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  • Worried

    Hi there...recently about 2 weeks or so..i have this irritation whenever i wear my contact lens...i have been wearing few years now and only now my right eye seems to be twitching whenever i put lens first i *** is the lens then i change to new fresh pair...but it seems it is not...i also notice some blood veins at the side of the eyeball and particularly uncomfy whenever i wear if something is blocking like that...strange thing is only my right eye is like that...why why...sob sob.....

    what should i do? shall i go see an eyedoc?

    where is the place to seek such treatment?

    thank you peepz and feedback is greatly appreciated....

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    If you're worried, it's best to go check it out and at least reassure yourself. Go to any GP and get a referral to a specialist.


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      health is more important. stop wearing contact lenses and wear glasses for the time being. consult your optician, or see eye doctor.


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        It seems like my friend had a same problem similiar to yours. She visited the doctor and was told that it's an eye infection. She stopped wearing her lens and I think her eye recovered in a week's time.

        It's probably got nothing to do with your lens, but an eye infection. I think it's best to consult your GP then get some medication or eyedrops etc... Don't worry so much too.


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          hey dear, i got that same problem too and i thought my eyes were too sensitive so i stopped wearing contact lens altogether. some contact lens material will cause the eyes to feel discomfort so becareful of your eyes' needs!

          it's best to consult a GP, not optician.