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    hello girls, asking for a little help here.
    I might be going to Melbourne with a gf in mid July (subject to availability of air tickets)
    have some questions though. Any reply will be greatly appreciated!

    1. Will 7-8 days be too long/too short to see the main sights? What are the must-sees?

    2. Is it safe to self-drive along the Great Ocean Road? What is the best way to travel around the city itself?

    3. Any good hotels/motels to recommend? reasonable and not too dodgy.

    4. What brands are cheaper in Melbourne compared to SG?

    5. Day trips from the city centre? Like the Yarra/Phillips Island?

    6. What should I pack? Do I need a thick jacket?

    thanks in advance! really need a break...

    p/s: btw airport taxes in Oz is killer!!$73...

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    hey huijun! (hope i got your name right )

    ok shall try to answer some of your questions.

    1. IMO 7 days is about right but it really depends on what you're interested in seeing and whether you like to take things at a leisurely pace or squeeze as much as you can in one day.

    Some places to visit: Great Ocean Road, the Grampians, Philips Island, Chapel St, Brunswick, Victoria Market, Crown Casino. A 7 days itinery could be something like 1-2 days at the Great Ocean Road, 2 days at the Grampians, 1 day to Philips Island, and the remaining 2-3 days shopping in the city, Brunswick, Vic Mart etc.

    2. It's very safe to drive to the Great Ocean Road on your own. Just get a road map and follow it, not hard at all. It's a pretty long drive though. Probably takes you an hour plus, 2 hours to get to the town of Torquay, which is at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. Lots of surfing around there but since it's winter it'll be too cold to swim/surf. Then it's another few hours to see the 12 Apostles and all. I think from the city to the 12 Apostles and other sight takes around 5 hours. So if you'll have to start off early, around 8am in the morning say. If you are not in a rush for time, you can actually take a slow drive and stay overnight at one of the towns along the Great Ocean Road.

    The city is pretty small so the easiest way to get around is by trams. Also you can take the trains to other suburbs like South Yarra where Chapel St is.

    3. Can't help too much with hotels. Only one I've stayed at is Crown and while its nice, it's around $300 a night.

    4. Most brands cost around the same or more expensive than Singapore except for the Australian brands. FCUK is slightly cheaper I think. But do check out Brunswick and Chapel St for quirky shops.

    5. From the city center there are lotsa of day trips available including to Philips Island and the Great Ocean Road. I can let you know where the information booths are so you can go pick up some pamplets and book.

    6. Temperature here tends to be slightly over 10C in the day and below 10C at night. The weather here is unpredictable though so it'll probably be better to bring along a thick jacket just in case. Also places like the Great Ocean Road and Grampians would be colder.



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      sorry hjmsb, not familiar with melbourne but from erica's description, have a good mind to go there for short holiday too. melbourne is famous for its "4 seasons in a day". it may be blazing hot in the day, but do bring your jacket out. have fun!


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        thanks so, so much Erica for the detailed post!
        this is so much better than reading Let's Go or Frommers!
        (all the LPs were out at the library)
        I really hope I can go. but the costs are way beyond expectations.
        it's supposedly $550 for a tic but add taxes etc it comes up to $700+. Shocking.
        *fingers crossed for good deal*

        Thanks again Erica!
        you're in Melbourne rite? mebbe we can meet up hehe. If I am going will let u know so can transport all yr CPs here to u.
        sorry to be a kaypoh but I know karen has some CP stuff for u rite?

        mich, when are u planning to go??

        p/s:yes you got my name rite dearie!


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          wow you even know karen has got CPs for me!
          no worries, if you do end up coming i'll definitely give you a CP list.

          wow i didn't know taxes cost that much. actually i think its coz nowadays the australian dollar is higher than the sing dollar so maybe thats why the tax is higher. i usually pay around $900 for my air ticket to singapore though, so $700+ is still pretty cheap. i think malaysian airlines has some cheap tickets sometimes though.

          anyway if you need to find out anymore stuff just ask!


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            no problem, I'll be glad to be postman for ya!

            hope everything works out.
            If it's not Melbourne then it's either Bali or Krabi for me

            N.E.E.D. A. B.R.E.A.K.


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              well if you're looking for somewhere to relax, melbourne is it! not as crowded as sydney. my best friend visited me earlier this year for 2 weeks and she was so happy every day just lazing around, shopping, chilling out at litte cafes. i hope you and your friend will be able to make it down here!


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                melbourne, krabi or bali all sound good to me. my favourite short getaway would be to krabi. went there many years ago, probably about 8 when it was less crowded. don't know about now. heard koh samui has to undergo rehab coz the beaches are not as nice as before.

                bali is cheap now!! went there in march this year and had the time of my life! but the sun was a real killer!

                do take advantage of the cheap air fares now. will be heading to september for a nice long break with my family. melbourne would be lovely but parents are nuts about perth. they love the weather and the beaches.

                let us know where you decide to go.


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                  WHOOOOOO!!!! HJ, Melbourne!!!!

                  My answers:

                  1. Alannah Hill
                  2. Alannah Hill
                  3. Alannah Hill
                  4. Alannah Hill
                  5. Alannah Hill
                  6. Alannah Hill
                  7. Alannah Hill!!!!!!

                  Sorry, I have a one track mind. That's about all I know about Melbourne, never having been there myself.


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                    Stayed at YMCA which is within walking distance to the main shopping area.... 15 min to the building that houses Daimaru?
                    Very basic amenities not so new but it's safe and alright and just round the corner from the Victoria market!!
                    The trams run all over the place and these are idiot-proof if you want to go somewhere further

                    I like asian food in Australia... beats Singapore's hands down.


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                      Try Sheraton Towers Southgate. It's within walking to Crown casino and overlooks Yarra River.

                      Don't forget Queen Victoria Market. The many stalls there. So many things to see. The rugs and cushion covers are of fantastic quality and reasonably priced.

                      If you are going to Philips Island to catch the fairy penguin, don't forget an umbrella or rain coat. That place always seems to rain.


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                        thanks paphio and Linda!
                        Erica, chilling out having a warm cuppa sounds lovely.

                        Pan, I am steering clear of AH. Am on tight budget!!

                        dont even know if I can go now. i may have shingles. SIGHHHH!


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                          Hi hjmsb, you can get those tour packages at the city centres. I think i bought a APT package the last time i was there with my parents. Costs about $260 for a 4 day tour per pax. It includes 12 Apostles, philip island to see the penguins, Puffy Billy train, Santuary, an animal farm, Yarra vineyard. Hm.. I'm quite short memory, that's all i can remember. HTH

                          Remember to bring thick clothing. I was in Melbourne at this time of the year the other time. And it was really cold. I brought my thermal, gloves, scarf, boots. It was very very windy when i was at 12 Apostles.

                          Shopping: I think Jurlique should be cheaper in Australia. And Bonds wear. If you are planning to buy nougats back home, get it at Victoria Market. Airport should be more expensive.


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                            A couple of friends & I are planning a trip down Melbourne come end of October. For two weeks. What's interesting? Where to go? I am hoping to rent us a 2 room serviced apartment - which areas are the best to stay in? I wanna check out Sass & Bide too!


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                              Re: Melbourne

                              Rent a car and take a drive along the Great Ocean Road. Its quite a sight to behold. If you have time, drive on to Adelaide and visit the vineyards of the Barossa Valley.

                              Nightlife at St Kilda's is quite good.

                              When driving in Melbourne, beward of the trams. You have to keep left in order to turn right.

                              No matter how hot it is when you step out of your hotel, always bring a sweater along. I went out once at 40 degrees and came back at 12 degrees, dressed only in singlets, shorts, oakeys and coppertone. Wished I was dead.

                              The World according to Psycho
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