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  • eh... as far as I know.. they don't dissolve.. you have to go back and remove them.. usually in a week or 2.

    oh and heres wishing you a speedy recovery! :D


    • vixette, your surgery was seriously a big one!!

      anyway, i do not think the thread could be dissolve.... unless you bite it off, but i did not, cos im scared of implications..... so i went back to ndc after 4 days of my surgery to remove it off....

      heehee, eating becomes a hassle nowadays, as i cannot bite with my left(dentist said i could, but im just taking precautions for the meantime), i spent double time in eating now.... especially biting i spent 45 mins just to finish my packet of chips, when usually i took only 15 mins maximum

      so... porridge n soup stuff r still the best for me currently

      take good care.....


      • hmmmm....strange. i vaguely remembered him telling me i didn't need to go back for checkup unless there were complications. and he said the thread would 'dissolve' by itself. shall call up the clinic and double check.

        still on painkillers, but halved the dosage. the gastric i was getting from taking so much was too much!


        • vixette, i assume you went private? coz those are the biodegradable sutures so they'll just break down on their own, no need for follow-up to remove the stitches. as far as i know, the public dentists don't use them yet

          and the painkillers are acidic, take them with antacid


          • 'lo blue-y

            yep, went private. ah....that makes sense. was rereading the thread and didn't see anything else about dissolvable sutures. got me worried for a bit.

            have stocked up on plenty of yogurt to counteract the acidity of the meds.

            (yay meiji yogurt!)


            • Erm.. i removed the threads after one week too. Done at private clinic.

              I wonder if he did a good job for me. Until now (been few months), the last tooth is still problematic. Last month it hurts like hell, went another dentist, he said because of my wisdom tooth surgery, the opening is too huge and exposed the root of the last tooth. Thats why, even he just use the tube to 'blow air' on it, it hurts ( and i nearly kicked that dentist! ) He did some filling to fill up the root so not exposed that much. But i think the problem is still there, i cant really bite hard on that tooth anymore, i changed direction for biting food. The other side of mine has yet went for the wisdom tooth surgery yet!


              • vixette: The threads should dissolve in about 1 week or so. At least, it did for mine. No need to go back.

                Your experience sounded like mine when I had my wisdom teeth (all 4) taken out. I was under IV (intravenous) anaesthesia instead of GA. So I could feel the pain once the IV tube was removed. But face was numb till after a few hours. Tears were just flowing down my face though I couldn't feel anything at all, and was not aware of crying. Probably a reaction to the anaesthesia.

                The wound bled after a couple of days, so I was given a syringe to spray salt water into the area. Another way to keep the gum/mouth clean is to gargle with salt water after every meal. Will help to disinfect and kill the bacteria.

                I think I only had solid food after a week. But that was the time to have milk, soya milk, ice cream (very good excuse to indulge as the coldness numb the area), jello for the first 2 days, then followed by porridge and soup stuff.


                • hey vix, yogurt is acidic after its fermentation from milk...slightly acidic actually but still, when you're hungry, i think you should stay away from any acidic food since this will hasten hunger


                  • Just had my last 2 (thank god .. I have 4 in total) wisdom tooth taken out on Monday .. so I can definately related to this thread...

                    Was recommended to Mount E for surgery as my tooth is very near the nerve.... my dentist was telling me that my lower lips might lost its feeling if not taken out proper ..

                    All goes well at the surgery.. but cant really remember anything except for the medicine that they used on me is real strong .. coz I can feel the side effect up till tuesday ..was all dizzy and blurz ...
                    (My mom says its becoz I am not eating enough .. i quite agreed with her .... I eat like a horse normally

                    Hopefully this is the last of my wisdom tooth problem... I took out all four of them within a timespan of 2 years.....

                    A word of advice, try to take it out while you are still "young" as your healing powers would be so much better ... I mean like a cut .. younger ppl tend to heal faster?

                    Thats why my dentist advice me

                    Hope it helps...

                    me still cant eat any solid food ... totally cant open my mouth too wide ..


                    • Even having problem to clean it proper.. have to force it open ..


                      • I just had mine removed yesterday.. 3 tooth in total, 2 extraction and one surgery.

                        Didnt experience a lot of pain so far, except while trying to speak to my client, i felt the strain on the stitches and started bleeding alittle this morning. I realise I can't speak for too long else my stitches will get painful again.

                        Been eating cereal for breakfast and trying to make porridge for lunch.. hopefully I do not need to make more calls..


                        • Jewel

                          didnt the surgeon give u MCs? You should rest for a while.. and yes dont talk too much.. and also in aircon places make sure u have a jacket or cardigan or sweater with u.. cos u might have the tendency to clench your teeth when cold..and this creates pressure and cause your gum to swell..

                          wish u speedy recovery!


                          • Just had mine done a few hours ago. Took out two of them from the right side and im still bleeding non-stop.

                            My dentist was telling me my roots was really slender and he had some trouble extracting them out carefully.

                            Was in alot of pain earlier on but after taking the painkillers, it kind of subside but still the pain was kind of unbearable.

                            I dont think i want to go through this again unless the tooth from the left side starts giving me trouble

                            Hey jewel, ain't you cover by mc? My dentist gave me 5 days mc and im under strict order to stay at home so as to minimise the risk of excessive portoperative bleeding.

                            I dont normally crave for food but at this moment, i really wish to have a big bowl of mee goreng. Oh well, i guess only in my dreams


                            • wisdom tooth

                              hi, anyone ever extracted wisdom tooth? Care to share your experience???


                              • Me........

                                Had mine done this yr. Mine was the "knock out" operation. Experience was blurry at the time. But after that was not gd as can't eat.