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  • evillin
    1. Keratase Shampoo
    2. TBS Strawberry Shower Foam
    3. TBS Body Butter

    1. Paula's Choice 1 Step Cleanser
    2. Paula's Choice 1% BHA Gel
    3. Paula's Choice Toner
    4. Neutrogena Moisturiser SPF30
    5. Fancl Moisturiser (N)

    1. Clinique Loose powder/press powder
    2. Eyebrow shadow/pencil
    3. A few lippie
    4. Blusher
    5. Eyeshadow

    That's about it!! Still too many!!!

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  • fern0324
    i bring all the skincare samples i collect inbetween oversea trips

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  • bebelatte

    cleanser, toner, moisturiser & sunscreen


    foundation & lipgloss

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  • Demigoddess
    :huh: let me see

    showel gel + shampoo
    - whatever i am using now

    1. Murad refreshing Cleanser
    2. Murad face and Body Sunblock
    3. Murad replenishing serum

    1. Ipsa Loose Powder
    2. Fasio Mascara
    3. MAC Lip Conditioner

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  • Audrey
    must have:

    loccitane foaming milk face wash
    loccitane honey foaming jelly for hair and body (2 in 1)
    face sponge for washing my face
    lush body butter/ massage bar amazonian
    disposal undies
    plenty of tissue paper
    a big bag for shopping

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  • hamham
    Skin Care
    - Biotherm Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Gel
    - Botherm Biosource Clarifying Lotion
    - Biotherm Source Therapie
    - Olay Total Effects
    - Origins Eye Doctor

    - Normally won't bring Shampoo as it's too heavy...will use my bf's unless i have a small travel size shampoo...currently having Pantene hairfall control
    - But definitely bringing conditioner, very dry esp overseas. Will bring Loreal Elseve

    Skin care/ Fragrance
    - Lux shower foam
    - Marks & Spencer body lotion
    - Body Shop White Mask (So small, so convenient)

    - Biotherm powder
    - Entia eyebrow pencil
    - Ettusais blusher
    - Biotherm lipgloss (moisturizing!)

    - Vaseline lip therapy


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  • citrella
    1) Sunblock
    2) Body Lotion
    3) Hair Leave-in conditioner

    1) Makeup remover
    2) loose powder
    3) eyebrow pencil

    Just one more please... (4) lipbalm

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  • stilafaux
    Usually, I would bring:

    Facial Care
    -Biotherm Acnopur Complete set (toner, moisturizer)
    -Biotherm White Detox Green makeup base
    -Biotherm Aquasource non-stop moisturizer for combination skin (If I am going over to a cold climate country)

    Hair Care
    - Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner
    - Ford Water Matrix leave in Conditoner (decanted in a small tub)

    Body Care
    - Shower gels (any one which I am using at the moment)
    - TNS Tropical Sugar Cane body whip (decanted)

    -Biotherm Sense Matte Fdn
    - TLC loose powder in Bistre
    - Biotherm Shiny lip balm
    - Biotherm Blush! in 04

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  • fornight
    I am packing my luggage now and the products are simply taking up too much space. If I really need to bring only essentials, they should be:-

    Hair Care
    1. Follow me Treatment Shampoo
    2. Kerasystem conditioner
    3. Curling Hair Spray

    1. Paula's Choice 1 Step N/D Cleanser
    2. Paual's Choice 2% BHA Lotion
    3. Simple Sunscreen SPF 35

    1. Eyebrow shadow/pencil (I prefer shadow this means I have to bring my LONG eye brow brush!!! Egrrrrr!!!
    2. KP Loose Powder
    3. Laneige's Angel Pink Lipgloss

    But I want to bring more!!!!!! Never mind, I will purchase new ones during the trip.

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  • Xue
    Re: Re: Re: Re: Travel must have?

    Origins No Knots Shampoo
    Origins No Knots Finishing Rinse

    - a little bottle of whatever bodywash I'm using currently
    - IPSA Cleansing Creamy Milk Facial Wash
    - KP Cleansing Oil
    - Origins Make A Difference Serum
    - IPSA Moisture Keep Up Essence
    - DRX Comedone Formula

    makeup :
    there's just too many to list. I basically bring foundation, concealer, powder, at least 3 blushers, and at least 20 e/s (most in palettes) as well as lip balm.

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  • babysammi
    Dove Shampoo
    Dove Treatment Conditioner


    KP cleansing oil
    Kose Sekkisei Lotion
    Kose Sekkisei Cream


    Nivea Whitening Body Lotion
    Crabtree & Evelyn La Source handcream

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  • gem
    Re: Re: Re: Travel must have?

    body gel : Dove Cream

    shampoo : Keratase Oleo Relax Shampoo and Conditioner

    skincare/bodycare :
    - HABA Powder Wash
    - Dalancin T
    - Kiehl's #1 Lipbalm

    makeup :
    - IPSA Protect Liquid with SPF 23 (doubles as sunscreen)
    - Cargo Catalina Blush
    - IPSA Whitening Creative Concealor
    Last edited by gem; 24-12-2003, 04:44 PM.

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  • rbet
    body gel : I'm not so particular, so i'll use anything from the hotel!

    Body moisturizer: One of my TBS body butters

    shampoo : Dove cream shampoo and conditioner

    skincare/bodycare :
    - makeup remover
    - facial cleanser
    - toner
    - moisturizer
    - suncreen
    - lipbalm

    makeup :
    - Shu brow pencil
    - MAC coralcast cheekstain
    - Chanel DPF 2 way
    - mascara
    - any lipgloss

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  • candeecake
    Re: Re: Travel must have?

    body gel : TBS Shower Gel (any of the flavor I have now)

    shampoo : TNS Detangle Shampoo ( no conditioner)

    skincare/bodycare :
    - HABA Powder Wash
    - Sunscreen for face & body
    - L'Occitane Shea Butter (which could use as hair conditioner, lipbalm and hand cream!! Though I haven't try it out as conditioner yet )

    makeup :
    - PX Eyebrow Pencil (MUST HAVE!)
    - MAC PinkLure cheekstain (which could use on cheeks and lips!!)
    - MaxFactor Concealer (which could use on undereyes and scars!!)

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  • islande
    Re: Travel must have?

    body gel : Dove Shower Cream
    shampoo: my Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo with rose hips. it's pink! smells lovely too.

    skincare/bodycare : this is hard!
    - Clarins facial cleanser

    but i'd need a lip balm and a body moisturiser too if i'm going somewhere cold!!

    makeup :
    -The Body Shop lipgloss pots
    -MAC Subtropical cheekstain
    -Fasio eyebrow pencil
    Last edited by michannat; 15-12-2003, 08:47 AM.

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