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  • i can feel bruising but couldnt see it too My swell took a week to recover too


    • i think you mean you paid $650 total as opposed to $500 and $200 for each extraction?

      NDC actually charges the same rates but if you are referred by a polyclinic, you go as a subsidized B patient and a big part of the bill is subsidized by the government

      I paid about $650, this is pretty reasonable. Private clinic quoted $500 for surgical extract, $200 normal extract.


      • Just came back for the dental check up from AH.
        The doctor (Sylvia Tay) says my gums are swelling and I can't extract my tooth until the sweeling goes down. She has prescribe say medicine for my sweeling.
        She also told me some side-effects after the extractions of the tooth. She said that I may experience some numbness to my lips and it might be permanent (though it only happens to 1% of the people.)
        Just wondering anyone experience the numbness after the extractions? :roll:


        • Sista, the doctor will tell those to all the patients about the side effect. I was told as well, and we got to sign an agreement on it. So far no problem for all of us. Whoever belongs to that 1%, gonna strike 4D soon


          • Sigh..Ya.I hope I won't be so lucky.

            Now my mum is asking me to go to a private clinic for the extractions instead of a government one. As she has heard bad experience from her friends. sigh..very paranoid now. :choice:


            • I will say, if u have the cash to spare and want a fast deal, then settle with the private clinic.

              If not, hospital one will be cheaper and can pay by CPF, but then got to go thru those process of polyclinic first, make appointment then after sometimes do the surgery


              • Woah thanks! What you guys said really make me feel less nervous abt the op. I have managed to convince my mum to let me go to AH . My appointment is on this friday . Wish me luck!


                • getting wisdom teeth yanked out seems to be a tiny trend here

                  i had mine done last Thurs (all 4 at the same time) and am recovering very well !

                  the doc gave me a valium pill to take an hr before the appointed surgery time. when i got into the clinic, he had me sedated via drip - I was knocked out in approx. 5 mins and by the time I woke up ? it was over ! i highly recommend being sedated ! hahahahahahahaha ! i had LA (novacaine) too not that brave !

                  i only had slight swelling but i used ice packs on them for the 1st 2 days and it went down pretty quickly.

                  i haven't started chewing yet :p eating solids but everything cut up into small pcs (like baby food !!!) and swollowing is an art !

                  i was pretty freaked out before my surgery but now that it's over, it was alright so hang in there girls !


                  • I'm glad that you are recovering well . Did u do it in US?
                    I hope I can have my done this friday. But the doctor is going to extract the teeth on one side first and then the other side on another day.


                    • aacck. guys, i'm soo scared! i can feel this jutting out part of my upper left wisdom teeth suddenly. i don't remember feeling it in the past, now i'm afraid my painful experience - torture - is starting soon!!

                      it's aching a little bit now, should i run to the dentist soon??

                      i also have two collapsed horizontal wisdom teeth in my lower jaw ... so those i have to remove surgically right? then how about the top one that is partially jutting out of my gum? i think it is still covered by the gum and not showing yet.

                      HOW HOW?!

                      also, about LA and GA, LA hurts when they give you the injection right? is it like those injections they give you when they are going to pull out your teeth at the dentist? GA --> they have to stick a tube into your arm first is it?


                      • I had my wisdom teeth took out on 2 separate occassions.

                        They were in the horizontal position, not showing or whatsoever, they weren't hurting either. But it could affect your teeth. But do go to a reliable dentist to find out if u really need to remove them.

                        But if you looking to put braces, they will have to remove all your wisdom teeth.

                        1st time I took one out because it was giving my gums some problem. After the surgery, i didn't eat painkillers. When the LA wears off, I woke up from my sleep crying in pain. LA injection, really just feels like an ant bite. After the 1st injection, the jaws just feel numb, and you can't feel the subsequent injections.

                        2nd time i took them out, i "guai guai" be good and took the pain killers. I was eating well just 2 days after the surgery,

                        Don't worry, its really not that bad. My friend took 6 out at one go...( dont' ask me why there are more than 1wisdom tooth on one end.. ) He took LA, draink smoothies for 2 days, very much well and alive after that.


                        • actually for wisdom tooth, if it grows in a "proper" position, then the dentist only need to do the normal extraction, which is why some people can have wisdom tooth removed at a cheaper rate. Those that require surgery would be more expensive.

                          before the surgery, the dentist usually should apply some anaestatic gel to give the gum a bit of numbness 1st. once the slight numbness kicks in, then then they do the anaestatic injection.. so that the gum will be numb and should not feel any pain at all if done well. however, you should feel some slight pressure when the dentist try to break or pull out the wisdom tooth..


                          • Big Thanks to this thread, I finally muster the courage n took out all 4 wisdom teeth at NDC 3 days ago.

                            It was a horrifying experience. Not that it was painful, but I dreaded the drilling & tugging at my teeth. But the staff at NDC were really nice & caring.

                            I still look like a chipmunk. Just found out from the net that the painkiller given (Bextra) helps with the swelling & inflamnation, so took some. Otherwise, I didn't need any painkillers.

                            Who else is next?


                            • Hi girl! Long time no see, where have u been?

                              Good that u removed 4 together, I still got 3

                              Woke up this morning with a toothache... think it's the second last tooth aching that my wisdom tooth damaged before it was removed


                              • Konnichiwa Jemay san! U r looking good in your new haircut. I was damn caught up wth work.

                                Ha! so you are next huh? Just drink more herbal tea to cool down n slow down the eruption n relieve toothache. :wave: