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Need help - Dried Lavender plants

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  • Need help - Dried Lavender plants

    Anyone seen or know where I can get them??

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    Heh... sis, you know me, i only have basil leaves... but i think if you go to flower shops, maybe they'll have... either that or scent shops?? there's one place called lavender at the basement of city hall have you tried that one? by the way.... what do you need dried lavender for anyway????


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      er.. am going to make a minature lavender field... like those snowman in the globe kind for the most impt man in my life other than my father..


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        hmm could have sworn i saw some dried ones on display at lavender (the shop).

        maybe you can steal some after they're done with it?


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          That's very sweet of you Lydi! :o: show us the end product k?


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            I've only seen loose lavender buds.

            i) Got a pack from Crabtree and Evelyn, expensive no doubt

            ii) And you know the little booth which sells all the floral and fruit teas which has been sprouting all over Singapore?

            iii) And yes! Just remembered. There's this brand of dried organic foodstuff.. sorry, only the Mandarin caught my attention.. Da Da Zi Ran. It's sold at some organic store outlets. I saw it at Brown Rice Paradise or Organic Paradise, can't remember, it was the one at Orchard Point but was relocated. Call beforehand to confirm.

            iv) if it's flower stalks... can try asking the sales girls at L'Occitane where they get their display from.

            v) worse scenario, use forget me nots to double up as lavender.

            If scent is important... just mix in some essential oil


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              Wow.. thanks paphio! tat's lotsa of ideas for me! I did went to Loccitance to check out, turn out they told cos it's not Lavender season now, so they do not have any.. will just have to hunt the other places now.


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                hmm if only my lavender pot is still around.... it dieded.... it sure as hell was pretty dry alright... pretty dry.... and pretty dead... :roll:


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                  Chill bro.. it's ok. I'll get around it and if I do managed to get it up, will definately take a pic of it!


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                    hi jewel!

                    hope i am not too late to help here. i ever saw spotlight sell it in a big pack for ppl to put it in potpurri, u can try there i am sure u can get it from there. but one thing i am not sure where does the former spotlight at midpt orchard shifted to but tampines spotlight still around, hope not too far for you dear!



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                      *covers eyes*
                      Why do you have to remind me???
                      I once thought I had a nice herb garden.... smuggled back one pot of lavender and rosemary from Italy, then there were these potted herbs from Cold storage, jasmine and what I suspect is ylang-ylang...
                      Around the time when they banned items outside the window sills. *sigh*

                      Then during the recent heatwave... my alfalfa just refuse to sprout... decayed instead :piss:


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                        oh paphio...did u exposed yr alfafa under the strong sunlight which u dun have too actaully u shd do the opposite way and they will spout faster to look for sunlight. i learn this from my last yr fasting camp and it works and i sprout my own salad hee hee


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                          It's still the same shaded spot in the kitchen. I had lots of bumper harvest previously. So I blame it on the heat

                          And Om.... a FASTING camp?


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                            i seem to have a green thumb... (i think the water from the fish tank helps). and i have a big bunch of seeds that i haven't had time to sprout... you tell me what you want paph, and i'll go look through my catalog... and you can buy them from me :note:

                            every living thing that my family keeps seem to have a tendancy to grow to somewhat giant proportions... :huh: my brother's luohan (fish) is now slightly more than one foot long and has got the strangest temperament... if you switch off the pump, it'll leap out of water and smack the filter till you switch it back on. if you eat in front of the tank, and don't feed it, it get pissed off, jump out of the water and splash water all over the table and the phone (which is right next to the tank). and i don't think there are many fishes that you can pat and stroke and tickle under the fins....


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                              Good fengshui? Tt's one luo han you don't want to mess with!

                              My Hons sup joked that I probably have electromagnetic waves that zaps life from whatever I touched (was working with orchids) :piss: (are you feeling sick since Sentosa Van?)

                              Maybe I have a furry thumb... rodents seem to thrive under my care. Maybe should attend meditation camps and generate healing aura.....