantly mutating?o that
    as our immune systems recognize and kill off one strain, a new one
    against which our defenses don't work. Most are minor adaptations, the
    product of genetic "drift." Every now and then, however, something more
    dramatic occurs: a genetic "shift." Also termed "a reassortment event,"
    this is the creation of a wholly new strain with genetic elements taken
    from viruses found in different species.

    In 1997, Hong Kong's "bird flu" was a virus that was part human, part
    avian. Much luck, hard scientific labor and prompt containment measures
    prevented that outbreak from turning into a global catastrophe. Next
    we might not be so fortunate. Medical records dating back to the 18th
    century show waves of influenza rolling westward from Asia through
    into Europe with disturbing regularity. Three or four times a century,
    pandemic spreads from flu's heartland. So statistically speaking, since
    the last reassorted strain emerged in Hong Kong in 1968, we're due for
    another one.

    Every pandemic is calamitous. The "Russian flu" of 1889-90 is thought
    have killed 250,000 people in Europe alone. No epidemic, however?ot
    the Black Death of the Middle Ages?ompares in mortality to the "Spanish
    flu" of 1918. Around the world, 40 million died of it within one year.
    Unusually, the 1918 flu did not come from Asia. The first outbreak
    at a barracks in Kansas in the spring. The second, most virulent strain
    the disease emerged simultaneously in September in Boston,
    in Brest on the Atlantic coast of France; and in Freetown, the capital
    Sierra Leone.

    The unusual origin, spread and potency of the 1918 flu are almost
    certainly connected to World War I, which saw large numbers of men
    together in camps, transports and trenches. We don't know exactly why
    particular strain was more deadly than others?hough scientists may be
    closing in on the answer?ut we do know that it caused a global
    In Philadelphia, 7,500 people died of it in two weeks. The supply of
    coffins ran out; streetcars were used as hearses. Families lay dying in
    their homes, unable even to stir to feed themselves. Some lingered in
    delirium for weeks, coughing foamy, blood-tinged sputum, while others
    dead within 24 hours.

    We cannot be sure whether the next pandemic will be this bad, any more
    than we can be sure when it will come or where it will start. There is
    only one thing of which we can be certain: that it definitely will
    again. We can also be sure that, as so often before, it very likely may
    begin in southern China. Variants of the strain that caused the
    outbreak six years ago are still cropping up around the region, or the
    outbreak could arise from some other strain altogether.

    Professor Kennedy Shortridge of the University of Hong Kong has run
    tests on birds, animals and people in the territory, in Taiwan, in
    province and in the Pearl River Delta. Especially in the latter two
    places, he found farmers with antibodies suggesting exposure to every
    single type of flu that exists in other species. So it's just a matter
    time before one of those types adapts to human beings and takes off.

    In the meantime, we wait to see if SARS can adapt with the same deadly
    efficiency as influenza?nd once a virus achieves airborne transmission
    from one person to another, the consequences might be as brutal as the
    1918 flu that killed one in 60 of all the people on earth. Perhaps if
    knew that SARS had come from another species, we could identify how it
    changed and we could design drugs or vaccines to tackle it. By the time
    had produced them, however, the disease would already have done its
    damage. Once again, we find ourselves at the mercy of nature.

    ?Pete Davies is the author of several books, including Devil's Flu: the
    World's Deadliest Influenza Epidemic and the Scientific Hunt for the
    That Caused It

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  • latte
    Originally posted by pandora76
    I know what you mean, we all need to loosen up and get on with our lives.

    But it sure doesn't help that just when you think the coast is clear...more bad news comes along!!!!

    And yes, I could those idiots too who put others' lives at risk!!! :pissed:
    Yup Pan.
    Ay, looks like more hospitals are going to be infected now. And I'm worry for the patients and babies in KKH.

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  • pandora76
    Originally posted by latte
    Of cos we're not treating it as a joke, just trying to be relaxed abit after bombarded with so much depressing news now.
    I know what you mean, we all need to loosen up and get on with our lives.

    But it sure doesn't help that just when you think the coast is clear...more bad news comes along!!!!

    And yes, I could those idiots too who put others' lives at risk!!! :pissed:

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  • latte
    Originally posted by pandora76
    Eh, I don't think this is any laughing matter....the system has messed up somewhere so the situation is NOT as contained as we thought previously!!! :roll:

    SGH staff warded for suspected SARS

    Patients breaking quarantine rules
    Of cos we're not treating it as a joke, just trying to be relaxed abit after bombarded with so much depressing news now.

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  • Medusa
    :pissed: fine them :note: ! Warning letter not good enough! Pig-headed description is aptly used!
    But on calmer note... I think some people are pure delusional, it's like some fat people never admitting they are fat, so if they have a fever, they claim otherwise... if they feel fine they claim they are virus-free and can break quarantine. The lady was aged 50yrs... she probably has a phobia of hospitals, but her family should know better!

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