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    non-cozycot inspired can?

    I'm a plant
    of subtle notions;
    not of flesh and blood, have
    no heat and no emotions.
    All there is are
    Waxy white blooms to woo.

    Winds waft my scent of amourous intention,
    Love's messenger on wings yield to my seduction
    But Gardenia blooms for who?

    As my petals fade
    And frangrance wane
    In your discarded bouquet,
    I join you
    in your
    Love's labour's lost

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    Here I sit
    So broken hearted
    Came to shit
    But only farted

    The World according to Psycho


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      non-CC related one too, but i love this!

      written by my bf's brother...


      she bleeds from her eyes tonight
      staining the sky a crimson red delight
      there?s no blood coursing through her veins
      it?s raw emotion behind those tear stains
      her sighs cloud her vision, so she can?t see
      that some things aren?t ever meant to be
      i take her hand and squeeze it gently
      to let her know she?s still a friend to me
      and her lips curl upward into a smile
      beautiful enough to make my time worthwhile
      precious even, if my heart wanted more
      but it beats not as it did once before
      i?ve grown to accept that, and she must too
      that love is mercurial, whatever we may do
      we must not linger, lest we fade away
      into the dark, endless void that is yesterday
      regret over that day and fear of tomorrow
      are the twin thieves that rob us of the moment, so
      regret not our loss, forget not our memories
      cry not tonight, darling, i beg you, please.

      someday we?ll meet as strangers once again
      and i?ll fall in love with the girl behind that name
      i?ll whisper bittersweet nothings to you
      i?ll adore you and all that you say and do
      someday, i?ll have you out for another dance
      another chance for me to live by circumstance
      under that night sky, you won?t be crying again
      but sadly, i fear, that some things never change.


      he actually produced a book of his poetry, where half of the proceeds from the sales would be donated to NKF.


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        ataraxia, please post more of your bf's brother's works.


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          Heh heh, a bit of Singlish in this illustration of a telephone conversation.

          Hearts On The Line
          To Stan: Allo!!! Wassup!
          To Mom: Yah what, hurry up!
          To Stan: Alright, no problem...
          To Mom: Yah ***, don't give problem...
          To Stan: Okay ah!
          To Mom: Okay ***!
          To Stan: No worries bro...
          To Mom: Ya *** Ya ***! I know!
          To Stan: Okie...ah bye bye
          Jagged dial tone, mother's sigh

          *Note: Such is the difference in our attitudes
          toward friends and family*

          p.s. *** = L-A-H (A Singlish term)


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            Originally posted by SilverVelvet
            Paphio, more of your works please! Btw, is it paphio as in lottery tickets?
            My poetry are all accidental This is all I have for now.
            Got lured into writing some back in Uni days but everything disappeared when the server closed down. Didn't bother to keep copies of them.

            Paphio has nothing to do with Bei bio (colloqial for lottery) Ahahaha.... thinking that I'm another cottie is it?

            tsk tsk.....

            Paphio is derived from the scientific name for slipper orchid, Paphiopedilum. The root Paphio is derived from Paphos, which in turn another Greek name for Venus. I just wanted to name myself after a plant starting with P. Then zealously tried to hunt down what Paphio means, nice surprise


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              Miracle Water

              Have you ever noticed
              Water hitting water
              Upon the concrete floor?
              Each drop begets a fountain,
              Made of momentary, discrete drops.

              Have you ever ducked your head underwater
              To view the raindrops fall?
              Raining air bubbles down towards you
              As fast as they float back to the top.

              Have you ever wondered
              why cry into tear-soaked hands?
              Sorrow feels the longest
              When beautiful life occurs in split seconds.

              -T.N. Tan

              Hee... I don't know if this qualifies as poetry Reads like some Hallmark cheer-up card mush.
              Sorry, I can't help it bwahahahahaha.... the title..... cozycot did it

              But yes! I really enjoy seeing raindrops hitting the water surface from under water. It's really very beautiful. Until the lifeguard starts to shoo us out of the water It's been years since I swam and I really did forget how to swim , found out this March.


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                Next meet-up, we can get Joce to perform the CozyCot song for us


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                  The Moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait
                  soft winds whisper the bidding of trees
                  as this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart
                  and the Midnightmare trampling of dreams
                  But oh, no tears please
                  Fear and Pain may accompany Death
                  But it is Desire that shepherds it's certainty
                  as We shall see...

                  She was divinity's creature
                  That kissed in cold mirrors
                  A Queen of Snow
                  Far beyond compare
                  Lips attuned to symmetry
                  Sought Her everywhere
                  Dark liqoured eyes
                  An Arabian nightmare...

                  She shone on watercolours
                  Of my pondlife as pearl
                  Until those who couldn't have Her
                  Cut Her free of this World

                  That fateful Eve when...
                  The trees stank of sunset and camphor
                  Their lanterns chased phantoms and threw
                  An imquisitive glance, like the shadows they cast
                  On my love picking rue by the light of the moon

                  Putting reason to flight
                  Or to death as their way
                  They crept through woods mesmerized
                  By the taffeta Ley
                  Of Her hips that held sway
                  Over all they surveyed
                  Save a mist on the rise
                  (A deadly blessing to hide)
                  Her ghost in the fog

                  Dawn discovered Her there
                  Beneath the Cedar's stare
                  Silk dress torn, Her raven hair
                  Flown to gown Her beauty bared
                  Was starred with frost, I knew Her lost
                  I wept 'til tears crept back to prayer

                  She'd sworn Me vows in fragrant blood
                  "Never to part
                  Lest jealous Heaven stole our hearts"

                  Then this I screamed:
                  "Come back to Me
                  I was born in love with thee
                  So why should fate stand inbetween?"

                  And as I drowned Her gentle curves
                  With dreams unsaid and final words
                  I espied a gleam trodden to earth
                  The Church bell tower key...

                  The village mourned her by the by
                  For She'd been a witch
                  their Men had longed to try
                  And I broke under Christ seeking guilty signs
                  My tortured soul on ice

                  She was Ersulie possessed
                  Of a milky white skin
                  My porcelain Yin
                  A graceful Angel of Sin

                  And so for Her...
                  The breeze stank of sunset and camphor
                  My lantern chased Her phantom and blew
                  Their Chapel ablaze and all locked in to a pain
                  Best reserved for judgement that their bible construed...

                  Putting reason to flight
                  Or to flame unashamed
                  I swept form cries
                  By the taffeta Ley
                  Or Her hips that held sway
                  Over all those at bay
                  Save a mist on the rise
                  A final blessing to hide
                  Her ghost in the fog

                  And I embraced
                  Where lovers rot...
                  Her ghost in the fog


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                    "Ghost In The Fog" by Cradle Of Filth. Nice.


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                      Paphio, kindly post more please! Did you write Miracle Water? It's very nice. I especially like the one about "a plant of subtle notions". Was that by you too?

                      Ataraxia, clicked the web link. Reading Rahul's stuff. Interesting.
                      Last edited by SilverVelvet; 08-08-2003, 01:18 AM.


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                        he's pretty good. i think he's getting better. interested in buying his collection at $10? all for a good cause!

                        i just think it's really sweet how he's donating most of the proceeds to NKF.


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                          xue, is he still selling? would be glad to buy a copy.


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                            Hey Michannat, how about buying mine! Heh heh heh. $2million per copy. Payment can be on other terms too.


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                              i honestly don't want to know what other terms there can be! :shout: