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  • Baby, You Can Drive My Car

    What's your dream car?

    If money is no object, I'll get myself an old model Jaguar convertible. Can't quite decide on the color I want but will probably be black or cream. It's such a cool car, so long & sexy ... *drool*

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    Oooh! Jaguar is my dream car too!! its so GLAM ! i would feel like a mafia sitting in one.


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      wow what a luxurious dream....*dreaming already*...

      if money is not a problem, i think i would want the Jaguar sleek and elegant, perfect for a lady!


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        I would love to own a Lexus RX300.....the real 3 litre one, not the Toyota Harrier copycat. If not a BMW X5 will be good too. I love these big 4WD cars.


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          i know close to nothing about cars.

          if i get to choose, definitely a 2-door...
          maybe merz or BMW.


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            Hmm...there are many cars I would love. But for starters, my first car would be a beetle. An engine red one at that!

            Then like Jacklyn, I wouldn't mind a convertible. Or Toyota Celica.


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              lamborghini diablo!!! most probably unobtainable (especially in singapore) but you said dream car!


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                really dare not dream, since i dont even have a license... but i would love the one with doors opening upwards....*lamborghini* hahaha


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                  My choice : BMW Z8 or Lexus RX300. (Dream on :roll: )


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           many gorgeous cars to choose from....
                    Lotus Elise, Lamborghini Diablo or Murcielago, Honda s2000, Toyota MR2 Spyder, Nissan RX 8 (Cyclops' mode of choice in X2. woooohoooo!!)

                    errr........ok if i had to choose just ONE, then the Murcielago wins!


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                      A BMW 328Ci...yea i can certainly dream on!


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                        Something to get me from point A to point B would suffice.

                        My dream car's a Volkswagen Beetle.

                        But I'll be driving a 2 door 2003 Honda Accord very soon.


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                          All the swanky sportscar can really perform if they have been tuned, ( I've known a friend who tuned his Toyota Supra till 700 horsepower rearwheel driving, to compete in racetracking driving ) but rather uncomfortable for daily driving.
                          Seats are soo low that its no longer funny for sitting passengers, only good for the driver.

                          I always thought the old Jag looks way cool. Stately, astute.

                          Then again if u give me just that electric scooter/bike banned by LTA, I'm quite happy too. Afterall its environmentally friendly, and reduces industrial waste and the likes of it. The new hydrogen hybrid cars are also another fav of mine, unfortunately, that would have drastically reduce income from petroleum by government, and hence banned in Sg.


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                            I want to learn how to ride a scooter! Won'ty it be fun to zip around in a cute little Vespa?

                            I need to get a motorbike license before I do that ... anyone's got a license? I need details... like how long, where, how much to get one.


                            • #15
                              My dream cars would be:

                              1. Mercedes SLK
                              2. Mercedes CLK
                              3. VolksWagen Beetle! (new model)
                              4. BMW M3
                              5. Audi TT

                              But right now a Volvo S40 would do