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    Riding onto this thread . ..

    How much does a used weekend car cost? What's the monetary difference between a regular car & weekend car?

    We're thinking of getting a weekend car & we want to spend as little as possible!


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      Originally posted by qiu

      Most people are going for brand new cars nowadays. There are some cars which don't require you to put a huge amount of deposit before driving the car away But you've got to pay a higher amount of installment every month.

      I wouldn't do this in this kind of economic climate ... unless I really have extra cash to spare.


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        Do weekend cars still exist? I thought they canned the scheme. Don't see any weekend cars around anymore. :huh:


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          It really does not make financial sense to get new cars. Depreciation is horrendous.

          Sorry but that's all I have to say, I'm not a car person so can't give recs.

          ok i gladly eat my words - just got a brand new car
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            My family's in the car business and apparently, lots of people are buying brand new cars now compared to second hand cars.

            Don't really understand the reason behind it though. Seems that it's more worthwhile or something.


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              Got these Tips from my hubby... please don't shoot me if i provide the wrong info.

              1. Budget

              2. Reliability / easy replacement of the spare parts

              3. Style of your car - depends on which type of cars you fancy.

              4. Fuel consumption

              5. NEW or second hand car - depends on the market. Right now, it is a good time to buy a new one as compared to buying an old car. COE is cheaper now. Most of the new cars provide a period of 3 years warranty.

              6. Weekend car - depends on your usage. Eg. if you are working at "graveyard hours" then getting a weekend car is worthwhile.

              Weekend Car Operation hours:
              Mon - Fri: 7pm to 7am
              Sat: after 3pm

              7. Scout around Leng Kee Road, Ubi or any secondhand dealer shops.

              For more information, please logon to:
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                Heya.. i did some shopping with my daddy for my car previously.. plus my bf's family is in the trade. I wouldnt call myself a car buff... but it's an interest. So these are the stuff that i know.. HTH

                Well, i got a second hand rattlebone but only for 2 reasons i guess.
                1. My dad paid it in full, so we didnt have to pay more for interest.
                2. I got it immediately after i got my liscense.. so an old car is always a safe bet.
                oh.. and also
                3. My bf's father can easily get me car parts that are really old...and
                4.My uncle owns a garage so i have someone reliable to mantain the car.

                Yep, if u have a reliable mechanic and means to get parts then a second hand car may not be a bad idea. After all, the greatest flaw of a 2nd hand car is it's components breaking down.

                Right now, it's more value for money to get a brand new car. Esp now that coe is lower. If i'm not wrong, i feel that coe may start to hike end of March? That's because Borneo motors has no stock within these few months. (haha... my speculation actually)

                Anyway, these are the stuff that we( me,my bf, his bro, my cousin and my friend all got our cars during the same time so we did some comparision) look out for are somewhat similiar to what dolphin provided.

                1. Fuel consumption. after comparision, we find toyota with the most value for fuel consumption. corolla vios . The nissan sunny is one big fuel waster..
                This seems most important to me. after all, it's a constant expenditure.

                2. Budget. ( monthly expenditure too) Include stupid stuff like audio insurance? parking?

                3.expectations: depends if u're looking for a family car, sports car (bear in mind the exorbitant insurance for 2 door cars). suvs? saloons?

                BTW, i've heard of some 'clubs' that provide car rental services. you pay a suscription and then just pay for hourly rental.
                Oh well, sorry for the long post. Cars get me excited. HAhaha... and i'm pro japanese cars . Also feel that they are the most value for money, parts are easily available and comparable to european cars.
                Hope that helps.. hahaz...


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                  fuel consumption

                  the new mitsuibishi lancer literally "eats fuel" :roll: and the pick up is terrible.. (then again, i have been spoilt by the galant ) so in case you're considering it, think twice

                  and insurance would be higher when you're in your mid twenties, so its better to buy the car and insurance under somebody who's older.

                  a good model for new drivers would be the smaller cars (like the 1.3-1.6 litres range) cause i find it far more managable.. its easier to park too


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                    Actually, right now is the best time to buy a new car. Next month the govt is expected to announce lower import taxes, and I think that will lead to increased demand, pushing COE prices up. Since the increase in COE price will not be offset by the reduction in import tax, it's best to buy before the new budget is announced.

                    But if your budget is $40K, think that limits you to 2nd hand cars, which is a shame since they're really not as good value for money now as new ones.

                    Plus, unless you can find a 2nd hand car from someone you trust, you may end up spending more in the long run than you would have spent on a new car, because you don't know the car's history and it may be in need of a major overhaul.


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                      Agree with Pronuptia. My bf is in the car trade and he was saying that the taxes are going to decrease and will push the COE higher. So if you can afford, go source for one now. And if it's really going to be a 2nd-hand car, you must be prepared for the maintenance fees in the long run, coz it's an older car


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                        Everyone here has listed valid pros and cons of getting a brand new car vs a 2nd hand one.

                        Owning a brand new car is definitely ideal if budget is not an issue. However, the depreciation of a brand new car is greatest in its initial years. So if you have a budget constraint, get a 2nd hand one because the 1st owner would have borned a great part of the depreciation.


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                          Do remember that though the depreciation of a used-car is lower, the running cost is higher. Our first car was a 2nd hand one. Within the first 5 months of owning it, its power-steering pump leaked, the radiator died on us, and eventually, the power-steering pump almost died....... After changing to a brand new car, though we have to settle for the high depreciation rate, but at least we have a piece of mind when using it

                          Not that you should not get a used-car, but after the previous experience, I would suggest that you send the used-car for a complete check and replace anything that shows sign of wearing out. Cos the wearing out of one component may cause damage to another and you will end up having problems one after another.


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                            the difference between the old and new cars

                            1stly,there is no depreciation rates for new cars,because u not gonna scrap it soon.depreciation means till the end of the day when your car visits the scrapyard.
                            you can't compare depreciation between the old and new car. Cars as new as 3yrs old are even exported to 3rd world countries. And you can hardly find 5yrs old cars in the market. Even if you can, the amount and instalment you are paying for it, is equivalent to that of a new car.

                            2ndly, a new car can loan up to 10 years. And you be paying almost the same monthly instalment as an old car if you are taking a loan. If you were paying S$30-40K for an used car, you might as well pay the downpayment for a new car, as car prices now is cheaper due to lower COE prices. It isn't wise to get a used car.
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                              This is a really old thread, but i don't want to start something that might look inappropriate here (because i can advertise elsewhere).. but.. I would really like to get a 2nd hand car and for every reason possible, this seems like a safe place to look for trustworthy opinions and probably some genuine deals..

                              I sincerely would like to get a 2nd hand car as my very 1st car (i had my license one year ago already, but never seriously thought about buying a car, till now.. ). My budget is rather tight, so, if any of you girls out there, whom yourselves might want to consider a genuine transaction, do let me know...

                              thanks gals.


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                                hey now new cars are cheap why not consider buying a new car? get a small one e.g. Kia/Hyundai/Chevolet/proton....etc